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  1. Right now it looks like a negative test 72 hours prior to arrival will get me in and getting home isn't an issue so.... Flights and accomodation booked. Other comps paid for. Barring any last minute dramas I'm in
  2. I guess I'd better ask the question before looking into the usual logistics or if I'm even allowed into QLD or back into SA under the current rules. The list currently shows me at 39th all from 8 comps during BPAC week. Are interstate players (as in a blow in from waaaay down south) OK to play? Figured I'd better check. Cheers Rob
  3. 79,700 10k more than my old TG score. Now to try and beat my one life score from the 2004 Advanced Decathlon. 40k on my first life would do it but I haven't got close to that yet Edit: Mission accomplished but in a game with a lower final score
  4. 42,640 One of about 150 scores still on my list of "Old corrupt era TG scores that need to be beaten or resubmitted." MGL just moved Vanguard to the top of the heap
  5. He's actually easier than he looks. Full speed, shoot the bullet he fires than jump both the crater and the tank. Slow down for the next crater because there's another tank just past it.
  6. No it was three times over three games. The score in that post was just before the end of the second course. 45k to 50k is probably about right for the first course. From there on it's worth a fair bit more
  7. 204,120 It wasn't the How to Win at Pacman one either. I brought my old copy to Funspot on one of my trips over and showed it to you. Ended up giving it to Gary for the museum before I left
  8. 135,960 Monkey see, Monkey do. The question now is do I want to put in the effort like I did on Burgertime or be satisfied with this and move on. Decisions.... decisions.....
  9. 179,530 My thoughts and opinions about Bomb Jack have been well documented over several threads in several previous MGLs. A genuine classic game? Hell yes but playing it is still just like fingernails on a blackboard to me. An exercise in absolute frustration and not good for my blood pressure. 😖
  10. 115,680 Hmmmm..... Interesting....... Something I tried unexpectedly worked not once but three times in a row. If it keeps working it's a major game changer (for my game at least)
  11. 90,800 Linderman Rock strikes again..... and again..... and again..... and again..... 🙄
  12. 2,210,060 Mixed feelings about this. Happy with the score and getting all 3 secret rooms is always a good thing but I need another 200k plus change to beat my old score on TG. Just for a moment there it was looking good. Plenty of time left so we'll see what happens
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