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  1. As the title says I’m after a set of legs to suit a project Miss Annebelle Gotlieb pinball that I just picked up the other day they are steel not wood like some of the earlier machines I’m not sure what size they are either any help would be appreciated
  2. If that’s true that is great news for the pinball community 🥳
  3. Has anybody heard of this mob that replied to my wanted ad on Gumtree They sound a bit scamish to me Hello Rob Thank you for reverting back to me kindly check out our website Refine Pinballs – Refine Pinballs to see the machines that we have in stock and their prices.
  4. You won’t see any major bargains or bulk lots of machines entering the market until all of us 50 plus year old guys start popping off or heading in nursing homes, and our relatives have to get rid of our hoards of machines because this new generation aren’t as stupid as us to pay crazy money for them. We will probably be turning in our graves at the crazy low prices that they will be going for just to get rid of them lol 😂
  5. Yep that sounds pretty normal to me for an EM, don’t forget they are very basic mechanical computers when you think about it and they have a lot of quirky behaviours, but I love them and I’d take an EM over the newer crap that’s getting pumped out now
  6. Here we go another kiddy oriented theme when are these manafactures going to make something decent I haven’t seen any decent titles for years from JJP or STERN
  7. Your taking a 50% hit so I’d say that’s pretty reasonable for a purchaser
  8. There are a few repairers in Melbourne but they will probably charge you more than what the machine is worth to fix it. what are it’s issues mabye someone one here can guide you through a repair on it if you give a detailed description of what’s happening.
  9. I’ve checked at least two of the auctions that finished and with both of them the shill bidder won the auctions, so let’s see if they re appear for sale again with some excuse.
  10. Pool looks good with the tiled area done, I wish I had the room to install one however the daughters unit and our shed stole all the available room 🙂
  11. Shill bidding is a dishonest way of over inflating prices and is one of the major reasons why pinball prices have become so out of reach for most people
  12. All listings have now been reported 👍 I was thinking that might be the case but I at least wanted to let as many people on here know as I could
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