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  1. In MAJOR breaking news, Michael Kibbey @kibbey from Australia, broke the 10 year World Record on Nibbler, with a score of 1 billion and 233 million, plus 22,350 points ... Michael's score was accepted overnight at Twin Galaxies. Congratulations Michael, that's a lot of snaking around on the arcade floor. It was a brilliant game of skill and endurance, after just over 50 hours of game play ... For those of you who are not aware, a movie was made called Man Vs Snake, about the world champions and competitors who played for the top score on Nibbler. Now Michael is the best Nibbler player in the world. Watch the movie if you get a chance ... and please click likes on this post if you want to congratulate Michael on this historic achievement. This may not be the end, for world supremacy on Nibbler ... 🐍
  2. 104 nominations! What a great number of games that is. 10% get played, it's just a matter of which ones ... 🤡
  3. BIG congratulations to Donald Hayes for winning his 2nd all time MGL tournament. He now ties with Redelf, ILLSeaBass, CWK, Shock_And_Awe, and Rat, with 2 wins each. Nicely played Pessimeister as runner up. Congrats to Darren, Daniel, Robert and Henrik for 3rd to 6th place. Well done everyone else who tried their best. A HUGE thank you to Evan for running MGL51. Good stuff. MGL52 is not far away ...
  4. Mystery Prize Draw: 22 gamers were eligible at the end of the tournament for the mystery prize draw. All players had to play and post a score for all 11 games. The eligible players are listed below: The winner is drawn by chance from the eligible players. And the winner of the Mystery Prize Draw for MGL51 is … RMacauley Congratulations Robert! Your mystery prizes are as follows … 1. Pop Altered Beast Werewolf (one of the best monster games you can play) 2. Pac-man Monopoly (checkmate ghosts, well almost) 3. Space Blaster Gun (you can practice getting even with those invaders) 4. Pac-man Maze White Mug (have a drink and solve that maze) 5. Red Turtle Shell Clip On Mocchi Plush (always fun to fire these in Mario Kart) 6. Pac-man Cooler Bag (when the game gets hot, cool down with a refreshment. It's not game over either!) 7. PEZ Toad (mushroom candy in a stick) 8. Minecraft Tote Bag Green (good for carrying all your games and food) and 9. Pac-man Metal Badges (it's a trap. Mingle and enjoy the fun) I will send a PM to Robert to congratulate him on his prize win and ship them to his postal address. That is the conclusion of the MGL51 prize draw. Thank you to everyone who played all of the games in MGL51. MGL52 is not far away and there will be a mystery prize then too! So be in it to win it, and have a great mini break. OOO 🪁
  5. Hi Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying MGL51. It's great to see all the gaming competition. As is the mighty bonus for every MGL tournament, the 31st Mystery Prize draw will be held in a couple of days. One gamer who played all 11 games in this MGL, will win all of the prizes. The winner will be drawn after the close of MGLLI. I have provided another 9 prizes, and they are a lot of gaming fun. 18 gamers are currently eligible for the draw. You've got to be in it to win it! Good luck to all gamers ...
  6. I have a Seimitsu LS32-02 joystick in my arcade console (printed on the pcb). On your website you only have LS32-01. My LS32-02 has 2 "pins" in each corner of the pcb, and the photo of the LS32-01 on your site only shows 1 pin in each corner. Here is a reference to my stick design ... https://support.focusattack.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005204703-Adjusting-the-Seimitsu-LS-32-Subguide What is the difference if you know? Thanks
  7. Are Sanwa sticks and Seimitsu sticks interchangeable? Dimensionally do they use the same mounting? Are Sanwa buttons and Seimitsu buttons interchangeable, including hole dimensions? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I hope you all have had a super break. I have posted an update below with the latest and greatest on the MGL ... Exciting news is that for season 2022, there will be a new Gamemaster, as we need depth in people helping and running the MGL. So if you are interested, please contact Travis at AA. Have a great time! 😆
  9. Hi Red, I just sent a message to you with all the details. Cheers Paul
  10. That looks great. Thanks for posting this shot. That looks like Arcade Club Bury behind you, and one of your favourite machines in the background. Ah Defender, such a challenging game! Hi Jamie, sure that's fine. I'll send you a PM with the details. If anyone else wants to look exceptionally cool in the arcade, please feel free to order your gear in this thread.
