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  1. Hot wheels is a great game for this location. The family friendly theme will appeal to all the kids and us big kids at heart. My only request is that Gavin has to play the game one handed at this next comp that if we want to finish on time! I was in the group with him when he blew up with 3bil score. Was not fun stepping up on ball 3 with 7mil score and seeing player 2 with that score � Was a great night and fully encourage others to attend. Even if you are not a big comp player, the venue and match play format, make the event a lot more social. Was a great night and good to catchup with heaps of players that haven’t seen since March.
  2. Pinball sales have pricing up. $11490 for standard and $15490 for limited no mention of CE probably sold out. I Just put deposit down for a standard.
  3. Would agree this is a re-run not a vault per say. I thought Star Trek was one of Sterns best selling machines so seems kinda of early for a re-release. Just shows the demand for new pinball games is high. Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  4. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! Well maybe your wallet won’t be able to handle it, because this game is legit, believe the hype. Firstly I will disclose my previous exposure to Iron Maiden the band, was limited too seeing Eddie t-shirts at concerts and listening to “number of the beast” on an old Tony Hawk video game. So yeah not quite a fanboy Does this negatively impact on enjoying the game, not at all, does it negatively impact on wanting to own the game, for me yes and in quite a significant way. You see this is not an Iron Maiden pin, it’s an Eddie pin. The music is secondary in this game, in fact you barley notice the difference when the background song changes during modes. It feels much more like a video game reimagined into a pinball, which it is. Everything is focused on Eddie which is great for casual playing as it is very cool and approachable, but I think I would need a deeper connection to the character and his mythos to want to own it my home. However that is about the only negative I have to say about the game and even then it’s more of an observation. Yesterday afternoon was able to get a few games in on the game at Coolangatta with Peter and Paul , then dropped in to Surfers Timezone and spent around two hours on the pin. I think it’s the first time I have gone to Timezone and only played one game the whole time, which is a testament to the addictive nature of the pin. During the second session I was able to put up decent scores of around 300 - 400 million. These games where long completing all five main modes, all power objectives, both main multiballs in a single game. So well I have probably just scratched the surface my understanding of the rules and depth, I think I have seen enough of the overall game to provide a fairly detailed review. I’ll start with the art, which Zombi Yetti knocked out of the park. Per the usual disclaimer the photos don’t do it justice, need to see it in person, etc...... The resolution of the printing and detail is really impressive, I would say it surpasses Ghost Busters which is Jeremy’s other Stern art package. My only negative is there are a hell of a lot of inserts on the playfield which do obscure the art somewhat. Its a shame because man is the playfield pretty, WTF ? I know a playfield packed with multiple version of a decomposing corpse being described as pretty! But it is , the colour, depth and detail on the playfield art is really world class. I can’t see the LE and Premium version being anything but a step up from what’s on the pro, I think all buyers across the three levels will be very happy with this aspect of the game. Sticking with visuals I’ll address the LCD graphics. Stern was obviously given a lot of assets from the Legacy of beast mobile game from which to work with. For the most part I think this is a positive outcome. Yes the resolution is perhaps not as high def as one would hope, but there is plenty of variety in the display and the visuals do seem to tie into the modes well. My only feedback would be that the graphics do seem disjointed where I think Stern has done work in house on some and where it would appear they have be lifted directly from the game asserts. The graphics are not as static as say Aerosmith but not as cohesive or well implemented as Batman 66. JJP is still the industry leader when it comes to display, however I think for location pinball Sterns approach with a more action/scene based display that tends to mimic traditional dmd cutscenes works well. There is a lot of information available on the screen at any given time mostly due to the power pyramid progression being shown at all times, which I will discuss further under rules. It might take a while for players to get use to reading the screen quickly to see their overall progression and current objectives. Overall It’s not a high point of the game but the display works well and should not deter potential owners or players. Moving onto the playfield itself and Keith’s debut as a pinball designer and here is where things start getting interesting. Firstly our just say that Stern has done a really nice job with the helping transform Keith’s original Archer layout into Iron Maiden. The back board is a real standout with the 3D effect of multiple layers of plastics creating depth to the Egyptian scene. I have also found Stern does a great job with the back board a feature often lacking in WMS/Bally games, and this is perhaps their best effort so far. The other plastics in the game are rather flat and well the art is excellent, I feel a tastefully sculpted Eddie figurine would be a great mod for the pro. It’s clear that Stern needed to leave some opportunities to bling up the premium and L.E models, and this is fair enough. However the pro does keep all the metal ramps and the vast majority of the features found in higher level models, which helps deliver a premium look. The lack of “traditional toys” across all models is a point worth noting and is apparent when stepping up to the game for the first time. Here I think it’s worth considering that Keith’s background is as a pinball player and operator, rather then a mechanical engineer like a designer such as John Borg. As such one would not expect a focus on complex engineered mechanics that interact with the ball , with the focus being playability and interesting shot geometry. That being said there are still moments where the game does interesting interactions with the