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  1. Yes, if it saves lives then yes. Over 1.34 MILLION people have died from this in less than a year. Quite frankly I am proud of how seriously Australia has taken this, and sadly if it was not for the Victorian (which I am) debacle our death toll would probably be less than 100 rather than over 900. I shudder to think what the death toll would be now if we did not go into lockdown rather than staying open and coping with it. I do not like lockdowns either, but if it saves lives it should be a no brainer.
  2. Funnily enough I think our illustrious leader @Arcade King moved it the same time I did as it is in a different sub forum to where I put it. :redface Thanks boss. :D And you are welcome @Arcadenewb :cool:
  3. Happy Birthday Andrew, hope you have a great one mate. Going by your looks you would be turning what...25? :p :birthday2:
  4. Ali will always be full of magic! Buy with confidence, I hope it is to get something else Ali. All the best with the sale.
  5. The sword stays up normally and only lowers when it releases a ball (I assume to mimic chopping a head off), It is actually the white post that pops up and stops the ball. Operator of the machine may have set the machine to not use the lock mech and use virtual locks, either that or it is broken.
  6. There really was 'only one' Sean Connery. RIP. :cry
  7. Nah mate, I like G'n'R and all but will not be buying a pin anytime soon I would imagine. Well, until you sell me your TNA and @Que200 sells me his IM anyway! :lol It does look amazing though, well except for the old man band footage on screen but fortunately you don't look at that while playing. :cool:
  8. Haha, thanks for putting Moyra and I down as usual mate! Would not miss it for the world! Well ok, maybe for covid...:realmad: If we could book the penthouse again that would also be awesome! :cool:
  9. Fingers and toes are crossed, Moyra and I truly love our yearly trip to come and visit you rural folk! :cool:
  10. I think in this case I would just insure it for what you have personally spent on it plus a little more. Being able to get a replacement if the worst was to happen seems extremely unlikely.
  11. Great work as usual mate. Also glad to see I am only just clinging on to 4th place. :D
  12. Good to see they are all over it! :lol Bet if you owed them money they would have moved quicker...well 6 years quicker anyway! :laugh:
  13. Love It! Cant wait to see it in person while I flip your balls...:confused:
  14. Yep, it was great to see Holden win. You will still see the commodore next year though, this was the last race with official Holden backing/support. So technically a Holden can still win one more Bathurst, Camaros will be in 2022.
  15. Best topper ever made IMO, nice work Andrew.
  16. Happy Birthday Timbo, you old bastard! Hope you are doing well mate, have a great day and play some pinny. :slamtilt: :birthday2:
  17. Happy Birthday Mark, hope you are well and have a great day. :birthday2:
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