  11. WCE5 Presentation WCE5 began 9 months ago on April 2nd 2021. With an increased schedule of 44 different games over a 32 week season, this was an even greater competition in the toughest eSports championship in the world. The 2021 Championship was played over 4 tournaments and attracted gamers into competition from 16 countries. MGL47 was played from April-2 to May-30 and was won by John McAllister from Seattle. Patrick Stanley from Georgia was 8 points behind and finished in 2nd place. Shahbaz Sadiq from Pakistan finished in 3rd place, only 10 points behind 2nd place. Daniel Larsen from Denmark finished in 4th place, and Jacob Spring from Denmark finished in 5th place. MGL48 was played from Jun-18 to Aug-15 and was won by Donald Hayes from New Hampshire. Patrick Stanley finished in 2nd place again, just missing out on the title by 4 points. John McAllister finished in 3rd place, just 12 points behind 2nd place. Pessimeister from Victoria Australia finished in 4th place, and Charlie Milne from NSW Australia finished in 5th place. MGL49 was played from Sep-3 to Oct-31 and was won by Martin Patra from the Czech Republic. Patrick Stanley finished in 2nd place for the 3rd time in this championship, this time missing out on the title by 8 points. Terence Wong from Victoria Australia finished in 3rd place, only 7 points behind 2nd place. Robert Macauley from South Australia finished in 4th place and Pessimeister finished in 5th place. MGL50 was played from Nov-26 to Jan-23 and was won by John McAllister for his 2nd tournament win of the series. Donald Hayes finished in 2nd place, just missing out on the title by 11 points. Shannon Hamill from Canada made his MGL debut and finished in 3rd place. Patrick Stanley finished in 4th place and Darren Mcgahey from Northern Ireland finished in 5th place. Final World Championship of eSports standings: Congratulations to all gamers that participated in WCE5, the fifth “all time” World Championship of eSports. To play in all 44 games for 32 weeks on these super tough games is an incredible achievement. The Top 20 deserve special mention for their outstanding play and great achievement in the contest. Several new personal bests and world records were achieved by gamers. Many of these MGL scores were submitted by gamers to Twin Galaxies for verification, and to improve their TG ESI ranking in the world standings. The competition was close by all standards of tenacity, endurance, strategy, timing and skill. However throughout the 4 close tournaments, Patrick Stanley played excellent in the 44 games during the season, with 4 game wins, to become the undisputed World Champion of eSports for 2021. This is his 2nd World Championship win, a feat no other gamer has achieved in MGL history. The Top 7 of the World Championship of eSports for 2021 are as follows: 1. Patrick Stanley (USA) 2. Pessimeister (Australia) 3. Darren Mcgahey (Northern Ireland) 4. Robert Macauley (Australia) 5. Daniel Larsen (Denmark) 6. Charlie Milne (Australia) 7. Jacob Spring (Denmark) Prizes have been won by these gamers for their outstanding performance in this World Championship. Congratulations to you all. Congratulations Patrick Stanley, World Champion of eSports for 2021 ... In closing, 2021 was another very challenging year for all gamers. The World Championship of eSports was open for a massive 236 days of top competition. There were so many new games never played before, and many of the greatest games ever made were played. From MGLs 47 to 50, it was a fantastic series. The gamers were wonderful, as were the games nominated by the gamers. It was a pleasure to have your company, and to run the tournaments for such a tremendous competition. Thank you everybody, and take care. Here are the WCE5 end credits, which recognizes all of the gamers, all of the games, and what it took to make the championships a reality ... OOO
