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  1. Honestly, I am a little sad it has turned into this. Dont get me wrong we all want to make money and know we have great investments....

    But, for me...bring back the days of affordable games like Shadow, no fear, Congo and Roadshow, and many other B/W of the time so new players are not scared off!

    You should not have to spend 5k minimum on a piece of shit.

    There will always be the haves and haves not....

    I have always shared my collection to all that would like to play, Honestly, the current situation makes me a little sad....


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  2. 23 hours ago, Audioenslaved said:

    Best shot in pinball? Isn’t that on deadpool with the right inner to ramp shot? 

    If it was 100% reliable I would tend to agree with you...but otherwise it is the Warp ramp.

    Finished watching the stream last night, Godzilla is looking really good. Can't wait to play one.

  3. 9 hours ago, Audioenslaved said:

    Ritchie should’ve definitely retired after AC/DC

    But then we would not have Star Trek and the best shot in pinball...or Game of Thrones which is one of my faves.

    Godzilla is looking very good, never watched the show but I liked the stream and what they showed.

    Love what Elwin has brought to pinball.

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