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  1. Hi Ataraxia, I have a original Capcom Speed Rumbler, and also an original Midnight Resistance and control panel with rotary sticks. PM me if interested
  2. Thanks Mate, its the one i've been chasing for yonks. To Suit a Naomi Unit with GDRom
  3. Sorry guys, somehow missed both your comments! Yeh i am looking around, but you are right - they be very chunky and weighty to post. Mine was dead, sent it to my brother for repair....we should all know better than to rely on family members to do fast work! 😉
  4. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has a working NVS-4000-01 PSU they would like to sell (as pictured below) - I'm located in Tas so will need to be shipped. Cheers and thanks!
  5. This is the first one off the ranks. Still have a center pop bumper issue but the rest is all going good as gold. mac.mp4 Thanks AK, big thumbs up for HolySNES who has helped me with a lot of issues!
  6. So i picked up some pretty funky cabs from Pinmem a few months back. Italian Mr Game (Zaccaria I believe) Pinball called Mac Attack. The first one I have just finished restoring. I'll not babble much more short of they had been sitting for quite some time. Thorough Playfield clean, LED and rerubber. All plungers removed and Brass Sleeves and plungers polished. All metals removed and Sandblasted/Powdercoated. Monitor removed (only one chassis runs it and they around $150 untested) and LED fitted with CGA2VGA GBS8200 converter. All in all it has come up pretty good!
  7. They made it through customs, they just got damaged :/
  8. OK, so i found a couple in America that i purchased, they made it through, but sadly the guys packaging was lacking at best. :( Looks like its Superglue and Baking Soda repair time.
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys, appreciate it. Regards Garry
  10. Hi Guys, I know its super fantastically highly unlikely, but anyone have some operation wolf/thunderbolt uzis laying about they may want to offload? Cheers guys!
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