ball. One that comes to mind is the multiball start for trooper. The first two locks are virtual, the last lock the up post stops the ball and then the additional two balls are fed into the trough and auto plunged onto the playfield through the inner left loop where another up post directs them to the first captured ball. It’s a simple but highly effective pit of pinball design turning a game with virtual locks into a staged three ball multiball release. These little touches really help players forget about the lack of toys. Ultimately though if your ideal pinball involves a more stop and flow style with interesting sculpts and mechanical toys, you may find the play offered by Maiden a little bland. However I would still urge you to give the table a chance because you will be missing out on a great pinball experience, toys or no toys. For now we come to shot geometry and here is where Maiden has delivered a truly unique pinball experience and where all the hype is coming from. The word that keep coming to mind when playing Maiden is FRESH, it’s just like nothing else I have played in all my time with pinball. There are just so many shots and paths for the ball to flow. It not a fan layout but it has unbelievable flow, it’s not a stop , start game, but the ball does so many interesting things. It’s just an unbelievably good game, and a joy to shoot plain and simple. I struggle to think of a game to compare the Maiden layout to, if pushed I do see a few elements of Twilight Zone in the layout with the position of the upper right and upper left mini flipper. Also the inner loop has a Lawlor feel to it, think Whirlwind or Funhouse, but much shorter and tighter. However unlike Twilight Zone where the mini flipper has only one true shot the piano, here you can shoot the inner loop, jackpot shot or drops. In fact the drops are perfectly placed, they can be hit from the lower left upper left and backhanded by the lower right flipper, genius. Often the upper flippers are used for single ramp shot. Here the upper right flipper has two loops to aim for a crucial large standup (extra ball shot) plus the pop nest. All this means that you will need to use all four flippers constantly in the game, which really adds to the depth of the play and creates a game with much more left to right flow then any I have played before. The great layout does not just begin and end with the introduction of four flippers there are some other key design elements that are truly interesting and exciting. The left ramp through the pops well not a first in pinball, Congo anyone, for most players it will be the first time they have attempted such as shot. I will say this is a much more accessible shot then Borgs orbit through the pops on Kiss and Aerosmith and even average players should be able to find the shot on the flipper with a little practice. The first time a pop bumper hit send the ball up the left ramp, it will bring a smile to your face guaranteed. The pop bumper nest at the lower left is also a really unique and interesting placement. The addition of a spinner and three large stand ups, make this a crucial area of focus in the game play, and well it is placed close to the flippers and outlanes you never experience cheap drains form this area which again is genius. The two loops is that last true innovative part of the game and they are enhanced by the clever use of two up posts hidden in the back of the loops that act as diverters as well as stages for the beginning of trooper multiball and mode starts. I’ll leave it to players to discover for themselves the joy of combining these loops and the way the diverters play with the flow, again it’s just a great pinball experience. The final piece of the playfield to discuss is the jump ramp to the pharaoh target shot. This is fun shot but does quite have the impact of say the ring shot In LOTR. It a nice shot that requires a clean hit to make it up the ramp and into the target, I found it is more enjoyable in certain modes such as Aces high where it becomes a key jackpot shot rather then when needed to be hit in normal play or when starting the mode. A magnet to grab the ball would of been a great addition even if it was just a premium/Le feature. Also the use of a target does not makes sense in the Egyptian setting. This is probably the only time that the “Archer Theme” which the game was originally designed around sneakers through. A key target shot in a game about guns and spies makes a lot more sense then in a game about underworld demons, but hey now we just not picking. I’m going to play the game some more tonight before finishing this review tomorrow to discuss the rules in depth for you guys. At the moment I have seen a lot of the game rules and what is there is truly great. however I feel my understanding of the rules is more breadth then depth at the moment, so a couple more hours will help give a more balanced reflection on this component.
  5. Jack danger is going to be streaming the LE any minute now. Search deadflip on twitch.tv should be archived on YouTube later today for those having to head to work. [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  6. I think the Premium will be the most cohesive package. The playfield is very influenced by Powerslave, so having the cab and translite follow this theme should create an awesome package. That being said for the lucky LE buyers, the inclusion list makes it pretty much a Super LE i.e Batman 66 , really can't see any of these buyers being disappointed. Cant wait to see photos Zombie Yeti's artwork in the metallic decals, the ones on Batman look superb, plus a true backglass, is going to make the LE a work of art. Regarding the layout, I see the similarities in the flipper placement to TZ, even Keith mentioned this on the Coast to Coast podcast. However the upper left mini flipper does seem to have a lot more shots available, Drop Targets, Tight Super Jackpot , Inner Loop (possibly backhand for reverse) , Newton balls , could possibly even hit the centre ramp from this flipper. This compared to TZ mini-flipper which really is just for Piano Shot. I think this mini-flipper is really whats going to change the game play from a stock standard Stern fan layout. Just amazed at how well Zombie Yeti has managed to integrate the artwork on the playfield. There are a ton of inserts all of the playfield and yet the art is not compromised at all, everything looks so fluid. To sum up I am super excited to play this game. Hopefully Timezone will fly a couple out would be awesome to see them on the floor by early May.
