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  1. Wow Steve. You look nothing like I thought you would. Happy birthday Tony. Hope you have a great day.
  2. That is a beautiful machine. They've done a great job restoring it.
  3. Could you just put them between two sheets of pinball glass in the sun for a little while to flatten them out?
  4. I think he's @charlie131on here and kevjuke on Facebook
  5. Thanks Rusty and all involved in organising for another great houseball. Had a great time.
  6. I did. Tested per the operations manual and had the 5v at 5.21. I'm going to be sensible and get womble to look at them when he has some space in his repair queue. I'll try building my skills with a jamma board with less components 😀 Thanks for your help
  7. There was another thread where @bossninja17 & @thejudge mentioned they had copies but not sure if they were digital
  8. The monitor displays ok with a mame pc connected so I think it's alright. I tested the original pcb and got a different image. But no audio. I didn't try to coin it up. I also tried swapping the boards between the boardsets but the result was pretty much the same. Although in not 100% the bottom boards are compatible between the two versions
  9. So I finally got the missing rom sorted thanks to @raysco So when I put the trak pak pcb in I now get the following image.
  10. Hi All, I need to get some paint oxidation sorted out on my car. Just checking if anyone has recommendations for a good service in Brisbane (preferably around the Mt Gravatt area) Thanks, Andy
  11. Nothing to apologise for. You didn't see the for sale requirements so you posted a price check when they were pointed out. Seems reasonable to me.
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