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  1. Hi All, Sorry but I'm going to have to drop out. Work and renovations have gotten in the way. Hope everyone has a great day. Cheers, Andy
  2. Bump. Still looking for artwork. Also if anyone has a marquee in good condition. Thanks
  3. So the good news is that the deadworld motor seems to run nice and smooth now with the limited testing I've done with it. And I can kind of play a game 😁 The issues I now have to work out are: - Balls keep launching from the trough and into play. I'm not starting a super game. It just keeps sending the balls straight back into play. The trough opto boards are brand new - Some flippers keep activating on their own. I've swapped the fliptronics board over with a known good working one and the issue still occurs. - The drop targets don't reset even at the start of the game. haven't really looked into this one yet. But it's almost there. A little bit more tinkering and it should be 100%
  4. I don't think too many people fix the Model 1 boards. They certainly didn't when I was trying to get some PCBs repaired years ago. I would imagine it'll cost you a packet for an operator to fix it. Definitely confirm how much you might be up for. You could always convert it to a mame cabinet without modifying the wiring harness and then have rally, daytona, indy 500 plus many others. That way it could be changed back if someone wanted to do it. Or you could sell it but because it's big and not working properly you likely wouldn't get massive amounts for it,
  5. I actually got them from Steve at PBR. Due to the cost of shipping to send the entire gearbox over and back and the fact that a previous owner had already had a crack at it he helped me out with the parts. He was really helpful. MultiProducts are the manufacturer but they won't sell anything to do with these to the public. And thankfully @ocyen had rebuilt his previously so the choice of grease was based on his research as well as a thread on Pinside breaking down the best options for grease on different motor types. Unfortunately I got to the stage in the pic before realising the opto interrupter ring was cracked at the grub screw so will have to take that off and repair it but it's heading in the right direction. Hopefully I'll have the pin finished by the end of the week.
  6. Well I'm now ready to do my next presentation at work. Thanks 😁
  7. They got a new certificate issued by a different provider
  8. So I received the parts and rebuilt the gearbox. All parts were degreased. I still have to punch the rivets down but was going to test it before I put it back in the pin to make sure I didn't stuff it up 😁 I also now have a backing plate for it so it'll stay clean inside 👍
  9. It's just a warning. It won't prevent anyone going there. It's not the site itself that is the issue but the certificate chain. VPForums would should be ok to use
  10. Their certificate is current but the RootCA (Cloudflare Origin SSL Certificate Authority) is untrusted. When the RootCA certificate is included in an update for your device's Trusted Root Certification Authorities store the warning will disappear. You can manually add them but shouldn't unless you know they RootCA can definitely be trusted The strange part is that the certificate is valid from 9/7/2018 to 5/7/2033 so it isn't a recent renewal
  11. I'm going to be hanging onto mine for a bit longer yet
  12. Thanks mate. I have too much stuff so need to work out the best way to store everything. The monitor skates I made have worked out particularly well. Just have to roll them out now rather than lifting 26 & 29 inch tubes.
  13. Been sitting in a cupboard for years. In good condition. Quite heavy. Pick up only from Upper Mt Gravatt.
  14. Good playfield, good backglass, solid cabinet. Then it's a fun project
  15. Thanks mate. I think it works. Just need to get the leds in the thumb buttons working now.
  16. I never ended up doing the troubleshooting thread as @rayscosorted out a number of issues by replacing a couple of bridge rectifiers. He's a good man 👍 I put the handles on and am pretty happy with how the black trim looks. I still have to sort out a elevator/crane issue but other than that it's playing nicely
  17. I ended up tracking down the right size cog so very happy.
  18. Hi All, I'm chasing a cog for my Judge Dredd deadworld motor. if anyone has a busted motor (that has the cog I'm after in good condition) or knows where I can get a replacement it would be greatly appreciated. I know PBResource repair the motor. I don't think this is viable from a cost perspective as it would be close to the exorbitant cost of the new motor. I've emailed to ask them if they'll sell the cog individually but figured I'd check for a second hand one also. The cog I'm after is the big one in the picture. Thanks, Andy
  19. Awesome work. You've really bought it back. Medusa is a very fun game
  20. So time for the next update for what could be the longest restoration on AA 😁 I got all of the wiring sorted (I believe) to the backbox and it now powers up with no real issues other than a few lights not working. The main ramp parts transfer is done. Most of the parts were easy but the two after market ramp protectors were a pita. I tried to do the drill press process for riveting them but my drill press platform pivots to allow you to drill on an angle. Unfortunately you also can't lock it which made it impossible to put any real pressure on it. So I ended up having to go hammer and anvil but it worked out ok. I haven't been able to test game play because I wanted to service the deadworld motor while it was still out of the pin. I'm glad I did because while you couldn't see any stripped cogs the main problematic cog did have a few buggered teeth. So I'll now be tracking down a replacement cog and drilling and pinning the two cogs together. Although there is one troublesome nut that doesn't want to come off so I've given it a blast of inox to try to loosen it up. Hopefully it won't take too long to get the cog because that's the last piece of the puzzle to get it all working and finally be able to have a game.
  21. I'll grab the snes mini please. I might be able to bundle it in with namastepat for shipping.
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