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  1. Cool well if you both can tell me exactly what i was "whining and complaining" about, id really like to know what it was i was doing so wrong. This i would really love to know. Also how was my comment here "bitching"?... i mean Frank_fjs pretty much has my eBay account under constant scrutiny of all the details of my recent purchases, It is merely stating a FACT that he could quite easily inform everyone here of what i bought, how much i paid for it and when i bought it...ect. Since when did making a "factual statement of truth" turn into "bitching"? Tell me what i said wrong and i'd gladly apologize. Im really sorry i didnt impress you, but, i guess that was never my intention to impress anyone so...yeah. But im glad we live in a world were people can feel free to voice their opinions and so thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  2. Sorry to go off topic here but, i got a bunch of cool stuff in the post past few days. Im sure Frank_fjs can tell you all what they were. No need to chew up everyone's bandwidth with pics.
  3. How long is a piece of string? :confused:
  4. Your not the only one... My friend was over playing Left4Dead 2 last night and basically becuase of all the trouble for me that has been caused over them, he just feels so bad and terrible for me now. He just doesn't even want the things. He said he would never get any enjoyment playing then, knowing how much of a pain in the ass and a bother it has been over me getting them. Honestly i don't blame him.. Its probably going to be a long time before i even go near mine at all, whole thing just ooozes bad vibes now. Wish i never started this Thread in hind sight. Now ive got to think of what to do with these other 2 now that my friend doesn't want...
  5. Tim, look i know you meant nothing by what you said, probably just some bad timing thats all. My reply was just talking about the situation in the WanderSwan thread at the time. And sorry i havent responded much today, but i just dont know if i will or not anymore thats all. Just a lot to think about. Im just not keen to share at all now, just in case i upset someone else or step on their toes with an item i have. "Once bitten, twice shy" they say... and honestly i just dont want crap like that to happen again. And everyone is treating this like its just a meaningless little thing, but to me it is not that simple, or easy to forget and move on. My apologies to all those who are confused.
  6. After last night, this isn't even funny... :( :( :( I just hate the fact i was FORCED to stand up for myself and FORCED to prove myself, then FORCED to see all my eBay details and rather personal information just publicly posted in a forums. :x ...Now im being FORCED to accept "sorry" and just move on like nothing ever happened (if i dont, then im just being a bad sport). Sorry just has no meaning now days anymore, especially when its written with more justifying accusations. But to answer you, mainly the reason i haven't taken a pic of my collection as a whole is becuase ive kinda slowly accumulated so much stuff now, it overflowing my games shelves and console shelf. I have been wanting to design an make up my own display shelving for everything, trouble is its going to be big, take up most of a wall, and with all the other furniture i have right now, thats just impossible as the room just isnt there. Ive already had to move out one set of antique cupboards to the shed, to make room for an antique piano this year. I dont even think i have enough floor space to lay everything out to even take a photo... This reminds me too, i need to start pulling down and packing away my Xmas tree. :redface
  7. No, not at all. My Postman that comes in the mornings is always the same guy and pretty regular. He has gotten to know me getting parcels like this pretty well. Always thankful he is such a nice guy and is careful with them for me. As for the ladies at the post office, its the same. We had a good old joke and laugh about it today actually and that when i come in they know there are a few out the back for me. It is kinda funny but they are nice gals.
