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  1. John call me .my mate has a few Harvey Normans .Will get good advice and cost price .
  2. Hi its a USA. What state is it in ?
  3. Help. Does anyone out there know where i can get stickers and a header new for a Daytona USA Twin Cabinet.
  4. Very Poor Taste. Stop at one.
  5. i am interested if you want to ad another 3 sets .To get the costs down.Let me know
  6. Yes you are spot on .If the Poms could enter the building they would have .He will be made a Diplomat .What a great film this will make.He is an Aussie.When he does leave the building it will be watched on tv by Billions of people . Lets see what the Yanks do .
  7. Hi Guys the most users ever online for Aussie Arcade was 249 on the 16th of September 2008 . How about we try and beat it . I will throw it out there for some feed back.
  8. Cool i am looking at an MM that needs some work . So i think from the feed back ,i will give them a go .
  9. Hi Guys has anyone out there had any work done on there pins by Hot Rodded Pins.I think i might give them a go .
  10. Buddy say what you want .Best seller world wide.
  11. rosco


    Loved it and more to come .
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