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  1. Hi all. This announcement is to notify you that from January 1st 2022, the AUD$1 fee will be reintroduced for all IFPA endorsed events in Australia. All payments will be managed through the IFPA website via the Tournament Directors "Tournament Manager" account. Payments will be administered through Stripe and the Aussie dollar (AUD) has been enabled to facilitate the transactions.
  2. There was a proposal put forward a few days ago to the IFPA Australian Country Directors and State Reps for the appointment of the two new IFPA Country Directors for Australia listed below, and all agreed on the proposal. I would like to take this opportunity to announce the appointment of Jason Lambert and Jimmy Nails to the roles of IFPA Country Director (Australia) and look forward to their contribution with their knowledge, experience and passion for pinball and helping drive further growth in competitive pinball in Australia. Most of you would know how much Jimmy and Jason have already achieved over the years in hosting major IFPA events and enticing players not only in Australia but beyond. They have been instrumental in the growth of pinball in Australia. Jason is also ranked one of the top IFPA pinball players in Australia and has also represented Australia in the IFPA World Championships as well. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Luke Marburg for his many years as IFPA Country Director (Australia). Luke has decided to step down from the role. I cannot begin to thank Luke enough for his commitment, passion and absolute wealth of knowledge in helping oversee IFPA events in Australia over the many years. Luke was instrumental in helping grow competitive pinball in Australia, on behalf of the IFPA, and I will certainly miss his assistance. Luke is not only one of the top ranked IFPA pinball players in Australia, having represented Australia in the IFPA World Championships, but also responsible for creating a number of formats that players have enjoyed using in their events. I look forward to what lies ahead as we start to open up Australia again and pinball events start to increase over the next few months. I will be providing more information in the coming days and weeks on what changes are coming, so stay tuned. Regards Dan
  3. IFPA-sanctioned events suspended until further notice Posted By IFPA Womens Advisory Board, on March 31, 2020 In light of ongoing restrictions and public health recommendations across the globe, the IFPA has decided to uphold the suspension of sanctioning for pinball tournaments and leagues for WPPR points until further notice. We ask that Tournament Directors with pending calendar entries continue to remove them via the tournament manager in order to ensure that players do not think there is still a sanctioned event occurring. For TDs worried about the 30-day advance notice rule, we still plan on waiving that rule once we have this situation behind us and begin sanctioning events again. ​
  4. Update on the IFPA website that all IFPA endorsed events from Tuesday 17 March 2020 will be suspended for WPPR's globally. See link below. https://www.ifpapinball.com/ifpa-to-...ve-march-17th/ IFPA to globally suspend sanctioning of events for WPPR points effective March 17th Posted By Josh Sharpe, on March 16, 2020 To ensure the competitive pinball community stays safe and does all it can to help slow the spread of COVID-19, the IFPA has made the difficult decision to suspend the sanctioning of events. This means that all IFPA events scheduled on or after Tuesday, March 17th, 2020, will not be sanctioned, approved, or result in the awarding of WPPR points. Results submitted for any event held March 16th, 2020, and prior will be approved as normal. We will revisit this decision on March 31st, 2020, and determine our continued course of action at that point. We are also asking that Tournament Directors with pending calendar entries within that time frame please remove them via the tournament manager in order to ensure players do not think there is still a sanctioned event occurring. For TD’s worried about the 30-day advance notice rule, we will be waiving that rule once we have this situation behind us and begin sanctioning events again. We are mindful of how difficult it has been for event organizers, directors, and small business owners to make decisions regarding current, planned, and future events. Based on the most recent information available, extreme social distancing measures are the recommended course of action in countries around the world, and any gathering for the purpose of competitive pinball is antithetical to those recommendations. This decision was not made lightly. While some communities may not yet, or ever, feel the full impact of this pandemic, IFPA leadership feels that the organization has an ethical responsibility to take decisive action in slowing this virus’s spread. We deeply value the feedback and guidance we received from our IFPA Country Directors, as well as TDs and players worldwide. We appreciate your flexibility, understanding, and support during this challenging moment.
