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  1. Awesome night Dave and Sandy, what a “RUSH” . Thanks to all involved👍👍
  2. Hey Rusty due to work commitments can no longer make this one sorry, disappointed to say the least was looking forward to a pre Christmas catch-up and a beer or twelve. Merry Christmas Houseballer’s se you all in 22!
  3. https://universalbearings.com.au/download-subproducts/inch-steel-balls
  4. Hey Gibo, a Steve Richie Classic! Yep if your auger and shooter are working still your in good shape. Can’t help u with the balls sorry, shouldn’t be too hard to find tho try industrial suppliers. Yes the PF plastic overlay do have a curve in them , and seems to help clear the balls. Did find some info on AA years ago, but not definitive as to this being by design, or how they go from years of sitting and only being anchored around the perimeter Cheers Peter
  5. I’m dizzy just looking at it
  6. Wow where else would you get to play such a diverse and pristine lineup of Pins! Cheers for inviting us into your home Grant and Angela, good company, ninja like organization skills from Cranky and Trav and even Pizza and dessert ,perfect Thanks all for a great night �
  7. Cheers Sandy n Dave, was awesome playing such an diverse lineup of pins. Cranky Dave and Trav thanks for organizing and scoring another great houseball.
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