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  1. Got dragon ball up and running tonight times for a few games.
  2. Purchased a PIforce have been having a play with the naomi2 and triforce nice and simple to use
  3. I have machined up a set of rollers for my taito missile command I'm about to do another set soon as not 100% happy with my first go. Going to have them draw up so I can get them do e on the CNC lathe next time. Ill let you know how I go
  4. @tgates might have one
  5. Hey all Any one around SA have a old empty cocktail arcade they would like to move on. Prefer a project machine empty or faulty missing bits is fine. Let me know what you have and how much you are after. Thanks brad
  6. I have this orginal taito one I am repairing currently . if part two uses the same as original space invaders I can let you know when I have finished.
  7. That was a generic picture from the net to show the difference. If you look at the pictures his board has it already removed.
  8. Hey Looking for 10 x 4164 ram ic. Would prefer to get them from Australia before buy from China etc. Anyone have some stashed they would be willing to sell. Would need them posted to SA if not local. .thanks
  9. Making a bit of progress on the universal cab still waiting for my piforce to arrive.
  10. Looks like someone has already tried to desuicide it
  11. The picture with the multi-meter looks like that is your video and sound connectors running to the monitor bit hard to tell from the picture. the extra plug looks like someone has tried to hack in a pc power supply at a guess to power the board. looks like you might be missing a power supply board.
  12. horizontal currently, it might be able to be swapped you would need to remove the glass and shroud to have a look
  13. I have a 25" tri-res weiya but mine has this connector for when using 15k games from the jamma connector. You will probably the rgb from the edge connector is not connected to anything.
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