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  1. Looks good, Like the idea of downloading more tables later. Agree with mcfly though.....does look very floaty.
  2. Thanks for the MM site will have to have a look. Yeah i dont like my chances of finding a sited Shadow, Im hoping someone may know of a shop that has one or even a very generous AA member who wouldn't mind firing theirs up for a few games. ;)
  3. This Saturday im going on a pinball hunt to play some of my favorite pinballs. The only one that i cant find in Melbourne is The Shadow. Does anyone know where one is or might be located? Onsite, Shop or hey even your home machine if you dont mind a visit for just a few games.....:D Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
  4. That looks great, thanks for the shots. How do you find the TZ with the mirrors? For an already 'busy' looking machine i could see mirrors making it look maybe 'too' busy? And do you ever get distracted by seeing 'another' ball on the left or right when it reflects? Sorry if these are silly questions just i plan on getting some of these at some stage. (once i have my first PIN)
  5. Wish it was me.....:( Look forward to your posts....:)
  6. That looks awesome. Do you have any before and after shots from the "players" perspective? Would love to get an idea what it looks like while playing. Or even if you could take some after shots? :)
  7. I also agree. Fully plan to have one of these in my collection at some stage....Jap or US.
  8. Totally agree with this statement. If done right i would love one based on the Resident Evil series. Movies or Games!
  9. I have recently started to buy machines for my arcade room. I have the original Time Crisis and the original House of the Dead. (plus 2 fighting game cabs, Tekken Tag and Soul Calibur) I do find they are something you will not play alot, but i must say that i play them each time i play one of my fighters. If you have the space i think shooters are great to mix it up and for when freinds come over. You will obviously play a fighter, driver or platformer more but i think gun games are best for a quick blast. :laugh: (see what i did there)
  10. I am new to pinball and i am looking to buy my first machine. I have visited Bumper, PSP and BCW Bumper has been my best experience so far. I feel comfortable playing without having someone "push" a machine on me. (i do understand that this is business though) The variety of machines (changes everytime i go there) and fantastic showroom has always been inviting. I love going there to learn and try pinball machines that i may be interested in.
  11. Awesome, awesome collection there! Sign me up if you ever have a open game day! would love to play some of those. Can i ask what order would they be in favorite to least favorite? What about play counts? highest to lowest. (just interested to see from someone who has all of those) Also i notice that there is no Iron Man in your list, can i ask why? Or do you have it just not NIB? Sorry for off topic questions......:redface
  12. Thanks for the tips, I will indeed look up hacks and acid damage. Good advice, Thank you. Breeding pinballs does concern me. And no doubt the missus. That was worth more than 2c i think. :) Thanks for the offer of help, when the time comes i may take you up on it if thats ok. I do know how to solder, not great but i get by. But yes looks like i will have to learn how to use a multimeter and what the readings mean. I definately want to be able to service/fix them myself.
  13. Highly likely i will buy from this forum. Funnily enough TSPP is on my 'wish list' and i fully intend to own one. Just not sure i want something so good for my first pin. Good idea, perhaps radirgyman can be my new best friend...:D
  14. Is it the same as arcade machines? Buttons behind the door? Sorry i should have mentioned that.....I am definately a fan of DMD. 1990s, 2000s and 2010s I thought that the tests are just that, to test each component works. What would resetting hide? Game counts? I want to be picky as i figure its best to be prepared rather than sorry. Just dont want to buy a regret is all. ;)
  15. Sorry if this has been asked before (i couldn't find any threads like this) Im looking to buy my first pinball soon and i would like to ask for some advice. (newbie) What questions should you ask when buying a pinball? What should you look for? So far from reading here and general common sense i would ask the following...... 1. How long have you had it? 2. Do you know its history? onsite or HUO? 3. How many games has it had? (is this worth asking? Do all pinballs have a game counter?) 4. Why are you selling? 5. Any faults or problems (obvious i know) Is there more to ask or look for? How do you spot a bad/abused pin? Thank you for any help/advice you can give.
  16. Waiting to see a video of gameplay. Optimus looks ok but the grey tank like one (obviously im not a big transformers nut) does not look good at all.
  17. Great collection. Makes me wish i had of kept mine through out the years......:(
  18. Hello, Im new to this forum and wanted to say hello. I have been playing games (arcade and home) for the last 18 years or so. I was first introduced to the arcades and video gaming has been a part of my life since then. I have finally been given permission to create my own home arcade/man cave and hope to learn and share my time with all the members on this forum. I am mainly looking to recreate the arcade era when i was introduced to it. Mid to late 90's. So far i have Time Crisis, House of the Dead and 2 Sega Megalo 410 cabinets. Time Crisis is in a dedicated cabinet and is the 50 inch rear projection version, I forgot how big they were back then! House of the Dead is also in a dedicated cabinet and has a 38 inch CRT. I was looking to get either Astro City cab's or a Blast City cab's until i saw the megalos come up on ebay. I didnt even know they existed until i saw them and snapped them up. Playing my favorite fighters on a 41 inch screen is so much better than a 29 inch screen. I have Soul Calibur in one Megalo and i currently have a Tekken Tag Tournament PCB coming from the U.S. to put in the other. I also plan to get a driver (Sega Rally, Daytona or Scud Race, Not sure which yet), Virtua Fighter 2 and i would love 2 or 3 pinballs as well. Space and funds will determine what i get going forward (shocked by the price of pinballs!) Anyway that is my story and i hope to visit and contribute more as i learn and work on my Arcade.
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