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  1. Hi Guys Got stuffed around big time on this so its up for sale again $850 Local pickup only this time Thought I would start here before putting it on facebook etc Message me if you want more pics or info will put it in for sale thread soon as I get time Cheers
  2. Can I start my list please.. - Judge Dredd and Sega Twister Thanks
  3. Thanks for the offer but I sent them to John (jbtech) hopefully someone who needs your help on a similar issue might find this thread Cheers
  4. With some time over xmas did some more work on the Judge The crane never worked and didnt pick up the ball - did all the adjustments in the test menu but still nothing I did some research and ended up cleaning the 2 optics under the rotating planet and bingo all good - I did spend ages trying to get the crane to pick up the ball in the test menu but it didnt seem to grab it but in normal game play it works perfect ?? So all good in the end I also added 3 spotlights to the playfield -2 at the front and one up at the top right flipper which makes a big difference as its a dark game Also put a Blue LED light strip at the back right corner to also add more light Added some mirror blades to also reflect more light in and make the playfield look bigger New instruction cards also to finish it off Would like to get the eagle topper at some stage - have heard someone might be making repros so fingers crossed (unless anyone finds one at a garage sale!! - let me know) 20220106_084231.mp4
  5. Thanks - did read somewhere that they work so might be an option
  6. Hi Guys Have a mate who got his kids a VR for the PS4 but cant seem to find and motion controllers anywhere for sale to go with it Has tried all the stores , ebay etc (has found some on ebay but $500 plus !!!) Not sure if they have stopped making them which seems strange as they still sell the VR googles etc Would consider second hand if that was the only option Cheers
  7. Obviously not hard enough ! Thanks
  8. Hi Guys Went too hard at xmas and busted the drop target on my twister Managed to do a temp fix with glue and a screw ?? But will need a replacement If any one local has one like this please let me know or I will probably have to order one from overseas Part - https://www.pinballlife.com/sternsegadata-east-rollover-drop-target-white.html Thanks
  9. Hi Guys Still looking for anyone that might be able to repair the power board and probably the game PCB as well Above contacts cant do it Cheers in advance
  10. Thanks guys I think I need a new pair of glasses I missed all them! Cheers
  11. Hi Guys Looking to get some spotlights for my dark and gloomy Judge Dredd something like these -https://www.cometpinball.com/products/spotlight-kit Cant seem to find any Aussie sellers?? Unless I missed someone Thanks for any info
  12. My ears are burning Yes was mine - went to someone in Victoria (pending) sold in about - went and made a coffee and came back- sold I still have another one as a keeper just funding a pinball purchase from the weekend
  13. So can anyone recommend someone to get the power board and probably PCB checked and or repaired? (Not Jomac as I have already asked and cant do it) Cheers
  14. I usually do leave it to the experts but also trying to learn on the way for future reference
  15. Thanks but knowledge is limited so will probably get someone to check it What I did do is measure the voltage out from the board harness and 5v is good but 12v was 18-20v I also noticed when I was measuring the voltages at the harness (not plugged into the board) that the 2 resistors (thanks gemini2544) were cold so Im assuming when its plugged into the board the high 12v reading is causing this ???? Remember my knowledge is limited LOL
  16. Hi Guys Im onto getting my SI upright going knowing it had power issues when I got it The previous owner had issues with one of the fuses going on the power supply which seems to be Ok now for some reason but I did pick up that on the power board the 2 white rectangle block things (excuse my ignorance) were red hot when I pulled the board out and accidentally touched them Obviously there is a problem somewhere which leads me to thinking should I ditch the whole board and just go with a switching power supply As much as I like to keep things original what are your thoughts - repair if possible or replace for reliability etc Cheers
  17. Hi Guys Would be interested in a Twister pinball if anyone has or is thinking about selling one Dont seem to see many around?? Any advice or reviews on it would also be appreciated Cheers
  18. Nice idea - looks great will give it a go Cheers
  19. So after the cleaning I got stuck into the lights And plenty of lights there are! - Thought I had them all sorted but would find more I did some experimenting and went with blue for GI and some reds around Deadworld , Im also going to but a blue led strip along the back somewhere as it needs more light Im blown away by the difference it makes, I actually found targets in game play that I didn't even know about The backglass needs some touchup in areas where the paint has come off mainly on Judges bike headlights and the flashers in the backglass dont seem to work even in test mode?? (ideas anyone) Also got it up on its new legs and got a replacement coin door, sometime down the road will work on the cabinet and get some new artwork Considering what I started with Im really happy Might have caught the pinball bug -Cough Cough led video.mp4
  20. So after all the cleaning and polishing I managed to get it all back together with only 1 nut left over?? Started changing over some lights and now that the plastic ramps etc are clean and actually see through the table is starting look heaps brighter Got some "JUDGE" stickers to go on the drop down targets and more lights to sort out and then I will get it back on its new legs and off my workbench rebuild video.mp4
  21. So some more cleaning and more cleaning and more .... Probably about 28 years of dirt Ended up removing the whole back section to get to the playfield, gave everything a go over and polish, changed some rubbers and will change over some lights (on the way) Next after that will be to clean all the removed parts, ramps, plastics etc and put them back
  22. Hi Guys So finally have an update on the JD Got side tracked on a Van build for myself (plug - https://www.instagram.com/smokey_the_hiace/ ) So I got the DMD fixed and the battery all sorted and boards checked (Big thanks to Travis) After that I had issues with balls firing out randomly and not registering when in the drain so I went around and cleaned all the optic led thinghys (playfield and trough) and now all good - game runs great with all targets, modes, multiball etc working as they should ! All the flippers are working Ok - one of the upper ones spring had come off so an easy fix got it going Got some new shiny balls and new rubber kit which Im fitting as I go when cleaning - The balls in the cooling tower area didnt even hardly move and not visable but some new ones and a good clean in that area came up great So now that its basically up and running Im starting from the front and working back pulling apart sections cleaning and fitting new rubbers etc Also will start to change over and replace some bulbs to LEDs as a lot are not working and to add more light to the game as its very dark (common complaint from what I have read) Also need to source a new coin door and legs (prefer black) so if anyone has anything to sell or knows a good supplier of these let me know JD test.mp4
  23. Thanks - That works as I need a few other parts they have Cheers!
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