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  1. Hi Guys Sad news my chassis in my crusin usa cab has died The flyback is gone and no replacements available (spoke to Jomac) If anyone has a spare or parts for one or any leads or help let me know I dont want to do a LCD conversion if I can help it Pics attached if it helps a dont know what make or model it is Its a Wells Gardner Thanks
  2. https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/5363855093695823/?media_id=0&ref=share_attachment&referral_code=group_mall_story_attachment
  3. Im fairly new to pinball but that looks boring as (playfield that is) If its to be family orientated it seems to be lacking toys, ramps etc But Im an old kid and guessing the IPAD looking screen on the playfield is what kids nowdays are into?? As someone mentioned Toy Story "4" seems odd - Most sequels get worse as they go on especially if you are at number 4 Just my opinion could be completely wrong !
  4. Mabye contact Joey at Jomac He might be able to give advice
  5. Thanks these have been picked up and gone to a new home
  6. I dont refuse to post " Prefer pickup only at this stage " Just easier at this point in time (work and homelife) to try locally first then look into posting them Just saying... Thanks guys but they have been sold pending pickup They have sold to a local AA member but will pass on this info to him should he want to pass it on Thanks
  7. Thanks but prefer local pickup at this stage otherwise will let you know
  8. Hi guys 8 x pcbs for sale $100 for all 8 *Selling as ONE LOT ONLY - keep or move on what you dont want Prefer pickup only at this stage - Labrador Gold Coast Selling as all untested Tiger heli (was working when last used) Karate champ (was working when last used) Choplifter Twin Cobra Run and Gun (no sound) World rally (has issues) Atari Road riot Capcom board - no idea what it is If you want more pics let me know
  9. Hi guys Having a cleanup and need to move these 3 monitors and chassis see pics for more info 2 x 19" 1 x 14" and chassis 1 x new wei ya chassis Chassis is new never used - I think it came with one of the 19" screens FREE as ONE LOT ONLY - keep or move on what you dont want Pickup Labrador Gold Coast
  10. All good Will probably get the tube I mentioned above and wire something up seems to be close to what the original was
  11. So an update I ended up getting the artwork from Carson at Noodleshirt - moonbase on lazer cut perspex and vinyl sky background - really nice work! I also tryed to track down a 2 way / half mirror but no luck - most glass people had no idea what I was talking about I did find a company that makes an acrylic 2 way mirror but it was only sold in a big sheet at $1050 !! No thanks But during my search for the mirror a found a forum somewhere where someone had used a mirror window tint (from bunnings) that seemed to work So I got some clear perspex and put on the tint and works great - https://www.bunnings.com.au/pillar-products-1-2-x-2-4m-mirror-tinted-window-film_p3961896 Mabye one day I will get actual 2 way glass but this seems to be a good alternative So fitted it all in and it looks heaps better Im currently just have an old strip light sitting in there untill I get the blacklight sorted but still looks good 20220512_145434.mp4
  12. The marquee light unfortunatley is not original by the look of it Im guessing @Arcade King is the same bulb used in SI - Can get them on Ebay but from the US so trying to find something similar locally if possible
  13. Hi Guys looking for info on wiring up a Blacklight for a SI upright I have come across suitable tube (I think) - https://www.lampreplacements.com.au/Products/LAMPS/FLUORESCENT/TUBE/BLACKLIGHT/OSRAM-Blacklight-15W-T8-UV-A-438mm I dont think its as long as the original but thats all I can seem to find But need info on wiring up - Ends (tombstones) or holder, starter , ballast etc or even other options or ideas Cheers -more info on the Space invaders
  14. Dont feel bad about the LCD I did exactly the same on one I built that I sold to a mate Im a purist but sometimes its just easier and less hassle
  15. Are you going to fix the board and restore the cabinet?
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