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  1. You've done a magnificent job. 👍😁
  2. That's some sweet-ass merch. ahh the humble beginnings from long ago.
  3. Facebook... the sooner everyone drops big tech's crap apps and services the better. (Delete your FB and Twitter; and most certainly remove their apps form your phone. Use a browser if you must access their garbage.) Building on your own platform is actually coming back into fashion. (web forums, business web pages, etc, are starting to take off again).
  4. "Pinball Madness" has that taken off wildly has it? That banner was indeed a classic. :)
  5. R.I.P the computer tower that was sacrificed to the arcade/tech gods that day.
  6. Wouldn't know where to start, plus my guess is that is now an insane amount of active members now.
  7. Let's see this get updated for 2021 lol. ;)
  8. Taking it back .. old skool of this place. ...cause why not! All these people are randoms... don't ask. ;)
  9. Sounds like a lot of effort went into getting the upgrade working. Well done! :)
  10. Saw this on a FB thread and thought it was pretty cool. (credit: Jeff Pickering)
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