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  1. Paddy was sat at the bar when his friend Mick came in on crutches with two black eyes. Paddy asked "What happened to you Mick?" Mick replied "I got into a fight with Murphy" Paddy said "But Murphy's only a wee fella. He must have had something in his hand to beat you up this bad" Mick said "He did. A shovel" Paddy said "Well why didn't you have something in your hand" Mick said "I did. It was Mrs Murphy's left breast. And while it is a thing of great beauty it was totally useless in a fight
  2. SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Thebarton - West Thebarton Hotel, 51 South Road Thebarton - Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters Premium - 19/3/2022 Change to: - West Thebarton Hotel, 51 South Road Thebarton - Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, Doctor Who, Funhouse, Munsters Premium, Total Nuclear Annihilation - 7/5/2022
  3. I'd forgotten about that score. 98,160 to be exact. I've tried watching people group the ghosts on both this and regular Pacman and unlike Burgertime how to do it just doesn't sink in. Maybe one day it will
  4. 78,440 Was it luck, finally opening the bottle of Gin I won a few weeks ago playing pinball or a combination of both? Who knows but it's an improvement on a Pac game and I'll take it.
  5. SOUTH AUSTRALIA MURRAY MALLEE Tailem Bend - Riverside Hotel, 80 Princes Highway, Tailem Bend - Metallica - 17/10/2020 Remove from list COUNTRY SOUTH AUSTRALIA Keith - Morning Loaf Bakery - Viper Night Drivin ($1 a game - 1 flipper set wrong, ball is bad quality and not normal silver ball) - 6/1/2015 Remove from list
  6. The seed of my pinball addiction was sown at Chevron Bowl on the Gold Coast by my Mum and older Brother keeping a 4 year old me occupied while my Dad was bowling. I was stood on a box and constantly told to "flip, flip" if I stopped flipping. Then there was the Gottlieb Lawman in the snack bar opposite my first primary school in Canungra. Admittedly I'd play anything with a coin slot back in the late 70's- early 90's. Being the fat kid who sucked at football (either kind) and cricket or any sport to be honest gaming, either pinball or video, turned out to be something I didn't totally suck at. Having a local pub in Melbourne from 79 to 82 with a fantastic selection of both classic pins and arcade games just added fuel to the fire. Worked at Timezone for a few years around the time that the last few system 11 pins then the likes of T2, Addams and Getaway came out which restarted my love of pinball and things just kicked on from there.
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