  12. Mystery Prizes Draw: Since MGL50 is the biggest milestone in MGL tournament history, and to celebrate this amazing 16 year journey, 2 mystery prize draws will be given away. 35 gamers were eligible at the end of the tournament for the 2 special mystery prize draws. All players had to play and post a score for all 11 games. The eligible players are listed below: The winners are drawn by chance from the eligible players. And the winners of the Mystery Prize Draw for MGL50 are … Tracey Congratulations! Your mystery prizes are as follows … 1. An ATARI Centipede Cap 2. Pac-man Playing Cards 3. Tech Deck - Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Super Mario Bros. Multi Tool 5. Pac-man Plate (8 inch) 6. Super Mario Scarf 7. Marvel Avengers Mystery Mini Blind Pack 8. Pokemon Pokeball Green and 9. Super Mario PEZ - Luigi Congratulations also to … wirre.the.man Your mystery prizes are as follows … 1. POP Splinter from TMNT 2. Super Mario UHU Glue Sticks Set 3. Pac-man Plate (10 inch) 4. Space Invaders Playing Cards 5. Super Mario Beanie 6. Tech Deck Street Hits - Sonic 7. Super Nintendo Notebook 8. Minions Folder and 9. Donkey Kong PEZ Candy and Dispenser I will send a PM to both Henrik and Tracey to congratulate them on their prize wins and ship them to their postal address. That is the conclusion of the MGL50 prize draws. Thank you to everyone who played all of the games in MGL50. OOO 🦗
  13. The final tournament of the 2021 season has just been completed. 59 gamers battled their way in this challenging competition as follows: Congratulations to all competitors that played in this tournament. It was a tremendous effort to compete on 11 different video games. We had 1 new game never played before in MGL history, which was Solar Fox from Bally Midway. Donkey Kong and Pac-man were played for the first time since MGL31 from 2017, that’s just over 4 years ago. Bubble Bobble and Bomb Jack were far from B games, being excellent fun and challenging titles. Vanguard hasn’t been played for over 12 years, wow! In this tournament, 11 different gamers had at least one of their games drawn from the nomination game pool. These were from Ace1942, BandontheRun, Foot, HAL1973, Lasse.lo (2), Mappy24, NZL Berserker, redelf, SMK, wirre.the.man and ZNC. 5 gamers made their MGL debut. These were Bruzzi (best 452,910 on Moon Patrol for 1st place), Dk3champ (best 3,363,200 on Donkey Kong 3 for 1st place), JohnnyBee (best 613,560 on Bomb Jack for 8th place), Vtdmame (best 113,960 on Pac-man for 18th place) and Synappzz (best 1,822,700 on Donkey Kong 3 for 2nd place and MGL50 overall 4th place). That’s great gaming by all debutants. With 11 games contested there were 8 different game winners: Bruzzi (1), DaLar (1), Dbh (2), Dk3champ (1), Fly (1), GMU (1), Jerky (1) and Redelf (3). That’s one more game winner compared to MGL49, and two more game winners compared to MGL48. Congratulations to the game winners for achieving the high score on these games … I have updated the virtual trophies for the Top 3 … with the ultimate video game fire starter from Space Invaders … Champion: John McAllister 2nd: Donald Hayes 3rd: Shannon Hamill 32 gamers finished within a single digit of each other, which are 10 more than from MGL49. The competition was extremely close for most going into the last 3 games of the tournament. 17 gamers scored over 900 points which was a terrific result (2 more than in MGL49). 4 of these gamers scored over 1,000 points for an even higher distinction (2 less than MGL49). There were 3 ties in the Top 40 on the scoreboard. SMK and RichyS both finished with 904 points for 16th place. The head to head count was 7-4 to SMK and he took out 16th place, while RichyS took out 17th place. Bensweeneyonbass and Tracey both finished with 795 points for 26th place. The head to head count was 6-5 to Bensweeneyonbass, so he took out 26th place, while Tracey took out 27th place. Fire_Power and Lasice both finished with 745 points for 31st place. The head to head count was 6-5 to Fire_Power, so he took out 31st place, while