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  1. Does it have a regular ColorDMD or a CGC display installed?
  2. For those interested, JJP are soon to rerun Wonka LE's, scheduled to start in October. Pinball Sales Australia has updated their webpage with the pre-sale. https://pinballsales.com.au/product/willy-wonka-limited-edition/
  3. Definitely. Earthquake detected 10kms from Mansfield in Victoria, magnitude of 6. Reports of it being felt as far away as NSW and the ACT.
  4. Yes there is... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strathfield_South,_New_South_Wales ...and they have a selling history on Gumtree. I'd just like to know if anyone has any experience dealing with them?
  5. Anyone bought a pinball from Matthew or Gaby Amcha in Strathfield South NSW? Would appreciate any and all information, thanks.
  6. Yes, Wayne, Mr.Pinball. Pricing is not known at this stage.
  7. Great thank you to both @Reefwalkerand @Budgie
  8. It will be interesting to see what the prices for the 3 models are landed in Australia. Hopefully we'll know soon once final approval is achieved from the license holders.
  9. I missed this post @ChrisS but we spoke this morning, I was 2nd in line to your local sale. Anyone else looking to move on their Wonka??
  10. That's interesting. Hopefully sometime this coming Monday we'll know more and there'll be no further delays. Must be a really ordinary shipping company, whilst delays seem to be common place these days, ability to track items and good communication helps build confidence. Obviously this one makes enough money to be satisfied with providing shit service to its customer.
  11. Anyone looking to move on their JJP Wonka? If so, please drop me a line.
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