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  1. Happy birthday Richard, hope you have a great day mate.
  2. Same, Moyra and I love our collection and I am sure many would think we have a few 'stinkers'...Haha. That's the beauty of pinball we all like something that someone else does not. Rush as a theme for me is meh, but the layout and shot flow on it look quite good. Keen to play one but may be difficult here in Aus I would say.
  3. Music is of course always subjective...but oh my god my EARS!!!! How did this get made over soooooo many great other bands?? Don't get this one personally and hey, thats the beauty of pinball right!
  4. I know this thread has covid in the title, but man has this thread... In saying that, it does seem dead in the water so, as you were...🤣
  5. Bit further for Moyra and I to travel now but still keen to come over, will have a chat to her tonight and get back to you Doug.
  6. Yep, Playstation Move controllers are what you are looking for. Sadly the fact they are fairly rare now has pushed up prices. I would check Ebay, gumtree and facebook. Doubt you will find new ones anymore in shops. You will need two of them for the best experience. Ebay search link HERE.
  7. Haha, you can turn off the snow effect in options...🤣 Did it on day one, as it drove me crazy.
  8. Please see my best educated guess answers above in RED, I also have a cab that I switch between Virtua Cop 2, House of the Dead and hopefully soon Time Crisis. But I still need to get Time Crisis sorted. I don't know a great deal about this topic as many others here, but I hope that helps somewhat.
  9. Haha, yep it is! Now stay with me on this, the part in red is where you live...🤣
  10. Hi @Giltron as per the trading rules we need you to put prices on your items mate, from our trading section rules below. RULE 3: You must put a price for the item(s) you are selling and in the following format for example $3.5k or $3500 etc Link to the rules can be found here. Cheers.
  11. Toppers...yuck! 😁 Don't go knocking our power, we apparently will be able to stop pedalling for it soon...
  12. Happy birthday Adam, hope you have a great one mate.
  13. 1M! Maybe gunners and a couple of future LE's...dunno about a few...🤣
  14. Happy birthday Edy, hope you have a great one mate. You would have to be a really old c**t by now...😁
  15. No Worries mate, was worth a shot. Maybe shoot @Ryza a message? I am not sure if he has a playfield but it may be worth a try?
  16. Wow! Great collection and thanks for sharing. Ahhh the memories... How good do the MK and KI cabinets look all together like that! KI1 in black trim is setting off my OCD though. 😆
  17. Hi everyone, Recently got an AC/DC Luci and I am on the hunt for some mods for it. Just thought I would ask here before going to the shops in case anyone had some mods laying around not getting used. Sadly I had a bunch of mods for AC/DC that I sold years ago thinking I would never end up with one...doh! Cheers in advance.
  18. Happy birthday Jase. Hope you have a great one.
  19. Moved to the video arcade section, should have more eyeballs roll over it there. I would definitely give Zax's Amusements in Melbourne a try though.
  20. Happy birthday mate, hope you have a great one.
  21. Happy birthday Tony, hope you have a great one.
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