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  1. 126,000 Didn't win a race and screwed up the first bonus stage but got further than before
  2. 93,660 Died repeatedly at a nasty little double railway crossing
  3. Found the reason why I couldn't enter my initials. If Allow Continue is set to No as in the settings in the first post after the last death the screen turns black and white straight away. If Allow Continue is set to yes Enter Your Initials appears after the continue countdown and before the screen turns black and white. This may have changed in later versions.
  4. 534,860 Submitting this but I'll leave it up to OOO to decide if it's acceptable or not and I'm 100% fine either way. I've played the game twice this morning using WolfMAME 183 and the bloodbro romset. Both times the game hasn't allowed me to enter my initials. My memory of the arcade version is that enter initials appears in the bottom left corner after the last death but this didn't happen. Therefore you cant tell if it's me playing or a random screenshot off the net. Reached 3-4 INP and screenshot attached bloodbro_534860.zip
  5. SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Goodwood - The Suburban Brew, 96 Goodwood Road Goodwood - Guardians of the Galaxy Pro - 24/4/2021 Change To: - The Suburban Brew, 96 Goodwood Road Goodwood - Avengers Pro - 18/9/2021 Marion - Shopping Centre Bowland (Bowling Centre) - RFM ($2 or 3 for $4), Stern Star Wars (Comic Book Pro) $2 per game - 23/4/2021 Change to: - Shopping Centre Bowland (Bowling Centre) - Stern Star Wars (Comic Book Pro) $2 per game - 18/9/2021 Mile End - The Mile End Hotel, 30 Henley Beach Road - AC/DC Premium - 12/4/2021 Change to: - The Mile End Hotel, 30 Henley Beach Road - Spiderman - 18/9/2021 Port Adelaide - Pirate Life Brewing, 18 Baker Street - Jurassic Park Premium ($2 or 3 for $5), Avatar LE ($1 per game), X-Men Magneto ($2 or 3 for $5) - 12/4/2021 Change to: - Pirate Life Brewing, 18 Baker Street - Jurassic Park Premium ($2 or 3 for $5), Led Zeppelin Premium ($2 or 3 for $5), X-Men Magneto ($2 or 3 for $5) - 18/9/2021 Thebarton - West Thebarton Hotel, 51 South Road Thebarton - Munsters Premium, Simpsons Pinball Party - 24/4/2021 Change to: - West Thebarton Hotel, 51 South Road Thebarton - Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, Munsters Premium, Simpsons Pinball Party - 18/9/2021
  6. 387,360 So (not for the first time) I planned to take an extended break from MGL. What happens? Two games I like are games one and two and while my thoughts on the third game are well documented it IS still a classic and can be fun in small doses. So I guess I'm here for another round and will TRY to keep the negativity to an absolute minimum. I've lost count of the number of times I've gone one on one with Sir Richard Rose at the end of the first loop back in the day. Never quite managed to beat him. Just got re-aquainted with him for the first time in a long time. Still haven't beaten the @#$%$. His time will come.....
  7. During one of her daily classes, a teacher trying to teach good manners, asked her students the following question: "Michael, if you were on a date having dinner with a nice young lady, how would you tell her that you have to go to the bathroom?" Michael said: 'Just a minute I have to go pee.' The teacher responded by saying: 'That would be rude and impolite' What about you Sherman, how would you say it?' Sherman said: 'I am sorry, but I really need to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back.' 'That's better, but it's still not very nice to say the word bathroom at the dinner table. And you, little Johnny, can you use your brain for once and show us your good manners? Johnny said: 'I would say: Darling, may I please be excused for a moment? I have to shake hands with a very dear friend of mine, whom I hope to introduce to you after dinner.' The teacher fainted...
  8. Senior Sex The husband leans over and asks his wife, "Do you remember the first time we had sex together over fifty years ago? We went behind the village tavern where you leaned against the back fence and I made love to you." Yes, she says, "I remember it well." OK, he says, "How about taking a stroll around there again and we can do it for old time's sake?" "Oh Jim, you old devil, that sounds like a crazy, but good idea!" A police officer sitting in the next booth heard their conversation and, having a chuckle to himself, he thinks to himself, I've got to see these two old-timers having sex against a fence. I'll just keep an eye on them so there's no trouble. So he follows them. The elderly couple walks haltingly along, leaning on each other for support aided by walking sticks. Finally, they get to the back of the tavern and make their way to the fence The old lady lifts her skirt and the old man drops his trousers. As she leans against the fence, the old man moves in.. Then suddenly they erupt into the most furious sex that the policeman has ever seen. This goes on for about ten minutes while both are making loud noises and moaning and screaming. Finally, they both collapse, panting on the ground. The policeman is amazed. He thinks he has learned something about life and old age that he didn't know. After about half an hour of lying on the ground recovering, the old couple struggle to their feet and put their clothes back on. The policeman, is still watching and thinks to himself, this is truly amazing, I've got to ask them what their secret is. So, as the couple passes, he says to them, "Excuse me, but that was something else. You must've had a fantastic sex life together. Is there some sort of secret to this?" Shaking, the old man is barely able to reply, "Fifty years ago that wasn't an electric fence."
  9. Watching on twitch from home quarantine it looked like things went well apart from Xenon giving up the ghost early. Unfortunately it also confirmed to me that there's no point in me playing in these comps due to the finish time clashing with my work start time. Leaving early means playing for .05 of a point if that which isn't worth it. Barring another lockdown I can do October but that's it for me. Good to have comps back though. Will be watching on with interest to see who will be SA number 1 by Christmas. It won't be me :D
  10. For the record. Yes I went up there knowing full well the potential consequences of my actions. The SA government backflipped on their announcement that the QLD border restrictions were being removed the day before I was due to fly up there when QLD decided to keep the mask requirements in place after 2 new cases were detected. Yes I am well aware of the current situation in Sydney and also the fact that Melbourne were locked down for 120 days in one hit and 5 times overall. In comparison I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WHINGE ABOUT and ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO COMMENT and will refrain from doing so after this post. My mention of being in isolation was meant to show that while I have plenty of time on my hands for the next 10 days I'd rather not waste that time playing this game. In hindsight I should've just posted a score and a screenshot and not said a word but I didn't and instead painted myself as a typical whining, hard done by South Australian Arsehole which the older I get is probably an accurate description. My apologies for any offence my previous post caused.
  11. 11,100 Another hidden classic game from the golden age of arcades that I've discovered thanks to MGL. While that last sentence was 100% pure sarcasm I'm sure that somewhere out there there's someone who thinks this is the greatest game of all time. More power to that person but this game isn't for me. While I'm currently in a 14 day home quarantine I've got better things to do than play this game. Submit for Jump Bug then exit stage left. It's time to go.
  12. 34,100 Never been a fan of this game. I'm probably more suited to drinking the beers than serving them and it shows
  13. I'm guessing the Monday night comp at Netherworld is probably not an option now :unsure
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