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  1. 176,300 Another game from my deep dark gaming past except we had the Exciting Hour romset. A bit rusty but it didn't help when Coco Savage decided to throw me out of the ring, follow me out there and beat the crap out of me for 15 seconds leaving me no time to get back in the ring. He always was a nasty prick. And that's putting it mildly. One mistake with him and you're history. :realmad:
  2. The 10 k Yashichi is exactly what I was talking about. Triggering the one just before the Dragon is just a matter of moving left when you land and dropping into the small slightly lower section of ground next to the wall. The hardest part is often avoiding the Arremer while collecting it. The "2 k wizard bonus" would be shooting the winged creature (it's a wizard on Ghouls n Ghosts) that appears on the gravestones after shooting a gravestone 15 times. Also works on the rocks in the first half of the caves.
  3. 174,700 Not sure if I should submit this due to a massive increase in score without progressing further into the game. Four out of the 5 deaths came right at the end of the caves. Three of these were due to being killed by the Dragon and one by being hit by a Red Arremer's shot while falling to the final section. As a result I was able to collect the hidden 10K bonus at the end of the caves 4 times which explains at least 30K of my score increase. None of these deaths were deliberate and there was no leeching in the caves or shooting gravestones or rocks. Just a normal run that fell apart in the caves that I normally would've quit and restarted. Attaching the inp as I've done with nearly every submission for this game. I'll leave it up to OOO and or general community opinion whether this is accepted or not. RJM_gng_174700_w183.zip
  4. 139,100 It doesn't help when you jump for a ledge and somehow get stuck in a wall. It's happened a few times now but "dems the breaks" as they say RJM_gng_139100_w183.zip
  5. 90,820 If nothing else I finally made the high score table ;)
  6. SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Alberton - Alberton Charcoal Chicken, 60 Port Rd Alberton - FH ($1 x 3 balls), RFM ($2 x 3 balls, $4 x 3 credits) - 6/9/2015 Change to: Alberton - Alberton Charcoal Chicken, 60 Port Rd Alberton - RFM ($2 x 3 balls, $4 x 3 credits) -12/4/2021 Mile End - The Mile End Hotel, 30 Henley Beach Road - Avatar LE - 11/1/2020 Change to: Mile End - The Mile End Hotel, 30 Henley Beach Road - AC/DC Premium - 12/4/2021 Port Adelaide - Pirate Life Brewing, 18 Baker Street - AC/DC Premium, Game of Thrones Premium, Avatar LE - 11/1/2020 Change to: Port Adelaide - Pirate Life Brewing, 18 Baker Street - Jurassic Park Premium ($2 or 3 for $5), Avatar LE ($1 per game), X-Men Magneto ($2 or 3 for $5) - 12/4/2021 Port Adelaide - Port Admiral Hotel, 55 Commercial Road - Game of Thrones (Premium) ($1 x 3 balls) - 27/6/2019. Remove from list Richmond - West Adelaide Football Club, 57 Milner Road - Kiss Pro (Stern) (Running original code (Dickeson's never update code) and claims $1 per play but actually $2 per play) - 6/7/2019. Remove from list Seaton - Links Hotel, 346 Tapleys Hill Road - Stern Indiana Jones - 3/3/2017. Remove from list Taparoo - Chickaroo Chickens, 429 Victoria Road - TZ - 27/9/2015. Remove from list
  7. 38,700 On this "Extremely Popular and Much Loved Golden Age :turd" I'll take whatever small increase I can get :063::063::063::063::063:
  8. SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Adelaide - Go Go Lady Boy (formerly Tijuana Showgirls), 9 Hindley Street - (2 machines) - 2/8/2015 Re-named and currently closed indefinitely (source: facebook) - Live on Light Square - Godzilla - 3/6/2010 Closed down and re-named twice. Open but current pin status unknown (source: facebook) - Sugar Nightclub - TOTAN ($2/3 plays) - 7/1/2011 Currently closed indefinitely (source: facebook) Current pin status unknown Remove from list.
  9. SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Royal Park - Big Shed Brewing Concern - 1154 Old Port Road - Iron Maiden Premium, Munsters Premium, Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, AC/DC Premium. All 3 balls $2 or 3 for $5 - 31/12/2019 Change to - Big Shed Brewing Concern - 1154 Old Port Road - Iron Maiden Premium, Metallica Premium, Aerosmith Premium, AC/DC Premium. All 3 balls $2 or 3 for $5 - 9/4/2021
  10. 47,685 It might help if I read the bloody instructions first and not try and race in turbo the whole time :rtfmninja:
  11. 34,780 If I did waste tokens on this in a red tent BITD it would've only been once. Maybe at the original Downtown in Hindley st but I only remember seeing vs Tennis in the red tents there. :unsure
  12. 128,700 Still no further into the game but I'm a lot happier with this run. The extra 10K came from a 10K bonus king in a pot near the start of stage 5 RJM_gng_128700_w183.zip image_165247.zip
  13. 38,130 11 rooms completed. Still resisting any Venture related urges to terrorize the neighborhood by drowning them in beer :40s:
  14. 37,860 Better. Cleared the first 8 rooms without dying. Keeping the insanity at bay with several beers while Venturing. Seems to have worked so far as I'm still inside and fully clothed and haven't howled at the moon yet. Fairly certain this has come up before somewhere but when and where I can't remember :unsure
  15. 118,900 No further progress but a slightly higher score most likely caused by picking up the hidden 10K at the end of the caves more often than in my last submission and a better stage 4. Two lives in reserve going into stage 5 but a combination of not really knowing the stage very well and my old friend the Red Arremer led to 3 fairly quick deaths RJM_gng_118900_w183.zip
  16. 109,300 About as far as I usually get on a very good day plus a lucky 10K king in a pot right at the end RJM_gng_109300_w183.zip
  17. 35,730 My first time clearing the second 4 rooms
  18. New location SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Croydon Park - Brew Boys Brewery and Tap Room - 151 Regency Rd Croydon Park - Walking Dead Pro $2 or 3 for $5, Champion Pub $1 per game
  19. So to clarify the above. My interpretation would be to play the game like a speedrun especially on the cave level. Milking the clock until close to zero then advancing to the next timer reset point without losing a life would still be grounds for a DQ. Correct?
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