  5. For all tournament directors and event organisers, IFPA have just made a general post about this on the IFPA website: https://www.ifpapinball.com/ifpa-sta...ding-covid-19/ Thanks, Dan IFPA Statement Regarding COVID-19 Posted By IFPA Womens Advisory Board, on March 12, 2020 As event organizers and tournament directors around the globe are facing decisions to hold, postpone, or cancel pinball events in light of the situation with COVID-19, the IFPA would like to express our support to players and organizers. The decision to postpone or cancel an IFPA-sanctioned event is at the discretion of the event’s organizers in accordance with public health announcements and government regulations in each region. We are deeply appreciative of the energy and thoughtful consideration organizers are putting into these decisions amid some unprecedented circumstances. We also ask that players treat the organizers making these tough decisions with kindness and understanding. The IFPA asks organizers and tournament directors to clearly communicate any plans to cancel or alter their events and keep their event websites as up to date as possible. We will work with organizers and tournament directors who want to cancel or reschedule events and will be flexible regarding changes to the IFPA calendar. Given the tactile and interpersonal nature of our sport, we recommend that players take every precaution to minimize their own risk and the risk to those around them. The World Health Organization offers information and advice for the public, including basic protective measures. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has recommendations for steps to prevent illness and other resources on their website. The IFPA is here to answer questions, offer guidance, and ensure that event cancellations have minimal impact on the continued enjoyment of competitive pinball.
  6. Perth Pinball First Saturday competitions will be updated for 2020 when new IFPA events have been submitted.
  7. Now that's funny. A man decides to plug his Sony PlayStation into a monitor at the airport and play online video games while waiting for his flight lol. A man took over an airport monitor to play video games until officials told him 'game over' - CNN
  8. No way, this can't be real. Someone sent me this today about a New York restaurant been given the green light to serve human meat. Michelin 4 star chef has been pushing for it for a while.
  9. Thanks Jason @Lambo for that. I've spoken to Warren who had confirmed that he will be attending. That means once I receive Warren's payment, registrations are closed and the Top 48 have been locked in for this year's ACS 2020. See you all on the beautiful Gold Coast next month.
  10. Is anyone able to get in touch with Warren Beetham? The email address registered with IFPA, and I have for him, is bouncing back. I'd hate to see him miss out, however if I cannot get a response from Warren then unfortunately the spot will go to the next available person on the list. This is the last position to be filled.
  11. I've emailed you twice @Pinball Dre , along with all the other top 48, using the email I have for you on file, and I've even messaged you here on Aussie Arcade for confirmation of your correct email address with no response to date. ​​​
  12. That is correct Nic and thanks for adding that. Most of the top 48 have either confirmed their attendance or responded to the email sent. There are a couple who unfortunately haven't responded to the original email or the reminder email. I am waiting on 7 more spots to be filled to close off registrations. Emails will go out to more outside the Top 48 over the weekend if any of the top 48 haven't confirmed their attendance before then.
  13. Official invitation email has been sent to all top 48 IFPA verified participants with a two week deadline to confirm payment and attendance. Email invitations will be sent to the players next on the list once places become available.
  14. We in Australia and New Zealand do not have as large or active women's base as they do in the United States currently. The US$1 fee was being introduced by the IFPA as the feedback they were getting from women players, when canvassed, was they were ok with the introduction of the fee. I highly doubt any women outside the United States responded at the time. This is why it's a good thing that women here in Australia and New Zealand voice their concern directly to the IFPA Women's Advisory Board and fill in the survey.
  15. If you've seen how some players behave in pinball tournaments, then you'd understand why. Especially when alcohol is included. I've heard some stories over time and cannot believe that players get away with such behaviour. The IFPA Code of Conduct has recently been updated and all Tournament Directors should enforce any issues that occur in their events. If players are behaving badly, they should be called out for it and dealt with immediately. We are all different and have different objectives to why we love pinball, play pinball and even compete in pinball events. At the end of the day, we can choose whether we want to play for fun or for rankings. Again, women can play in open events. These events you are not allowed to exclude people from playing. Women's division is just that. Set up for women to compete against one another to help attract more women to pinball. David Peck summed it up pretty well why the fee for women's division won't work too well in New Zealand and Australia to have US$1 charged per player for women's events next year. If those of you who don't understand it and can't really bring anything constructive to the discussion, then please keep to the threads that relate to your way of thinking.
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