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  1. It is a great game so just buy it already.;)
  2. https://mexucrazy.co.nz/products/bloody-hell/ I love extra hot sauces and this is the hottest I’ve ever found. Only need the tip of the spoon handle. I only have 3 friends that can taste this without being in pain for three or four hours.
  3. Not at all mate, I am sure I can find a suitable dram in the cellar.:D
  4. It’s hardly bludging if in four years, you get to have another turn at hosting. Just sayin...
  5. Sorry, I thought that was they guys business name. Bill Karis. Has listed heaps of games on gumtree.
  6. No, I didn’t forget to post a link. It’s not about the game, I’m asking if anyone has had dealings with them. A friend of mine in Brisbane is looking at a game they have and he can’t get to see the game and doesn’t know anyone in Melbourne.
  7. Hi Anyone know anything about these guys? A friend of mine is looking to buy a pin from them. Are the good to deal with? Cheers Paul
  8. No one can do anything with your bank account numbers except put money into it.
  9. They can’t be cancelled unless lost or stolen. The only exception is if the purchaser of the bank cheque still has it in his possession and wants to cancel it. If you have been told any different then you have been given bad information.
  10. I worked for Westpac for 17 years. If you bought the cheque and still have it, you can cancel it but the only other way to cancel it is if it is lost or stolen and that is not quick. You can’t cancel it because you think you got ripped off.
  11. That’s the only reason you can stop a bank cheque but it’s not easy and certainly not quick.
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