Lasice took out 32nd place. Congratulations to John McAllister, who top scored with 1067 points, to win his 2nd MGL title. After a great start in the tournament, winning Games 1 and 2, he played at an exceptionally high level throughout, even with a major shoulder injury, to clinch it. He won 3 games, was runner up in 2 games, and has now played 123 games in the MGL. He now has 23 x MGL game wins, 3rd on the all time list, not far behind Robert Macauley with 27 wins (2nd place), and Andrew Barrow with 28 wins (1st place). Donald Hayes finished in 2nd place with 1,056 points, only 11 points behind the tournament winner. He won 2 games and was runner up in 4 games. His score of 3,327,100 points on Pac-man was outstanding, only 6,260 points away from another perfect Pac-man score. It was a very close competition for 1st place during all 11 games of the tournament. Shannon Hamill from Canada played in his first ever MGL, and finished in a brilliant 3rd place. His best scores were 1,822,700 points on Donkey Kong 3 for 2nd place, and 4th place on both Pac-man and Solar Fox. It was an excellent debut for a podium finish. Patrick Stanley finished in 4th place with 1,013 points, only 5 points behind Shannon in 3rd place. His best results were on Lunar Rescue with 17,720 points for 3rd place, and 115,480 points on Lady Bug for 4th place. It was a steady fine performance across all of the games in the race for vital WCE5 Championship points. Darren Mcgahey finished in 5th place with 998 points. His best scores were 5th place on Moon Patrol and 6th place on Lady Bug, Lunar Rescue and Pac-man. He has now amassed 12,697 all time MGL points, 21st on the most points list. Jeff Mikuska finished in a fine 6th place with 974 points, and played his 170th MGL game. His best scores were 4th place on Donkey Kong and 7th place on Lunar Rescue. He has now played in 20 MGL tournaments with a game average of 89.0 Daniel Larsen finished in a great 7th place, just 6 points behind 6th place. He won Bubble Bobble with 3,791,530 points, and was runner up on Bomb Jack with 1,544,960 points. Daniel increased his WCE all time points to 17,404, closely followed by Robert Macauley in 2nd place with 17,346. Charlie Milne finished in a very nice 8th place, 2 places better than in MGL49. With a total of 967 points, his best scores were 3rd place on Donkey Kong with 430,500 points, and 6th place on Solar Fox with 41,170 points. He has now played 91 x MGL games, only one tournament short of the magical 100 club of the MGL Centurions. Derek Broadfoot finished in 9th place, after a superb effort on Lady Bug of 216,630 points for 2nd place on that game. His next best was 6th place on Donkey Kong with 323,800 points. He scored at an average of 87.1 across the 11 games, 1.2 points better than his all time MGL average of 85.9. That’s a good sign of improvement. Robert Macauley finished in 10h place in his 37th MGL tournament. His best score was 3rd place on Bubble Bobble with 2,210,060 points. Next best was 6th place on Moon Patrol with 196,610 points. He has now finished in the Top 10 for 37 consecutive MGL tournaments, which is an incredible accomplishment over such a very long time. Arcadinator finished just outside the Top 10 with a very nice 11th place after scoring a total of 950 points. His best score was on Vanguard for 4th place, next best on Bomb Jack for 5th place, and next best on Bubble Bobble for 6th place. He has now played 89 MGL games and scored 7,732 all time points. Pessimeister scored 944 points and finished in 12th place. His best finish was 3rd place on Solar Fox with 428,570 points and next 5th place on Lunar Rescue with 19,870 points. He also passed the 150 MGL games played milestone with 154. Jacob Spring didn’t miss a game this time and scored a total of 940 points for lucky 13th place. His best score was 4th place on Bubble Bobble with 1,966,450 points, with next best on Track & Field with 81,540 points for 5th place. He has now