  8. Its not "uncanny" that 2 friends talked about and both decided to get a certain type of console so they could play together and enjoy them and talk about them... Honestly i find it really rude that you even keep saying things and implying that you are somehow right and justifying yourself. Honestly this is not cool. As for whatever PM's your talking about... seems like your trying to drag up more shiit into this and somehow. Stuff that has nothing to do with here and now... And if you want the honest truth, You being a total waste of my time (wasting my time) was part fo the reason i went quiet on the forums for so long. Seems your douche-baggery knows no limits. Kinda pissed me off how i tried to be friendly to you, and it was just a huge waste of my time. But im sure you have your own version in your mind about that so yeah. Whatever, just keep it to yourself. Im not on any moral high horse and dont dump that shiit on me like its my fault somehow. Extraordinary?... or just a damn coincidence? or MAYBE it makes sense that a few people who know each other decide to get into something different for the hell of it and each have some fun together. Why do you keep trying to make it seem like you have uncovered some great conspiracy or something of " OMG he bought two things!"... Its none of your business HOW many i bought, WHY i bought them, HOW much i paid. How about you just mind your own damn business (like you should have IN THE FIRST PLACE) and all of this mess would have been avoided. Or like i suggested, ask in a PM if you really need to know the answers. Yeah you asked me... and its not that surprising i didnt answer or decided to keep certain information concerning my mate private and didnt feel like having a group hug and kiss and tell on a public forum. Honestly do you even THINK about what you type man, can you hear yourself thinking what your saying to me?... I mean hell man, even your so called apologies are still pretty offensive attacks and accusations. Its like you cant even say sorry without adding something more onto the end to justify yourself somehow. As for now removing your links and images... Too late man, im sorry but the damage has been done. I mean really it may not be a "violation of privacy" according to eBay or whoever's damn rules... but it still was uncool as hell man and why should i bother even showing anything i bought lately... i mean your just going to eBay search me and see if i won it in auction or check out how much i paid... I don't really feel like being under your goddam microscope man or whoever else was reading your previous post. Its plainly obvious from what you've been saying that your not sorry at all... you have no feelings at all that you did anything wrong and you seem quite justified and happy in your actions. Sorry is just a cheap useless piece of crap that i HATE hearing people say becuase its meaningless and people like you think they can use "sorry" and it somehow wipes the slate clean... "Sorry" is not a get out of jail free card man, or a pree hall pass to just say anything or whatever you feel like at the time without consequence. Bottom line is you were butthurt for some reason and just felt the needs to try and prove something over me for some reason. It backfired in your face and now your going to have a new reason to be butthurt cos im not accepting your hollow and shallow "sorry". So deal with it. End result of all this is i feel so damn uncomfortable on the forums now. I have some absolutely amazing things coming in the next few weeks that i wanted to share, but what the hell anymore. I mean i dont want to piss anyone off just becuase i outbid them or bought something they wanted, and then show it on here only to be dragged across the coals. Im still in shock that just sharing something with a group of "friends" could end up causing such problems and hurt. I mean i get jealous a lot of the time becuase of how cheap some people get some of the stuff, or how much more knowledgeable people are on so many retro gaming topics than me. But i dont get all angry and in their faces about it. A lot of the guys here and awesome amazing veteran collectors and it totally puts me and my collection to shame. I come here to see new things, have fun and share what ive got, and just enjoy myself in the company of some like minded gamers. I just dont know if you will ever realize exactly what you did tonight, but im sure you will find some way to turn this back around onto me. I mean, no one ever wants to feel truly sorry for something, its so much easier to just blame the other person. I guess i brought this on myself somehow.
  9. Yeah i bought them... But not for me. And the one ive posted the pics of here on the forum are neither of those two. If you look at the first Auction the boxed WonderSwan has some glue or something on it... the console is a little faded... Also has 2 lines of dead pixles... The one i have in my collection here on the forums is pristine perfect looking, screen and exterior. Plus my box looks WAY better, no burred sides or edges. The second one can only be turned off when you remove the battery. Mine in my collection turns off and on perfectly. As i am saying... MINE, the ones part of my collection that im showing here, are NOT these two. They were for a friend and they haven't even arrived for me to give to him. And further more... i would REALLY appreciate you NOT posting information about other peoples eBay accounts here on the forums if they are not your account. I just find this really rude and i cant even begin to tell you how uncomfortable i feel. I hope that either you remove that reply or a moderator will... This is a real breech of personal privacy and i didnt even do anything wrong. This is NOT why i started this thread, to be attacked like this. You want to attack my friend for asking me to outbid you on this?... Fine, go ahead, he has depression and would probably love some random stranger telling him he paid too much or he was an ass for out bidding you, Yeah real nice of you. I can tell you i thoroughly enjoyed having my personal eBay information plastered all over the forums and FORCED to defend myself after i plainly told you the truth. Honestly... Thanks a freaking lot for this. SO much for my enjoyable weekend. :( I am in complete shock that you would even DO THIS to a forum member... i mean i know you've said to me in the past you eyes/vision are bad for some reason ... but FCUK!... Anyone can clearly see that EITHER of those two auction are totally NOT what i posted on the forums. Im sorry your vision is so poor. Im more shocked that you would even stoop so low by posting what you did, just to prove a point that you ended up being wrong about, when you could have msged me in private to clear it up if you had any questions about my genuineness or if you felt i was being untruthful in my posts.... Unless your real point was to for some reason deface me in front of everyone here... Dude, i hope you are fcuking proud of yourself.
