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  1. I'll be checking on the weekend, its blocked in at the moment. Its a case of moving the Camira so I can get the Torana out so I can get to the Commodore. But I'll need the keys to the Cortina first. 😀
  2. Thanks Jacob. I'm happy to send you one if you like.
  3. Thanks Jacob. Much appreciated. The boards I bought are all missing game roms, and also half of the other ICs in that top row. I'll have to try and identify all those that I need to complete the board, and get the game rom burnt. I might ask Admins to move this post into are more appropriate section now that it getting technical!!
  4. I thought as much. The boards arrived today, and they all look brand new, but I presume that they probably all had issues when tested in the factory and didn't pass.
  5. Sorry for the silly question, but what is RMA?
  6. I bought 10 of them for $10 each, hoping to make at least 1 good one from them all. Hope they don't send me the worst ones only, and that there is a good mix.
  7. Yes, it has the marquee. It seems pretty well complete, just missing the cpu. I think the power board may have issues though.
  8. I recently bought one minus a few bits. Over the next few months I intend to get it up and running. I have ordered a 009 CPU board, in the understanding that that board is backwards compatible with the original 001 board. When the board arrives I may have some questions regarding eproms and what plugs in where! Which cpu are you operating?
  9. Well I'll be. It didn't occur to me that they would be available here in OZ. Now ordered. Thanks for the heads up Boots.
  10. Long shot, but I'm looking for an Alvin G CPU board, to suit an A G Soccer Ball. I believe any of the AG cpu boards are interchangeable (but I could be wrong!). I thought I'd try local before exploring sourcing from USA. Postage is exorbitant. Any members here who have one of these machines with some knowledge of them who might be willing to answer a few questions at some stage? thanks Wolfy
  11. I finally worked up the courage to bring my girlfriend home so that I could introduce her to the family. Needless to say my wife wasn't impressed!
  12. A man walks into the doctor's surgery with a frog on his head. Doctor asks "What seems to be the problem?" The frog replies "I've got this funny looking growth on my arse"
  13. Police arrested a man today for impersonating a helium balloon. They held him for a while, but then they let him go.
  14. A man was admitted to hospital overnight with 25 plastic toy horses inserted into his rectum. Doctors have described his condition as stable.
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