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  1. Happy Birthday Tony, hope you have a great day.
  2. It will be passed on at my meet on the 3rd of December. 👍
  3. Give it a bump! With two weeks to go, now is the time to let me know if you would like to attend. If you have confirmed on the Tassie Facebook page, no need to here. Looking forward to a great night.
  4. Happy birthday Andrew, hope you have a great day mate.
  5. We are about 30 minutes out of Launceston, only been here just shy of a year and a half. Best decision we have made. Yes, liking the cold does help. I was going to say it is not much colder than Melbourne really, but I just saw you are in NSW...and that place can get quite warm. Awesome pics by the way. 👍
  6. Here are some photos that Moyra took last night, was a clear sky for us fortunately in Tassie. 👍
  7. No need to be harsh, I for one am keen to see who wins! 👍
  8. Absolutely love reading and seeing game room builds, and yours is an absolute ripper! Thanks for sharing this awesome and I am sure very exciting build. 👍
  9. Sadly, Moyra and I will not be able to attend even though she will be in Hobart that day. Congrats on Godzilla, it's a ripper game. Look forward to catching up at our meet in December.
  10. Then you have an excuse to come on down then...👍 Haha, Ali @Fairground is staying with us. You may want to bring a tent if that's the case...😆
  11. Fully understand mate, I am sure my machines are breathing a sigh of relief at that news...😆 Will do mate, be good to catch up. 👍
  12. Will be great to see you both, looking forward to catching up. Yes, we are thanks Doug. Luckily it looks like where we are located would be very unlikely to go under. 🤞
  13. Happy belated birthday Timbo, hope you had a ripper day. Love the eyes in the photo Moyra put on face book...lol
  14. C'mon the SA boys, you know you wanna make a trip out of it. Ahhh, the three amigos. Coming over would make for a great adventure 👍
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