  10. Uhh :huh: ... wait what? :( ... are you calling me a liar? :o Cos im serious, i didnt get them from an auction. :x ---------- Post added at 11:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:36 PM ---------- Try and think of the name, cos it would be nice to get a few really cool ones to enjoy and play. Shooters are always fun.
  11. Nope i dont think you do... cos it wasn't an auction. I did some deals through a friend i know and he helped me get them But even if its not brand brand BRAND new off a shelf in 2000. Its so damn close i cant tell the difference. And sure you might only want to spend $15 on one... But that's just you, and some people will spend a lot more than that on a Game & Watch game, and that is just a simple LCD screen. Plus i wasnt wanting just a ordinary plain blue one or something. I love Gundam and i love Final Fantasy, so that is part of a big reason as to why i got them. :redface :D You think i got the original boxed Pocket Monsters for the Gameboy from Japan becuase i like playing games in Japanese?... or just some awesome cool stuff for my collection to finish off a collected set?... he he he. :p And becuase of your reason of "how recent they are" is exactly why im hanging on to the ones i have. ;)
  12. Yeah they are special limited editions. I have another Gundam one on its way as well as the Final Fantasy 2 editions. Both new and coming from Japan. Really looking forward to seeing them all together on my shelf. Even more happy to be playing them too. :redface
  13. Well here are some Wonderswans i have just received. I was introduced to these by a friend that has some. They are some amazing little handhelds and yeah they have kinda grown on me so i had to get some for my collection. They are fairly new-ish, as in, not fully retro but they are still kinda not on the same playing field as currant consoles so yeah, you decide for yourself. The first WonderSwans were B&W and they made them in 1999, then in 2000 they released the WonderSwan Color. Later in 2002 they released the WonderSwan Crystal. They stopped making them in 2004. There are lots of things that make this handheld console quite unique and different. First of all it only uses 1 AA battery, as apposed to 4 in the original gameboy, 2 in gameboy color, and 6 in the gamegear. In fact the original designer was the late Gunpei Yokio, who helped develop such consoles as the GameBoy and GameBoy Pocket. He was also the producer of Metroid and Kid Icarus, as well as helped design many of the Game & Watch games. Most of the games are in Japanese with only a very few games made with english text. Some of the games were made to be used the the console vertically and some horizontally. Kinda cool as the Gundam game i got with my edition is played vertically and the Final Fantasy is played horizontally. Games just slide down the back as per standard GameBoy or GameGear games. They are just bigger than a Gameboy Advance game in size. What i have here are some brand new from Japan, Limited Edition box sets. The Earth Federation is from the first B&W release of the console. I have the matching partner to it on it way, hopefully will arrive next week. Anyways It comes with a copy of the game Mobile Suit Gundam MSVS, and yeah just being as i am a big Gundam fan ( i make lots of models and love watching the series) I just had to get them both. These special edition came with a special color case with Gundam markings as you can see in the pics. If i could read more Japanese i would probably be squealing with excitement over reading the cool stuff on the Box. SO for now ill just try and nut out the game as best i can. http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04506.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04508.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04519.jpg This other one is the Final Fantasy 1 Edition. This is the upgraded Wonderswan Color and has the most beautiful look to it. I really like how this one is designed. Again this comes with the game too and the console case itself is designed to reflect the game. Its amazing how light these care to hold and play. Very nice. ;) http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04512.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04514.jpg Anyways here is the two consoles for comparison. The Color does have a bigger screen and instead of the on off being a switch on the side of the Gundam B&W edition, the Color FF1 has the power button on the front. Also the Color has 1 extra setting for the sound, Loud, med, soft, off, where the B&W ones just have 2 settings for sound and off. The color also feels slightly thinner in thickness too. http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04510.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04517.jpg Anyways if you haven't seen these before and want some more info on them, just have a peek at the wiki page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WonderSwan <---------
