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  1. 34,100 Never been a fan of this game. I'm probably more suited to drinking the beers than serving them and it shows
  2. I'm guessing the Monday night comp at Netherworld is probably not an option now :unsure
  3. SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Blackwood - Belair Hotel, 141 Main Road BLACKWOOD - Metallica ($2 per game - no ball save!?) - 8/5/2021 Change to: Blackwood - Belair Hotel, 141 Main Road BLACKWOOD - Avengers: Infinity Quest Pro - 10/7/2021
  4. 2 out of 3 1. Guessed correctly 2. Knew the answer 3. Had no idea
  5. 172,050 I had no memory of playing this despite being ranked number 2 on it at TG.
  6. As things stand I can get into QLD from SA with no problems but would need to do 14 days of home quarantine when I get back. If I was a betting man I'd be willing to gamble on SA reopening the border to QLD within the next 2 weeks. A few things to consider though. Go up and the border restrictions don't lift? Come home to home quarantine for 14 days and deal with a possible irate employer Go up and there's an outbreak back home? QLD police come banging on my hotel door. Quarantine in QLD. Still hopeful to be celebrating my 50th playing pinball at Brewdog. :40s::slamtilt:
  7. They brought in the rule a few years ago that MAME submissions need a video as well. Most people just play back the inp while recording using something like OBS studio to to make a video of the inp playing back. Start recording with OBS then launch MAME and playback the inp. At this stage that's all that's required although there are a few people who occasionally push for live video of the game being played and video of the player's hands on the controls. Hasn't come to that yet.
  8. 469,190 Been a bit busy in another arcade lately. I guess I'd better submit something.....
  9. That's about the time I bought my Bally Supersonic for $400 from an operator. My Mum loved that game and never forgave me when I traded Supersonic back to the same operator a few years later for $200 off of a $800 Williams High Speed. Actually I don't think the cat that used to sleep on Supersonic ever forgave me either :lol
  10. 318,320 New PB which also ticks off another score from my old TG decathlon era scores. The more of them I beat the happier I am
  11. Without naming names one of the people thanked at the front of this book is also mentioned in the first TG book. He was supposedly offered a magazine contract to write about tricks only known by the experts and paid $100 per trick. No one else could get these so called tricks to work and when questioned he'd just say "those tricks are only for experts." Nice work if you can get it
  12. That's the same book that says about the fruit progression on Pac-Man: "The prize in the first screen is always cherries, in the second a strawberry and in the third a peach. Next come more fruits, chosen randomly, then assorted bells, medals and keys, then a series of gold and silver bars." :wtf: If, to quote the next paragraph, "I've seen scores as high as 1,300,000" you'd think even in November 1981 they'd know the proper fruit order. Fed some dodgy information methinks :lol
  13. I was flying right to left at the time. Why didn't I go for the easier to hit 3s and 4s in the left valley? I've been asking myself the same question ever since. :hairpull:
  14. 611 Took a shot at the two 3's on the left and missed by a pixel otherwise this would've been a bit higher
  15. 183,010 Back in MGL 34 the top 2 Dig Dug players in the world beat us all in a head to head 1 life challenge. All I ask is that if OOO convinces Don and Ken to play again with all due respect could they just killscreen the game and destroy us all?
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