played in 105 x MGL games, joining the elite MGL Centurions, well done Jacob! Henrik Wiman played a really great MGL, always trying to improve his scores, and seeing the results really pay off. He scored 916 points and finished in 14th place. His best scores were 135,850 points on Lady Bug for 3rd place and 174,460 points on Solar Fox for 7th place. He has now played 80 games in 9 MGL tournaments. Svatopluk Halada played well to make the Top 15 with 905 points. His best scores were 4th place on Moon Patrol with 291,670 points, and 6th place on Donkey Kong 3 with 297,700 points. He has now played 64 games in 6 MGL tournaments, breaking the 5,000 points milestone, with 5,406. A special mention goes out to Wan1993, who has now scored over 5,000 points over 70 games in 8 MGL tournaments, with 5,060. To all gamers who finished in the Top 20, a big congratulations to you all, and those who just missed out or could do better, there is always a next time. Thank you to everyone who played in MGL50, this is for you to enjoy, and I hope you improved your gaming as much as possible. This was the final tournament of the 2021 season. It was a super terrific event, and an incredibly challenging year. The Mystery Prize Draw will commence shortly, followed by the WCE5 closing presentation. 🌴 OOO
  14. Day 17 of 17 ... Final standings ... Vanguard was made by SNK of Japan and licensed to Centuri in the US. It is a very different type of shooter, with 4 directional buttons and a lot happening on the screen. 11 gamers managed to score over 70K which is a really good effort. 5 managed to score over 110K which is even better. A big congratulations to David Jury for his big score of 658,290 on this very tricky game. It was great to see his game by video and just how crazy this game is. Well played David, that was a fine effort. This was the last game of MGL50. The closing presentation of this tournament will commence very soon.
  15. Day 17 of 17 ... Final standings ... This game has never been played before in the MGL. It seems to have the same type of sound effects as Wizard of Wor. And you need to be a wizard to do really well in this game. It's a tough title, where 4 gamers managed to score over 400K, so well played by these pilots. Dbh managed to score 1 million points on the last day, which is a terrific effort for 2nd place. Congratulations to John McAllister for winning Game 10, with a superb score of 2,408,050 points. That's a lot of shooting and evasion in this relentless game of boxing. This was John's 3rd game win of the tournament, that's great gaming right there ... If you missed the fun episode, you can watch it here ...
  16. Well there you go. After all the shooting going on in the arcade, this game is now closed. The final scoreboard will be updated and the results posted shortly. 🩳
  17. Hi all gamers, this wonderful game is now closed. Yes the sigh of relief can be heard all over the internet ... LOL. The final scoreboard will be posted shortly. 🌎
  18. 2 hours to go ... the last game of MGL50 ... 🕹️
  19. 2 hours to go great gamers ... outfox the enemy ... 🐲
  20. Oh good on you. Are you meeting up with Tracey? I think it's a 7 hour trip from your place to Arcade Club. Have a super time, and enjoy the gaming and friends you meet there. I am guessing Darren will be joining you?
  21. 9 hours to go on Solar Fox ... tricky and dicey ... 🌕
  22. Another 27K. Nice play! 9 hours of Vanguarding to go ... hit those buttons to glory ... 🪐
  23. After Day 58 of 59 ... Only 1 day to go and then it's all over ... make it count till the end ... ⛷️
  24. Day 16 of 17 ... On centre stage right now ... Keep trying, that usually works ... Only 1 day to go until this game is closed. 👩‍✈️
  25. Day 16 of 17 ... A mighty battle of wits and evasion ... After all this playing, can you now play better than these 2 gamers? Only 1 day to go until this game is closed. 🦊 "Just go for it"
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