  14. Thank god its Friday!... and just in time too for a nice big haul of stuff today just in time for a weekend retro Game-A-Thon. :D Finally my Sega Saturn Console arrived. All safe and sound too, im really happy about that. It came from the UK, but in the superb condition it is in AND plus it game with a gun and 17 (Fifa 96 isn't pictured) of the most awesome games i would want to play (previous owner definitely had some good taste in games), it was well worth the $$$. As a whole it was a pretty damn good buy. So all in all im pretty happy and proud. :) The box is in such a crisp and amazing condition (even the internal cardboard packaging was damage free) and all the games have been so well looked after. I could not be more happy with this, and i just had to sit down and have a quick look at each game. Everything works so perfectly. :D http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/DSC04285x.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/DSC04274x.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/DSC04268x.jpg And again, quite a few packages were waiting at the post office for me after work too. This is what i had to juggle and try and carry back to the car. :( http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04483.jpg Anyways, here is a consolidation of the stash that arrived yesterday and today. Got these on the cheap so it was a damn good bargain. Didn't have the Super Game Boy so im happy i found a good local one. :) http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04488.jpg Also a brand spanking new (old stock) Sega Control Stick. Oh ive had my eye on one of these for such a long time. Interesting to see that it si the reverse of the way most other controllers are set up :blink: , with this one having the directional control for the right hand and the buttons for the left. Kinda interesting i think from a design perspective. :huh: http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04525.jpg Got this Gameboy Camera too, So it will match the red Game Boy original i have. Oh i love things that are matching. :redface http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04499.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04503.jpg And also just in time for the Sega Saturn's arrival today, is this big boxed copy of "King of fighters '95" complete with instructions AND the memory cartridge. This is in an awesome condition and am very happy about this :) . Cost a bit but totally worth it. Also the limited edition promo Gamecube game of Star Wars Rebel Strike. It comes with the full version of the old Atari Star Wars game. Oh and and a minty sweet copy of Sonic 3D on the MegaDrive. :rolleyes http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04522.jpg And last, but by no means least... a pair of brand new Wonderswan consoles. A Earth Federation Gundam edition of the original Wonderswan, and the Final Fantasy 1 edition of the Wonderswan Color. Very happy with these and my first Bandai items. Nice beginning to my Wonderswan collection. :D :D :D http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04506.jpg
  15. OMG!... MY EYES!... My brain is bleeding. :( I need a 360 degree swiveling screen to view all these sideways and upside down pics! Really, What the hell?!? :o You also have quite a lot of doubles of stuff... whats up with that? <_< Any doubles i might have i dont even consider part of my "Collection", they dont even get near the "good shelves" ... they are just in a box to be sold later so something. :rolleyes
  16. Uploading pics now... will re-size them and post in 10min or so.
  17. Pics or it didnt happen :laugh: ... Full color. and no stock photos or "one just like this". If you dont have a camera you can borrow my Red Game Boy Camera i got in the post today. :p Or else ill just start making stuff up too like... umm.. like i just got an awesome complete copy of "Chiller" on the NES or whatever. We demand proof! :realmad: Thats a real gem! :) ... nice pickup. Ive picked up a few Star Wars titles too myself lately.
