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  1. 10th Episode 18th September 2021 Melbourne Lockdown 6.0 Competition Stern's Jurassic Park https://youtu.be/rrTqbOUUKPQ
  2. 9th Episode 14th September 2021 Fathers Day Stern's Tron Legacy https://youtu.be/CuH67xkEqdg
  3. 8th Episode 29th August 2021 Melbourne Lockdown 6.0 Bally's World Cup Soccer 94' https://youtu.be/XgJ0q6-A-cI
  4. 7th Episode 25th August 2021 Melbourne Lockdown 6.0 Spooky's Rick & Morty https://youtu.be/T7Vsmgz_N6g
  5. Have you got pics of the shooters for WCS?
  6. if you want to be ultra objective, there may be an analysis which proves PDI is 1.5% better, but when you have them on your pin and you’re playing a game, I guarantee you won’t know the difference. That said, the quality of PDI and Vampire glass is greater than Sterns offering. As mentioned, I have and use all options, if they were all laid out in front of me, I’d go with the cheapest.
  7. "way better"?? 😆 I have Vampire, PDI and Stern anti reflective glass. There's very little between them, they all do a great job.
  8. Pretty sure I have a brand new one of those. PM me if interested.
  9. 6th Episode 18th July 2021 Melbourne Lockdown 5.0 Competition Jurassic Park
  10. Hi all, Trying to track down a DMD Controller Board for a Williams Getaway era pin. Please contact if you can help. Thanks
  11. 4th Episode 4th July 2021 Stern Electronics Quicksilver
  12. Possibly a long shot… But a very good mate has gone out of his way to help me and my family, so I’m wanting to return the favour. Because of my influence over the years, he’s grown to enjoy and now love pinball. He’s yet to own one of his own, so I’d love to gift him a pinball that I either restore for him or possibly we can restore together. If you have an early Stern, Sys11 (Williams/Bally), through to DMD in need of a little love, which you’d be willing to sell at a reasonable price for a good cause then please contact me. Thanks.
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