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  1. 39,486 Botched the initial entry and there's no erase option :redface
  2. 23,049 Testing. Making sure I had the mouse settings correct. Figured I'd better take a screenshot just in case this is as good as I get. Trackballs weren't a big part of my gaming past. First played Centipede on a tabletop at the Old England Hotel in Melbourne at a send-off for my Dad in July 1982. Then played Missile Command for the first time (also on a tabletop) a few weeks later in Sydney. Don't remember seeing another trackball game until 2002 in the US
  3. Add new location: SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Port Adelaide - Port Adelaide Plaza, 200-220 Commercial Road - Elvira: House of Horrors Premium, Family Guy, Mustang Pro - 8/5/2021
  4. 123,175 Several years and several computers ago a mate gave me a box of old PC games. One of them (Ricky Ponting Cricket 2005) came with a PS1 style controller with 2 analog sticks. Finally I've got a use for it :cool:
  5. 55,310 It doesn't help when 3 out of the 5 enemies chasing you are thunderclouds
  6. Well spotted and many thanks for the concern. It's nothing too serious but was very bloody painful at times. I've been having issues with my left thumb and wrist since just before Christmas. Eventually saw a doctor about it and was diagnosed with deQuervain's Tenosynovitis. Basically an inflammation of the tendons at the base of my thumb. The brace just keeps the thumb in place. It's pretty much back to normal now. Just the odd ache here and there. Should hopefully be gone completely in the next few weeks
  7. 22,240 WTF were they smoking, snorting or drinking at Data East when they came up with this? :033::cheers::40s::tequila: :lol
  8. 50,890 This seems to have come up in every other tournament except MGL. Until now
  9. SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Davoren Park - The Playford Tavern, 80 Peachey Road - Twilight Zone - 7/1/2017 Change to: Davoren Park - The Playford Tavern, 80 Peachey Road - World Poker Tour - 24/4/2021 Exeter - Exeter Hotel, 152 Semaphore Road - AC/DC - 6/9/2016 Change to: Exeter - Exeter Hotel, 152 Semaphore Road - Avatar LE - 24/4/2021 Hindmarsh - Land of Promise Hotel, 172 Port Rd - AC/DC Pro - 10/10/2017 Change to: Hindmarsh - Land of Promise Hotel, 172 Port Rd - Scared Stiff - 24/4/2021 Marleston - Rex Hotel, 172 Richmond Road - Elvis (Avoid it at all costs. Top right flipper not working. Upper playfield flipper stuck up. Typical of games here) - 6/7/2019 Change to: Marleston - Rex Hotel, 172 Richmond Road - Twilight Zone - 24/4/2021 Modbury - Australia’s Pizza House, 52 Berryman Drive - LOTR - 1/3/2014 LOTR Still here but condition unknown. Change date to 24/4/2021 Modbury North - Clovercrest Hotel, 450 Montague Road - ST Pro - 3/8/2015 Remove from list North Haven - Sailmaster Tavern, 16 Arcadia Court - Indiana Jones - 7/9/2016 Remove from list Paralowie - Waterloo Station Hotel, 138 Waterloo Corner Road - Batman TDK (Bar), SWEP1 (Restaurant) - 18/8/2018 Change to: Paralowie - Waterloo Station Hotel, 138 Waterloo Corner Road -LOTR - 24/4/2021 Para Vista - Tuk's Take Away, 275 Nelson Road - Junk Yard - 9/1/2017 Remove from list Royal Park - Hendon Hotel, 110 Tapleys Hill Road - Avatar - 2/3/2017 Change to: Royal Park - Hendon Hotel, 110 Tapleys Hill Road - HS2 - 24/4/2021 Salisbury - Salisbury Hotel, 52 Commercial Road - The Simpsons Pinball Party - 28/3/2017 - Stockade Tavern, 2 Gawler Street - Stern Indiana Jones - 13/3/2017 Remove both from list New locations: Goodwood - The Suburban Brew, 96 Goodwood Road Goodwood - Guardians of the Galaxy Pro - 24/4/2021 Thebarton - West Thebarton Hotel, 51 South Road Thebarton - Munsters Premium, Simpsons Pinball Party - 24/4/2021
  10. Almost 12 hours from pickup to drop off. A very long, enjoyable and productive day. Covered a large chunk of the Adelaide Metro portion of the sited pins list that hadn't been recently updated
  11. SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Marion - Shopping Centre Bowland (Bowling Centre) - RFM ($2 x 3 balls, $4 x 3 credits) - 2/6/2017 Change to: - Shopping Centre Bowland (Bowling Centre) - RFM ($2 or 3 for $4), Stern Star Wars (Comic Book Pro) $2 per game - 23/4/2021
  12. SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Birdwood - FJ - $1 a game 5 balls - really low replay (up to 3 credits per game) (May require admission to Birdwood Motor Museum (pinball located close behind admissions counter)) - 27/9/2018 Birdwood belongs in the SOUTHERN & HILLS section Christies Beach - Gulfview Rd Fish & Chip shop - No Fear (Plays OK but far from perfect) - 1/1/2016 Remove from list Marion - Club Marion, 262 Sturt Road - Metallica Premium - 6/10/2017 Remove from list Morphett Vale - 7 Day Supermarket, 6 Taylors Road - HS2 - 2/2/2017 - Sheriffs Road Take Away - TAF - 8/8/2015 Remove both from list Edit:22/4/2021 Willunga - Willunga Hotel, 3-5 High Street - Medieval Madness ($2 x 3 balls) - 30/9/2019 Machine gone as per Pinside list entry dated 11/2/2021. Remove from list
  13. 467,650 Better. Lost by double count out to The Piranha in match 32
  14. Two CAN play at that game. Timing is everything. One mistake though and Coco will usually make you pay for it in spades
  15. Did the pilots mentioned in the first post collect their version of the trophy by rocking up at each other's homes or did it live at an airport between pickups? My thoughts are that even if someone was to post they had it the next person needs to go to them and collect it which would probably need to be organized (time and location) by PM or be collected from a comp or meet by someone who knows wtf is going on. No one's going to post their address on here for obvious reasons.
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