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  1. Ahahaha, wtf did I just listen to? Thanks for the laugh mate.
  2. Wow! Room looks fantastic, love the candy show! Cheers for sharing.
  3. If it was 100% reliable I would tend to agree with you...but otherwise it is the Warp ramp. Finished watching the stream last night, Godzilla is looking really good. Can't wait to play one.
  4. But then we would not have Star Trek and the best shot in pinball...or Game of Thrones which is one of my faves. Godzilla is looking very good, never watched the show but I liked the stream and what they showed. Love what Elwin has brought to pinball.
  5. Nice work Jady, really like the idea. Do they work all the time or only during certain conditions. Love your work mate.
  6. Long as you co-vidtorians and cockroaches quarantine. Don't want you dirty mainlanders bringing the vid here....
  7. Good to know what gets you excited big fella...😆
  8. I second that reaction... Switched it back to dark and I was like.... Also voted dark.
  9. Hey Pete, just saw this now. Been a busy 3 days getting our furniture out of the old house in Vic. Yeah mate, made the move down to Tassie and we are near Launceston. Best decision we have made, such a beautiful place. We are well thanks Pete, hope you, Ben and the family are well also. I just read you had surgery? Hope you are ok. Let me know if you are ever down this way. 👍
  10. Thanks Doug, found a removalist. Just wont be getting it when we hoped to.
  11. Being over a great big piece of water really makes transport hard...I was hoping you bloody victorians would control yourselves so I could go get it....but no....can you do what you are told...😆
  12. If anyone deserves two birthdays a year it is most certainly our birthday fairy!
  13. Would anyone happen to be driving from Adelaide to Melbourne next week that can take a pinball with them? Thought I would try here as well.
  14. Give it a bump, happy to pay obviously for the service. Cheers.
  15. Happy Birthday Ali, Hope you have a lovely day. Miss your smiling face, thinking of you.
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