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  1. So some more cleaning and more cleaning and more .... Probably about 28 years of dirt Ended up removing the whole back section to get to the playfield, gave everything a go over and polish, changed some rubbers and will change over some lights (on the way) Next after that will be to clean all the removed parts, ramps, plastics etc and put them back
  2. Hi Guys So finally have an update on the JD Got side tracked on a Van build for myself (plug - https://www.instagram.com/smokey_the_hiace/ ) So I got the DMD fixed and the battery all sorted and boards checked (Big thanks to Travis) After that I had issues with balls firing out randomly and not registering when in the drain so I went around and cleaned all the optic led thinghys (playfield and trough) and now all good - game runs great with all targets, modes, multiball etc working as they should ! All the flippers are working Ok - one of the upper ones spring had come off so an easy fix got it going Got some new shiny balls and new rubber kit which Im fitting as I go when cleaning - The balls in the cooling tower area didnt even hardly move and not visable but some new ones and a good clean in that area came up great So now that its basically up and running Im starting from the front and working back pulling apart sections cleaning and fitting new rubbers etc Also will start to change over and replace some bulbs to LEDs as a lot are not working and to add more light to the game as its very dark (common complaint from what I have read) Also need to source a new coin door and legs (prefer black) so if anyone has anything to sell or knows a good supplier of these let me know JD test.mp4
  3. Thanks - That works as I need a few other parts they have Cheers!
  4. Hi Guys Does anyone have a service button stack (As pic) they want to sell or know where I could get one? 2 of the buttons were corroded and not really fixable Cheers
  5. This is the same manual I got with mine -https://wiki.arcadeotaku.com/images/a/a9/MV-6F-Manual.pdf
  6. Another "Coin Cascade" neo 6 slot like mine As far as I know Coin Cascade was the kiwi version of LAI until it was bought out be them at some stage Im assuming they they just got the Aussie ones and re-badged them
  7. Thanks to Travis and everyone else involved the site looks great Love the black theme makes it look expensive and classy (unlike me!)
  8. Thanks - Im hoping to get a Crusin world and also ORC as well to swap in to change it up just like you mentioned
  9. Would be a shame to gut this cab as they are so cool looking (LAI version) I was thinking of doing the same to mine but glad I didnt -https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/arcade/video-arcade/96679-crusin-usa-lai-resto Yes the game is a bit ok but it seems to grow on you and is a great classic to have in any collection There is a lot of empty drivers around that would make a great conversion that would sit perfect next to your C-USA Either way good luck
  10. LOL I know I know -These distractions above and also in the middle of a van camper build as well! Not enough hours in the day I do have new rubbers and have done some cleaning so will post an update soon hopefully For any one interested on the van - https://www.instagram.com/smokey_the_hiace/
  11. Hi Guys Selling my small lowboy 2 player cab :cry Need the room and time for other projects -Thread here on it - https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/a...er#post1502590 Unfortunately the screen has gone as they do Jamma wired with working coin mech , power supply, LED marquee and external volume control Tidy solid little cab ready for a new screen and home Also includes a 360 in 1 multiboard (horizontal) that also needs a home $450 - Pick up Labrador on the Gold Coast
  12. So I managed to squeeze it into my games room with some re-organizing and a small slice off the bracket that the coin box sits on so it could fit through the door I have ditched the old screen but kept the side art panel and hung it on the wall , will also make a new surround for the TV and a marquee box to go on top One interesting thing I found is where it might have originated from or spent some time When I removed the coin box a found about 12 tokens underneath from "Sherman Oaks Castle Park" in California a small Mini golf park with an arcade that still operates
  13. Update on the Harley machine Had some time to sort out the screen and as much as I like keeping things original I think the rear projection screen has to go I know nothing about fixing them and its BIG I was lucky I had kept an old 50" Panasonic plasma for some reason (dont like throwing stuff out!) and also had a Cga to vga converter lying around so hooked it up and bummer (firstly) Screen was washed out and kept going pink / purple after a minute or 2 Reset it looks good then goes crap Thanks to Youtube came across this video about setting the "Clamp" settings on the converter and bingo all good (no idea what "Clamp" settings are??) Picture looks great on the Plasma - Im guessing better than the Rear projector?? So the plan is to build a smaller housing for the screen with the original marquee on top or even mount it on the wall -will save heaps of space and also keep the side art of the monitor box and hang on the wall
  14. This was a fun interesting buy It was a 4 1/2 hr round trip (in Friday arvo M1 traffic) that included spending about 45 min with the seller He was a Hot Rod and Custom car builder that had an amazing collections of cars , oil cans, gas pumps, coke machines etc
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