  18. I agree... seeing what other people have got gives me ideas for what i can look for or keep en eye out for. Its why i like being on this forum and sharing the new items i get as the come in. Im going to photo what i got today and post them in my thread now... brb 15 mins.
  19. I deserve another car. :cool: Im flying to Melbourne on Monday to go pick it up and drive it back to SA. :D And you guys thing my Retro gaming Collection is awesome... You should see my Retro cars. ;)
  20. Well played, good sir. Some boxed and some loose but all up a nice little stash. Very well done, i say. *tips hat* ;)
  21. I buy in splurges most of the time (As my thread right now is showing)... but i also keep my eyes open for at least something once a week. Its called "retail therapy". :redface
  22. Just a few more things i didn't have time to photo and upload before dinner (Mmmmm,.... T-Bone steak tonight!) :D There is also 2 more things i want to show but, im thinking these deserve an unboxing video to be made. Ill take some photos too, just cos i can. (and if the videos turn out crap). :( Anyways here is a brand new mint (spearmint, not peppermint :realmad: ) Boxed Jap Sega Saturn Gun, Virtua Cop release. Everything was nicely wrapped up with the new game too of course. all internal cardboard is perfect.:D I wanted to get a black gun too becuase i have a whole boxed Saturn on its way and that will be coming with a blue gun. So i needed a second gun for playing with my friend of course, and that is why i chose a different color. :redface It will be coming with Virtua Cop 2 on the Saturn so i don't mind that this Jap version can stay minty unused in the box quite happily :cool: . Ill keep my eyes out for a nice Pal version too if one pops up. Gun feels lonely to hold brand new too. :p http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04445.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04448.jpg Also a pair of Sega Game Gear games all boxed and complete nice too. Mortal Kombat I & II. If you know me you know i love my Game Gear (all my hand helds really) and yeah i could not pass up this rare find of a pair of them boxed in such good condition. Just lovely! :cool: http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04441.jpg And last, but by no means least at all... Is something not very retro, but still drool worthy and on a 1 to 10 scale of aweosmeness, it would be a 17.5! :o :o :o Collectors edition making of Resident Evil 5 box sex with a chainsaw USB drive. REALLY awesome! I got this yesterday but waited for what arrived today which was the Watch! :redface The watch is a very limited edition resident Evil 5 wrist watch, very chunky and stainless steel, and VERY high quality watch. Only 555 of these were made and each watch is engraved with #001-#555 on the back. :cool: ( I love limited edition stuf that is actually limited in its release and numbered accordingly. The detail on the watch is amazing and its got a very heavy feel to it. I was lucky to get mine at such a good price too, i called the guy up in the UK and after 10 mins of fast talking i got him down from 175 pounds :o down to just 122 pounds + postage :) . Considering these things were 119 pounds brand new and extremely hard to get, i think i came out good ;) . I have seen only 3 for sale before and none of them were even close to selling at its original sale price. I have #143 and this one is also brand new never been worn still with all the original plastic strips on the stainless steel. Even the packaging the watch is in is fantastic too on a little black velvet pillow. http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04469.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04475.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04457.jpg
  23. Well today has been a day of Games, games and more games!... with some controllers thrown in too. This morning i got from Japan a nice deal on some original GameBoy classics. ;) Pretty awesome that Green came with the original map too! Ive got Pocket Monsters Blue and Yellow still on their way just to complete the set. :p http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04439.jpg Also a nice selection of Dreamcast games. Just some titles i really would like to play and got them for a steal considering the two bottom rows of games are brand spanking new still plastic wrapped. :D :D :D http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04401.jpg And im really glad these arrived safely but ive been wanting to get some of these for a long time :redface , and yeah just decided what the hell and got them last week, they also arrived today. :cool: Cant wait to try them out! Version 1 & 2 are Sega MegaDrive, the other one is Playstation 1. http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h217/RedGold79/Retro/xDSC04415.jpg
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