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  1. That Hi diver looks so nice I would have jumped on it if I could have gone for a fairly close drive to pick it up
  2. These crazy prices have definitely put me off the hobby the prices are just ridiculous unless you’re loaded, but I just can’t justify buying any machines in this current market, even your cheap projects are now ridiculously priced so I’ll be just sticking to what I have at the moment. ive even thought of selling them off to purchase that elusive muscle car/hotrod that I’ve always wanted but that market is absolutely ridiculous as well.
  3. No such thing as a cheap or reasonably priced pinball machine anymore that’s why I stopped buying them
  4. Don’t let anyone put you off trying your first cab re paint, I was a complete newbie when I attempted my first one, and I read up as much as I could on here and on the net and I’ve been absolutely stoked at the results of my restores. and if you do stuff something up all you have to do is sand it back and start again anyway. Good luck with it all�
  5. I’ve only just come across this post very sad to here another way to young person taken by that fu*ken cancer as if we don’t already have enough problems in every day life as it is RIP
  6. Very bad picture example need more photos to tell what your even meaning condition wise
  7. Before you go any further I would go to the EM Pinball restoration section there are some awesome restoration projects there and so many valuable tips
  8. I don’t know about you Tony but I’ve been noticing that people are asking way to much for the old Em’s lately even the crappy ones
  9. It does look promising when you read the article but in real life terms I guess it takes a whole lot of money to manafacture pinball machines to the point of even just breaking even and having the public even like you product, which is what happened with the Thunderbirds pinball machine which was a huge flop that would have cost Mike quite a lot of money
  10. Not to sure about the Celts machine but I think that if the keep going along the lines of remaking some of the old classics like your Fathoms and stuff like Big Bang Bar and other great titles from the past, I think their on a winner and will sell as much as they can build Anyway I hope they succeed no matter what they do and show the world that we Aussies can build top quality products like the rest of the manufacturers if not better.
  11. There’s a fairly nice bowling queen on gumtree that looks like it’s had a bit done to it not sure if you like the price though. it seems the EMs are starting to attract higher prices these days as well
  12. This looks good I hope they do well as I much rather prefer the older machines than the newer stuff that’s getting pumped out now
  13. Boy prices have gone silly since I started collecting about 11 years ago, back then most of the nineties machines were a hard sell in great condition for the 2K mark
  14. Ok I finally put in my last order for some Gottlieb apron decals I really don’t even need them but who knows down the track, I’d rather have them and not need them than need them and not being able to get them. if anyone else needs anything I’d get in quick as when I spoke to Lee he said stock is dwindling down pretty quick and they haven’t got much of the decals left
  15. That retirement home is going to be buzzing lol because I reckon your room will be full of machines that you can’t part with
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