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  1. i got one coming ivan . give me a call
  2. 10 are coming at just on 30k , only 4 signature editions in the country
  3. i think it's past that long time ago, stern and jjp made sure of that, a LE used to cost 1500 more then the pro take tron LE for a instance . at the time only 10 in the country thaty cost 7500 new ,the game becomes popular and the price starts to go up and up , now it's at 25k , now a new LE is 15k and i just got told llp put the price on pins up 1000 US more so now a jjp LE is 11k USD from 9k USD for gunners
  4. it's a whole new world now days, 10 years ago when i joined this forum i said pinballs will cost over 10k and ppl laughed look at us today, i know of a buyer offered 400k + for a 15 pin collection and the seller knocked it back money means very little to some ppl and they want what they want
  5. i got one of them for sale , was working when removed from machine but i got no way of testing it now
  6. one on FB for sale https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/2199449586861709/?media_id=0&ref=share_attachment
  7. i got one still in the box, wasn't thinking of selling but for the right price anything can happen
  8. was on the phone to bruce the other day and he said end of Aug doesn't matter really if it's Mid or End
  9. a bloke i know called ted has one for sale i told him your looking for one might not be in your mates price range as he's asking a bit more for it , mine would be way out of his budget good luck with it all
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/arcadeandpinballmachinesforsaleaustralia/posts/5239500869401085
  11. you are living in the past my friend , 2018 was a long time ago and a different world from today a house was 600k same house today 1,5mil hsv gts was worth 60k 2nd hand , today 150k for the same car a new LE pinball was 12k today 14.5k stop looking at what was and look at what is - it's not getting any better, it's all fu@ked up
  12. covid tax has nothing to do with it , you just can't get anything these days the last and only Avatar LE dave hampson sold for 12.5k a few months back good luck is the cheap search department for a pinball these days but you have 50 others searching for the same cheap bargain
  13. you do know you'd be paying 30-40k for a CE, one was forsale in QLD i can't remember who had it or if they still got it but is was advertised on FB for 36k
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