  7. Hi Guys Total annihilation is started with 4 shots to each orbit and 4 shots to each ramp. Completing all 4 shots on any of these starts a hurry up collected by hitting the ship (or 3 bank in front if raised). The first hurryup is $100 mil and counts down fast. If you complete a second set of 4 shots on one of the other main shots before the hurryup the hurryup resets to two hundred million. Complete a third before the countdown ends and it resets again to 400 million. Complete the last set start total annihilation and the hurry resets for the last time to 1billion [emoji38]. Best approach is to make sure you have completed and lit at least two preferably 3 inserts on all 4 major shots. Then start the first hurryup I like starting with one of the ramps first as these tend to be harder then the orbits. Try completing the second ramp to reset hurryup. Now all you focusing on is the orbits. Another advantage going this route is that shooting for orbits is much less likely to cause a stray ball hit on the saucer or three bank which will end the hurryup early. Best of luck guys Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  8. PM sent cheers Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  9. Awesome Jono it’s a great feeling when you finally reach RTU only managed it half a dozen times and only once with no extra balls. Next challenge 1 billion hurry up to start Total Annihilation , nice little challenge that doesn’t require a 20 minute game to achieve. Regarding 5 way combo , one tip that might help. Locking balls still keeps the combo shot alive. So you can light lock for first shot then lock a ball for shot two bounce over lock another for shot three repeat for shot four then complete 5th shot during multiball. Also you need to avoid the orbits as they cancel your combo shot unless the orbit has been complete for TA and the top gate is open for loops. I usually get done on super jackpot in multiball when trying to RTU dam shots are so tight when you need to make them plus control multiple balls. Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  10. Jeff bridges = 3 TBL/IM/TRON Arnold = 3 or more T2/T3/Last action hero/maybe predator not really produced also there where a small number of prototype Total Recall pins made but never put into production. I would go with Harrison De Star Wars/ Sega Starwars / Stern Starwars / Williams Indy/ Stern Indy That’s 5 production machines with his likeness, can’t think of anyone with more ??? Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  11. The more Sterns I play the more I feel that they are great location pins but for your home collection I just don’t know. The reality is Stern is still the data east of Pinball and let’s look at the prices of Data East games to Bally Williams games of the same era today....hmmm Yes JJP might be trying to hold the old B/W torch however the difference was back then the prices of games from all manufactures was about par, B/W weren’t great games because the cost 30 - 40% more then the competition they where great and still competed on price. That’s want made them the pinnacle of Pinball manufacturers. With every Stern new release the impulse desire to go this is a must have is fading fast. I thought the lcd era might increase the desirability of these new games but honestly all it had show is how little the screen is actually used in Pinball wether lcd or dmd it makes little difference. I think in many ways Star Wars has been under appreciated by the community. Everyone bagging on lack of toys etc... yet they happy to aspect pirates with no real license or GOTG with two songs because it “looks” more packed. Imagine what John Williams score cost to license vs cherry bomb , imagine how much Stern paid for full clips from all three original Star Wars trilogies vs a static map in pirates. Without Lyman on code Stern purchases are a bad investment period. JJP is just a bad buy period regardless of the game quality at the price they want you are going to take a massive hit when you come to sell regardless. None of the above means shit if you looking at buying guardians to have something new and fun in your games room. However personally re-hash layout plus re-hash average coder I don’t care how good the art is ( and it’s off the charts cool) I don’t care how good the them is (and it’s off the charts cool) this will just be another Stern thats forgotten when the next table comes along. If you going to do a cookie cutter layout then you have to have brilliant original code otherwise what’s the point (from a home use buy) I think this game looks phenomenal, I know I will love playing it for the next 3 - 4 months when released but after that ..... Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  12. Ghostbusters see you all tomorrow night [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  13. Just rewatched twilight and rob zombie picked up some good tips on Rob. Feel semi confident for house ball this weekend. Hmmm confident that usually spells last place in comp. You know you are a competitive player when you watching a tutorial with a pen and pad taking notes [emoji404] sad [emoji24] Seriously though these are great vids to see some basics for everyday players stepping up to a table without having played before. Which to be honest is most players playing a rare game like rob zombie in comp. For example little tips like the top stand ups add a ball in rob zombie are super useful. Yes I'm sure someone like Bowen would cover these points in his tutorials however they would be hidden away underneath a barrage of information on how to get to wizard mode. With John and Emily it is much better advice for how the average player can approach the game. It's enough information for you to take in and feel like you have a clue without getting lost in the zone with technical overload (see how I threw that in) Now we just need a quick Friday night battle on Cabaret to be be posted before Saturday's meet up and I'll be all good. Seriously I could find nothing on that game, might have to actually read the rule card before plunging. Nahhh I think I'll wing it. Looking forward to an amazing weekend with all the other local pinheads, with houseball and match play and the grotto it should be epic. Now if Dialed In rocks up in time..... fingers crossed 🤞 Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  14. Yip Dr John and Emily are by far my favourite pinball videos to watch. Their on screen banter, plus great game breakdown for the average player, is excellent. Just finished watching the Wizard of Oz video, as I had no idea what the go is in that game. After the video I must say the rules seem a lot clearer. Although that is all due to Emily's play. John once again you where schooled. Keep up the excellent work guys. Look forward to playing you both on Saturday.
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