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  1. Oh dear, this could be a must buy for me. Look out Sark, I'm coming ... OOO
  2. LOL. That's right, all those coins put in up to $175, the jam, then you have to eject all the coins, and start again. What a mess. They should have just made a $179 coin. It's so much easier to put that coin in the machine. This reminds me of the very obscure 70s show called Hot Dog that I used to watch. What do they do with the lumber? Same as the $179 coin ...
  3. Back in 1992, this game cost $179 to play. In 2021, this game is free to play in the MGL ... Only 6 days to go until this game is closed. 👽
  4. Prescription dog food ... super LOL ... 😆 The main character in this video game reminds me of this guy ... I'm Sorry too. It's only had 4.219 billion views on YouTube. That's incredible. That was me and Terence in the sauna. I was the chubby one ... LOL.
  5. After 8 games completed ... there is a tie for 6th place, 11th place and 22nd place ... and there's plenty of close scores ... After Day 45 of 59 ... It's hotting up ...🌶️
  6. Day 10 of 17 ... There is no air in space ... *** UPDATE *** Terencew 132,400 Ace1942 121,250 Catch your breath and fight back. Only 7 days to go until this game is closed. ♥️
  7. Day 17 of 17 ... Final standings ... Wasn't this game fun? Evan nominated this one, and there was plenty to learn on how to ride this bike. 85K plus on this gas guzzler is a good score, and 14 gamers managed to ride their bikes with style. It was a close finish for the top 3 riders on the last day of competition, and there wasn't much in it in the final placings. ZNC scored 165K for 3rd place, Blackflag82 a 167K score for 2nd place and ... Congratulations to Sean Clough for winning Game 8. He scored 175,090 points to pull away just enough for the winner's chequered flag. Nice job. This was Sean's 2nd game win of MGL49. Andro Dunos, I'm Sorry and Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa are all currently in play. These are the final games of MGL49. Go for it!
  8. Day 17 of 17 ... Final standings ... Blood Brothers, as the name suggests, are fighting words. It's a frantic game of get the bad guys, or they get you. Never played before in the MGL, and a game from TECMO, this one tested everyone's nerves. If you can score over half a million points, you're doing pretty darn good on the stick and button. Seven (7) brothers managed to achieve this goal, so congrats to you all, well played. Of special shootin' and high scoring performance, a special congratulations was earned by Salim Farhat. With 1,654,630 points, he won Game 7, for his 2nd game win of MGL49. That's 2 western game top finishes. Nice! We have 3 games in play, and these are the last of MGL49. Play your best.
  9. The more days the better. Like anything, the more time you have, the better you can be. Yes, even on this game ...😆
  10. It's fun having you in the race as well. The more bikers, the more mayhem!
  11. Hi all gamers, this title is now closed. Thanks for your submissions. The final scoreboard will be posted shortly . 💥 Done LOL 🥶
  12. Hi everyone, thanks for your submissions. This game is now closed. The final scoreboard will be posted shortly 😆
  13. 4 way is a definite no-no on this game. Don't give the advantage to the aliens, they're ruthless ... 👽
  14. Hi everyone, 9 hours to go until this game is closed. Wheelie time. 🏍️
  15. Hi everyone, There's 9 hours to go until this game is closed. Lock and load, and score a new PB. The fun is in the trying. ⛳
  16. I hope you can get there and score a new PB. Keep trying ... 🕹️
  17. First there was Star Trek, then man on the moon, then Andro Dunos. A vicious game this one ... 824710
  18. Up to lucky for some, 13th place. 👻 You scored 2,750 points more than ZNC, so now you move up to 6th place ... 👨‍🦽 Your scoreboard looks like a maths table, your scores keep going up and up ... 🧮 19 hours to go until this game is closed. Spill some blood.
  19. I am so glad you received them. For gamers who don't know, it's taken 2 shipments and almost 2 years, to get the prizes through Brazil customs. Q*bert, Pac-man, Megaman, Mario and Goomba all made it through. A good news story ... 😆
  20. Day 8 of 17 ... Dangerous ... Only 9 days to go until this game is closed. ☢️
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