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  1. I'm actually going to have to test them again now because I realised I took a rom off my rat coffin PC (which is an original PCB) to replace a missing eprom on a trak pak PCB. So I'll get the missing eprom burnt and then test again. The other original PCB just came up with a blue screen and nothing else. But I'll test again this weekend and post pics
  2. Unfortunately due to work I'm going to have to drop out. Hope everyone has a great time.
  3. So the wires I was referring to are for player 3 & 4. But that adapter is just for the pandoras box, not Arpicade. To connect the 3 & 4 player buttons and joysticks to the Arpicade add-on board you would need something like this https://highscoresave.com/universal-15-pin-kick-harness-by-highscoresaves/ But they're out of stock. So regardless of if you use pandoras box or Arpicade you will either need to modify or replace the wiring for players 3 & 4. To find the CPU socket you would need to look at the actual motherboard of your games family. It'll have the model number on it and you can search for socket details from that. But CPUs are rarely the issue. If you want to try to troubleshoot your games family then I would recommend getting a little beep code speaker you can plug directly onto the motherboard (https://www.ebay.com/itm/163827428885?hash=item2624e02e15:g:jG8AAOSwHMJYLzpV&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4DMuNr5iafA1fx%2F3v6MD9issfRw%2F662NFe0eB7dtUyRGlMqr9pnAiBb3fMrIsDD8cY2pMfa3IKPc55DDZpFdblmGXooryqSJz1A412dqH46eY1u27X5KMeiPHuDlSUB%2FSz4yzxjBDuIwBXcdPldMf6fviy%2FBaRpZOZWNWmRN2lWl0%2Fij8GpsUTwWO6n%2BwzF9mwHhRRqc3j2TIoReXwC762cU4BBFRCW8oIJc5d53GlKNMDybdtpuOSnELPSvW9U%2FTNPeEqkrcrwGBJX%2FhGgkGv2EVhY8Kztqs1746rdOs8n1|tkp%3ABFBM_Jfhnbpg) This should give you POST beeps during the boot process that may allow you to diagnose the issue with the games family.
  4. The wires would need to be connected to the buttons and joysticks but are spade connectors so can just be pushed on. The other end would be connected to the interface box which would in turn be connected via USB to the pandoras box. The jamma connector is only doing buttons and joysticks for players 1 & 2
  5. Arpicade has an add-on board for 3 & 4 player https://highscoresave.com/4-player-arpicade-jamma-adapter/ It's a great product but it's not necessarily a plug and play option. I haven't used these before but you could also look at a pandoras box and use the following to connect your 3 & 4 player to the USB port. They are for the family version but I can't imagine there would be too much different. https://www.diyretroarcade.com/products/3a-pandoras-box-game-pad-conveter-to-use-4-players-on-pandoras-box https://www.diyretroarcade.com/products/pandoras-box-6-family-sanwa-wiring-harness-0-187-terminal-2-player?pr_prod_strat=copurchase&pr_rec_id=355073ca1&pr_rec_pid=4726470148231&pr_ref_pid=4971949555847&pr_seq=uniform
  6. The website was only registered on the 10/5 and the registrar is DNS Africa so pretty much as scammy as they come
  7. Hi All, Just checking if anyone knows of a removalist that would do backhaul from Hughenden to Brisbane. I've rung a few places but haven't had any luck. Bill won't go that far out. Cheers, Andy
  8. Thanks Grant and Angela for another awesome houseball. The hospitality and line-up is always exceptional. Really enjoyed Nine Ball. And obviously thanks to Dave and everyone that assisted in running it.
  9. Why would a broken link on a legitimate site have any reflection on the OP? If you look at their site they've changed the "two" to a "2" which is why the link no longer works
  10. Thanks for a great night Sandy and Dave. Also a big thanks to Dave and everyone that helped to organise it. Cheers
  11. Hi All, I have two Super Off Road PCBs with issues and one that was a rat coffin so the trace is stuffed but it may have some salvageable parts. Just wondering if anyone is repairing these boards locally as I'd like to get the two decent boards repaired? Thanks, Andy
  12. I ordered an LS-32-01 from CQB last Friday and received it today. I'm very happy. It was well packed and this has made it incredibly easy to get a replacement that previously was a nightmare to pick-up. And at around half the price. I'd definitely recommend CQB for anyone looking for parts. Thanks @xb74
  13. Hi All, I need to get our deck repaired so just checking if anyone has any recommendations for a builder? Cheers, Andy
  14. And a pic from the inside. They couldn't be easier to install. Just drill one hole. @Ryan555 might know if you can still buy them
  15. I added a inline volume control to the back of mine which has worked out really well for controlling the volume easily. davidavd use to sell them.
  16. Unless you've got a stash of local audio then not much point in a jukebox app I'd say
  17. You've done a nice job on yours mate. I have etouch on mine but it never gets used. Spotify is all that is played. I just want Spotify to implement a queueing system to make it more like a jukebox and I'll be very happy
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