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  1. Home Use Only (HUO) Stern NASCAR pinball machine. $5000. In excellent condition throughout. I have owned this game since 2005 and would estimate that it has less than 1000 plays on it. Designed by the famous pinball designer Pat Lawlor, it is a fast flowing game that captures the essence of NASCAR racing. Play field is in as new condition. Circuit boards in excellent condition. Pinball has been in storage for six years with batteries removed to prevent board damage (so all audits were reset. Updated ROM installed. DMD in perfect condition. Only downside are some small cracks in the cabinet art work near the left flipper button and some small marks on lock down bar. Also has original rubbers - so they may need replacing soon. Thanks for looking.
  2. 1976 Gottlieb Surfer (2-player version of Surf Champ) I have had this in storage for the past six years. Photos attached (sorry that some are rotated). Nice playfield with no obvious wear or touch ups. Cabinet restenciled. Some minor scuffs, but barely noticeable. Some marks on back of cabinet. Back glass has some minor flaking - probably a 7/10. All mechanicals work well. Flippers rebuilt and strong. A popular EM pinball due to it's surfing theme. Asking $3000 on AA. Listed elsewhere at higher price. Prefer local pick up, but shipping can be arranged at buyers expense. Thanks for looking.
  3. Well done Brad. Both classics and I know that your resto skills will do them justice. Enjoy[emoji3] Sent from my iPad using Aussie Arcade
  4. Revenge From Mars 5-piece cabinet decal set. Purchased these from Mr Pinball a few years back. Overall good condition, but some wrinkling as shown in the photos. Asking $150 plus postage. Thanks.
  5. Selling a Wells-Gardner 19-inch CRT monitor new-in-box. Was purchased five years ago as a spare replacement for RFM, but no longer needed since I have sold the pinball. The model number is WGE1977-H0GS39R. Asking $400 - which is what I paid for it. Recommend that you confirm that the model number is suitable for replacement in RFM or SWE1 before purchase, since I relied on information provided by seller stating that it was suitable at the time. Pick-up preferred and photos available on request.
  6. Dave - your inbox is full Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  7. Well I have had seven responses so far, and so looks like this one will find a new home. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  8. SOLD Well I've owned this Funhouse for 8 years and some time ago bought a new clear coated playfield from Gene Cunningham and new decals and plastics for it. It has waited for me to restore all this time, but I've finally come to the realisation that I just don't have time to do it. It works fine (except Rudy's eyes aren't turning left or right) and has sat unplayed in the corner of my shed all this time. I'm pulling it out tomorrow and can take pics to post or pm tomorrow night. In the meantime, I'm putting it out there for quick sale at $2300 including the new uninstalled playfield, decals and plastics. The game as it is only presents in average condition, back glass is good, displays OK, some touch ups on playfield. The top of the head box has delaminated slightly and could do with repair. The electronics are all good. The new playfield is stunning, but has one slight defect around one of the inserts that sits under a ramp. Hardly noticeable. The playfield has not been pre-drilled, but includes a template. Prefer pick up in Adelaide, but may be able to transport to Melbourne for free this weekend only (to be confirmed). Any interest? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  9. Pm sent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  10. The cab dimensions are L=50 in, W=28 in & H=74 in. Similar to a regular pinball but shorter in length. The cab is also screen printed (later models were decals) Looking for cash sale at present. Cheers
  11. These could potentially be used to run a cabinet version of 'The Pinball Arcade' when they release the portrait version for PC. Save you building your own!
  12. No worries - good luck with the project I've enjoyed mine, just time to move it on for something new
  13. Price drop to $1900 for AA members. Off to e-bay this weekend at $2000 BIN if no love here?
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