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  1. Just promise me you won't destroy my high score on my Bride of Pinbot by too much at the meet. I mean 8 hours on a single game at Aladdin's Castle. That's a bit much to compete with. :D Cheers Rob (Centaur tattoo)
  2. Yes that's the bloke. Bumper Action flew him to Perth for a competition at King Carnival in Mandurah on Australia Day weekend in 2001. I flew over from Adelaide. The competition format was pretty dodgy and kept me in it much longer than I should've been. Out of 8 games over the course of the day Rob won easily in 6 of them. I managed a win in the semi final on Hook. The final game was on T2 between Rob, myself and a guy named Gary from Perth. Due to the dodgy format I had 2 spots in the final. Gary went first and scored around 100M. I stepped up to the machine and as I pulled the trigger the power failed for a few seconds on the pinball row. We started again and Gary scored close to 250M on ball 1 this time. We couldn't catch him. I came second with about 60M. I still say Rob Macintosh is the best player I've seen so far. Cheers Rob
  3. Well if I must I must. Which cheek do you prefer? :lol For what it's worth I do agree about the "point pressing". My initial submissions on Time Pilot were "clean" and my 112K on Roc n Rope was leech free. Just going with the flow. Be thankful that the TG settings mirror the MARP settings on this one. Allowing the repeating bonus would see scores well above 2M on stage 3. Cheers Rob
  4. I'm quite happy to supply any ID required. Won't be drinking on the night due to an interlock in my car. High Speed's issues. I was playing one day and the diverter on the ramp failed to work. A few seconds later I shot the escape hole and it wouldn't eject. No solenoids would work. I found what looked like a burnt out coil on the left hideout kickout and replaced it. Now it refuses to start a game and in test mode no solenoids fire. Add to that I checked the batteries and just managed to get them out before the corrosion reached the board. I do usually keep an eye on that but had been a bit slack. If I turn it on now it shows "Adjust Failure". Probably due to having no batteries installed. I haven't tried with new ones yet. Up until this happened High Speed had been ultra reliable. I bought it from Dickesons for $800 ($600 cash plus a $200 trade in for a Bally Supersonic) back in about 1995. Very much my pride and joy. Cheers Rob
  5. As I posted earlier in this thread I would love to attend this event. If I do get the OK to attend this event (I won't win the pinball comp. Rob MacIntosh kicked my butt on all except Hook back in Perth in 2001) I'd happily bring (if the truck is heading to the Marion area) my Bride of Pinbot. I'd offer High Speed but it needs the attention of someone who knows more about fixing pins than me and I'm not chasing any free repairs. Cheers Rob
  6. 153,200 Here we go again. Sucking the blood out of another perfectly good game. ;) 153,200 and but I'm wondering if it's enough. Cheers Rob
  7. 41,660 Putting my kneecaps at risk :lol 41,660. I was heading back with the second key on stage 3 and miss fired. Cheers Rob
  8. My Tut score would be from some TG decathlon. Need to look and see what I got back then. Nothing above 30K at the moment.
  9. Not sulking in the slightest. One thing I've learned in my gaming life is that no matter how good you think you are there's probably someone out there better than you. Cheers Rob
  10. Just to clarify the above was posted from my phone and I suck at posting anything from it. Bad choice of emoticon. Congratultions and well played SectionZ Cheers Rob
  11. I've gotta concede defeat on Rygar. Played it a lot back in the day. My local deli had a Rygar (and a Roc n Rope amongst others) plus the Timezone I worked at back then had one as well. I had two mates who could complete the game but we didn't know about the 10K bonus or the flag. The most anyone in my part of the world got was about 2.8M. I made it to the final boss one time and one time only just to die in seconds. Never got past round 20 again. I'll maybe play a game or two tomorrow but I think I'm done on this one. Cheers Rob
  12. 112,810 112,810. Cleared the first loop without dying. Made it to stage 7. Cheers Rob
  13. 88,710 OK it's starting to come back to me but I'm still a bit rusty. 88,710. That's it for tonight. Got a 5am start tomorrow. Rob
  14. 50,710 Well it's a start. 50,710. I don't think I've played this game since the TG decathlon in 2005. Cheers Rob
  15. 1,037,410 1,037,410. Not too bad with a joystick that is prone to not moving left at the worst possible moments. Cheers Rob
  16. 796,320 796,320. Didn't plan on submitting this one but I still seem to crash and burn early on most games. Wasted two lives trying for something so should have been a little bit more. Cheers Rob
  17. Gottlieb Golden Arrow in late 1984. Pestering the parents finally paid off. Bought it for $80 sold it about 5 years later for $150. Could've bought another one for $450 about 12 years ago but didn't have the cash at the time. Cheers Rob
  18. Hi Danny, Thanks for the info. I didn't want to get my hopes up only to rock up and be told "hit the road jack". I understand that the machines are as you said peoples pride and joy. My High Speed pin has been on the blink for 3 or 4 years yet parting with it would be like selling my first born child (if I had one). Thanks Rob
  19. Basically a newbie question. If you want to attend this meet do you need to post that you wish to attend in this thread? As far as I'm concerned I'd love to be at this meet but being new to the forums and somewhat of an "unknown" I figured I needed to check first to avoid problems down the track. Sounds like a fun night and I hope I can be a part of it. Cheers Rob
  20. 710,320. I usually crash and burn on round 6 so getting the cross from a ? right at the start of it with all powerups helped a lot. Reached the end of round 12. Half a round away from the 1M hidden flag. Cheers Rob
  21. 793,600. I hate parachute hunting. :boring: Cheers Rob
  22. 636,400 While fighting a computer that didn't want to cooperate. Cheers Rob
  23. 445,400. Hunted the parachutes a bit. Went into stage 10 with 5 extra lives and lost the whole bloody lot for around 5k in total. Enough for one day.
  24. 432,800. Reached stage 13. The third loop is a bitch. To make matters worse I hunted parachutes in the previous game for a 419K score and died 3 times on stage 10. Decided "one more game, just play it straight up" and this was the result. 500K gone begging. Cheers Rob
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