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  1. Bit of TLC should come up OK..
  2. I hear you mate, same boat over here finding less and less space! good idea on the skates 👍
  3. well used storage under the pins, space is always a struggle!
  4. After some further reading and discussion turns out they can be "de suicided" there's a mob called Sega Resurrection that do a specific romset with a replacement mpu for boards that have died , may be something to consider to avoid your battery eventually giving out. I wasn't that lucky mine has further issues however fortunately one of the boys on the forum is happy to have a look at the board and see if we can bring it back to life. Happy to report back with an update with further suggestions after my board gets the once over. @Roger Xplosion
  5. Handy stuff these guys
  6. Hey Boys Not 100% sure, I was under the impression once it suicides it was over, however after advice from a few members, it can be repaired, so I've reached out and am waiting to hear back, if maybe we can get it back to life., fingers crossed!
  7. Hey guys just seeing if anybody is sitting on a SHO pcb at their looking to add to my cab, mines shot!.. Pm if looking to move on. Cheers
  8. G'day Grimlock just came across your thread mate, I'm looking at doing the 3.0 down to 2.0 on my TE but little stuck on the process, I'm needing some advice on understanding the mame rom files. After having a read around UG12 and UJ12 need replacing, s when burning these guys do I just use one of the binary files from the mame folder (there's two of each file in the nbajamte.zip I download), or not sure if appropriate but join those two bad boys and burn as one rom, think its called interleaved roms? Mate little lost if you could stear us in the right direction it would be much appreciated @Grimlock Cheers YB
  9. Hey mate ill grab the daytona stack pm you shortly with info
  10. completely forgot the dates were reflected by the numbers pays to read !
  11. Just starting reading through your repair logs mate, really well detailed and super helpful not quite there yet but more reading and reviewing of these logs definitely helps the confidence! :-)
  12. Got through this post and went back again and again, great stuff and thanks for the effort to help the noobs like myself to take on more challenges in the world of digital logic's! @channelmaniac
  13. @mrjamma Hi mate really useful just got myself a cab and will look to rewire above so thanks for the detailed effort appreciated!
  14. Just bought myself a LAI cab and finding all this info very useful, thanks boys!
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