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  1. Hi mate i will grab the other two player 6 button control panel
  2. Hi Guys I do not have a sega cd or a cd adapter for the pc engine. I am looking for both systems so please let me know if you have one. Thank you
  3. Hi Jason Welcome to AA if you need any help with Mame i can definitely help with some of the issues you will come across.
  4. All of these shots are done from my phone and dont look as good as the real screen but it gives you an idea. The shot of MK2 of Liu Kang & Kitana was paused and it darkens the screen so it looks more dynamic normally. Hope this gives some of you guys an idea. Ps.the tube i am using is a Sanyo which is definitely not known as a good tube and i do have some convergence issues on the edges but still looks awesome.
  5. Hi guys I am looking for garou mark of the wolves, i have only just started playing the game but love it already.
  6. after having pretty much all available options for mame which includes lcd monitor, plasma, lcd tv, crt tv via component and recently tv tube with jomac chassis i can safely say my preference is the arcade tube. I have a quad core pc running an old ati video card running soft 15hz going to a jpac and then to a sanyo 21" tube and it looks fantastic. But i am very good with computers and have had a lot of experience in improving picture quality etc and it took me a long time to sort out. Now i know its not hard the next one i will do wont take long. Some tips to save time would be. 1. use a decent pc with dedicated older video card ati seem good 2. buy a jpac 3. Get a decent tv tube and get a jomac chassis 4. Dont run mame but run mamecab this made the biggest difference to my mame experience. The rest will come down to how much time you want to spend getting a front end to work and tweaking the whole setup. From when i first had my mame up and running on the arcade screen to now is worlds apart and it finally looks way better then any other setup i have had.
  7. there is probably a lot here but they seem to go to the same people that on sell for a lot more then they buy for. It's more to do with the money then sharing the retro experience with other people that also have the same passion.
  8. Wow i am seriously in the wrong state no one over here sells anything for a decent price everything is massively overpriced. Unless they really dont want it anymore and it is in really bad nick. The 2 cabinets i want it is cheaper for me to buy over east and transport over here :(
  9. I would like to know about this as well :)
  10. Cheers Dylzy123 for the tip i will give them a call. Today i was busy i cut out the door, front bottom panel, rear panel and repaired the base of the unit. I also measured the clearances and found the support for the control panel was a bit out so pulled it off. I replaced most of the battens in the cabinet and put it all back together. Structurally all i need to do is get a hinge for the front door and the glass. I put it all back together and will get a feel for it over the week and start paint etc next week. The sound is the biggest issue at the moment i will get one of the converters to go to better speakers and see how that goes. Anyway here are some more pics looks a lot better but definitely in need of some paint.
  11. Cheers man it should look like a new old cabinet when i am done. Not sure apparently some place in west perth i think. I will look into it when i get a little further down the track.
  12. I used an orbital sander with 40-125 grit pads. It took a hell of a long time to do mind you. But didnt damage anything which is good. I should have some pics up next weekend on what it looks like filling in the scratches and painting.
  13. I have test fitted all the electronics and mounted them. At this stage i am making sure everything is working perfectly before painting and making everything neat. I have worked through an issue i had with the universal chassis on the tube it was quite dark and couldnt get great focus but Jomac was awesome and supplied a different neck board for the tube and it is heaps better now. All the control panel and electronics are wired up i just have to get some connectors for the control panel to allow quick removal. I found these at jaycar http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=PP2026 they are 12 Pin MULTI Pin Plug / Socket. I need to sort the sound out as it sounds really really tinny and no bass. I am in the process of finding the neo geo artwork for the cpo and i will get a new control panel make in aluminium to suit the button and joystick configuration. I am also trialing the Sanwa buttons versus the traditional clicky arcade buttons and i have decided the Sanwa buttons are nicer to use and you get over they dont click pretty quickly. I also received the t-moulding and the width is fine but where it goes into the channel in the arcade machine it is too thin and it doesnt hold in so i will need to buy some more :( Anyway here are a few quick pics
  14. I tried the links and they are still dead can you please uplaoad again? thank you
  15. Hey guys i am looking for this cpo but cannot find it this document is blank. Does anyone know where to get it? cheers
  16. If you need some measurements just let me know. - - - Updated - - - Unfortunately the cabinet came with no electronics at all. On a side note. I got all my parts today so i hooked up the jomac special to the screen, powered the power supply and tested the neo geo with one speaker hooked up. Im a happy camper the screen looks really good much better then expected i have never wired one of these things up before so at least i know how now. I also tried the new Sanwa 30 buttons compared to the generic pushbuttons and i am not sure which one i like more not having the clicking noise and feel almost feels wrong. Oh well i will try them and see which one i like more.
  17. Hi Guys Since i initially could not find a Neo Geo cabinet i decided to build my own version until i can find one. I finally found a donor LAI lowboy cab thanks to the help of Greg not sure his username on these forums. The cabinet is structurally in good condition but is missing a few parts like the front door and back cover, the sides are faded and have a few light scratches in it. The aim is to rebuild it to be a Neo Geo, neaten and fix any other issues as we go. Things to do in no particular order. 1. Disassemble cabinet to sand inside of the cabinet and outside: Outside done inside almost done. 2. Use the hardwood ply and make front door and back cover. 3. Wire Brand new power supply, Jamma harness, speakers, high to low converter to use sub and amp 4. Sort out Control Panel currently have 5 button per player 5. Replace battens inside the cabinet. 6. Cleanup monitor bracket 7. make base and attach to the cabinet. 8. Paint or Laminate the appropriate red Parts purchased. 1. Sanwa OBSC-30 buttons 2. MCA Red joysticks 3. 5watt 8ohm speakers 4. 15A SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY 5. Jamma harness 6. MVS MV-1B board: Although looking for another board to put unibios on it 7. 40ft 13/16" Black T-Molding 8. 19mm hardwood ply Parts to Purchase. 1. Control Panel art, Side Panel Art and marque art 2. Marque Light 3. Jomac universal arcade board 4. Neo Geo CPO 5. Monitor Smoked glass cover
  18. Hi Guys I have decided i would also like a Astro City arcade machine not too bothered with the game board but preferable in good condition. Since these things are so heavy local would be best. Cheers
  19. Hi Guys I thought it maybe easier to ask all my questions in the one post. I have purchased a really average LAI Lowboy cabinet and i am going to aquire the requred parts to convert it to a Neo Geo lowboy as i love neo geo games and love the look of the cabinet. Currently it is all sanded ready to paint or laminate. I have searched around and found some red paint codes from America but the paint shops in Perth have no idea what the colour codes mean. So does anyone know what the code is so i can get some paint? I have detailed some of the things i will need below but i will create a dedicated build thread when i get some time. Things to get 1. Paint code 2. Stickers 3. CPO stickers and panel
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