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  1. That's a bit of a mark up :082:
  2. Did you have any luck with this? I'd love to replace my translite
  3. Ordered some of those from a local bloke, thanks for the link
  4. Another dumb question, what do you guys usually do when the idcs connecting to lamp boards start going flakey? If I wiggle the wires the lights become dim or go out all together. I've reflowed solder on the board and checked the header pins. Is there a molex plug that will fit instead or something?
  5. Thanks mate, yeah the bolts don't look like they stick out far enough to be a problem
  6. Just got these pins from @robm a few weeks ago and want to make them pop a bit. First thing I did was put led strips under the cabs - red for Drac and blue for DM. I've sent the wireframe ramps and lockdown bar from BSD to get powder coated blood red, waiting on some new siderails to come in the mail so I can do the same with those. Next I'll be looking at adding some things to the dmd panel like the other thread in here had (speaker leds surrounds, red lettering etc). Want to get the Dracula lettering on the cabinet painted red as it's faded as well. Demoman is looking pretty good - Rob's fitted both games with LEDS and cleaned them up nicely - I want to get the handles powdercoated or chromed due to the standard wear on them. I've ordered new thumb switches with LEDs built in, will get to adding those when they come in the mail. The only other thing I would want to do is add mirror blades, but I've read that Demoman is the only Williams pin to have different spots for the back box hinges due to the handles on the front. Does anyone else with a Demoman have any ideas how to go about mirror blades? Pics soon
  7. All fixed! Soldered that leg to another TIP102 common leg on the back of the board and it's hammering away again. Cheers Rob & everyone �
  8. Cheers for the help Rob and fellas, I'll let you know how it goes �
  9. I'm pretty happy with progress so far - I've sourced a cheap 19" lcd from gumtree and painted the casing and surrounds. The whole cabinet has been sanded back and bolts all removed to be replaced. Control panel has been stripped and replaced with matte vinyl as well as vinyl on the inner walls above the screen. New casters just installed & smoked out glass for the screen is on order through the local glass place. Next I'm gonna concentrate on the lightbox up top and the control panel wiring while I wait for art to arrive.
  10. Hey there- never posted here but I've been reading these forums for a few years now. I've just managed to get my hands on a Gottlieb lowboy from a bloke that runs the local billiards shop You can see my progress with converting to a Metal Slug theme mame cab so far in this thread. Artwork mockups were done by Noodleshirt and the prints should be arriving soon.
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