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  1. Very sad news to hear, I got to catch up with Matthew at numerous Melbourne meets and he was always a true gentleman every time I spoke to him. Rest in Peace Matthew, you will be missed by many.
  2. Yes, it is a widebody also. May seem a little different due to the wide metal they used around the glass.
  3. Happy Birthday Andrew, Hope you have a ripper day.
  4. Happy birthday Jeff, hope you had an awesome day mate.
  5. Happy birthday Troy, hope you have a ripper day mate.
  6. Happy birthday fella! Hope you have a great day.
  7. In my version he drives a Falcon...😁
  8. ok, well Daisy says hello to Cerberus too! Would love it if they could meet one day Scott! Come to Tassie its awesome! We will look after you I promise. 👍
  9. As others have said not a theme I am interested in but keen to see and play one. My understanding is they wanted to go with family friendly titles originally. Animation, disney and the like. Toy Story has been known about for years now. Be interesting to see what they come out with next and going forward considering the success of Guns & Roses. In saying that, this could be the title to bring in some new people to pinball who do find the theme interesting.
  10. Yep, this a ploy they all use...Offer it to the "second" highest bidder as the top bidder could not pay... Save your money and NEVER bid on an ebay item till the the last few seconds...
  11. Their passing is really the worst part of pet ownership, Moyra and I were devastated when Minx passed but I have to say the previous 15 years with her was filled with joy and made the pain feel worth it. Damn, tearing up just typing this... You made a great decision, have fun with the puppy stage though...😆 Love his name too. 👍
  12. Best way to buy on Ebay is to set an alarm on your phone and bid the amount you are willing to pay in the last few seconds. If you get it great, if not that just means someone was willing to pay more than you. Shill bidding is all over Ebay, would not be surprised to see these come up again with a "buyer didn't pay" comment. He does have some great titles though and it will be interesting to see what they go for.
  13. Awww, who's a good boy/girl... Nice one mate, dogs are such great companions. He/she have a name yet?
  14. Happy birthday Ray, hope you have a great day. Looking forward to catching up.
  15. Happy birthday Aaron, hope you have a great day mate.
  16. Happy Birthday Chris, hope you have a ripper day mate and the slushie machine gets a workout!
  17. Happy birthday Shannon, hope you have a great day...out on the road.
  18. You should look for one of those motorized rotary display cabinets that used (or probably still are) to be in the smoke/novelty shops.
  19. Cheers Dave @mckie1 , make sure to get in contact if you are coming over. Would love to have you guys over for some serious catching up and some games.
  20. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, thank you Ali @Fairground. I really want to say that I genuinely love this community. I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people over the last 10 years or so, When I think back to getting into this hobby I never thought I would meet (and sadly in some cases still have not met) so many wonderful people and its the friendships that I think about most often. The NSW guys, the SA guys let alone the Vic guys that I have got to meet over the course of the last 10 years has been amazing, I hope I have also contributed to getting open meets out there and helped forged some amazing friendships over that time. I have also met some awesome people from Qld and WA. I am a firm believer in you get what you give and I have met so many amazing people here because of this forum...so my final thanks go out to @Arcade King for giving us a place to share our thoughts but also create an amazing community. I have soooo many happy experiences just from meeting the people in this amazing forum.
  21. Hi @ocyen As per the trading rules could you please post a price.
  22. Happy birthday Joe, hope you have a great day mate. I'm sure you still don't look a day over 30!
  23. Happy birthday Mike, hope you have a great day mate.
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