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  1. Day 16.5 of 17 ... Scores just in ... and the enemy isn't giving in ... Fight to the end. Only 9.5 hours to go until this game is closed. 🎱
  2. Day 16 of 17 ... Epic space battles ... Only 1 day to go until this game is closed. 📡
  3. Excellent gaming! 👍 Very nice flying. Good stuff.
  4. A well earned result after a 3 hour session. Good stuff.
  5. After Day 50 of 59 ... Make every point count. 💰
  6. Day 8 of 17 ... All apologies are accepted ... Superstars make guest appearances. 💄
  7. Day 15 of 17 ... It's hell in space ... just try and get past the first one ... Only 2 days to go until this game is closed. 👾
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Like the post from @Ace1942, this game play is OK. There is a time limit and you cannot get extra lives indefinitely. I'm Sorry, but you all have to play this game even more now ... 😆
  9. Yes both are fine. Just letting you know I contacted 1up customer service. I asked them if the spinner goes up and down for DOT, and if the deflector shield is on the stick. The official reply was, can you believe this, is they did not know, as the game is brand new. When I looked at the photo of the spinner, there is no way it goes up and down. So you better hope the photo isn’t what’s on the machine. Playing Tron on this machine should be great fun too. The 1ups are a little on the small side, but better that than no cab. See you in CT then for a game … LOL.
  10. You are right about the needed physical effort to do well on this game. It’s a credit to you and others scoring above 400K. This is another dimension in gaming, often not recognised or seen. Donkey Kong, Qbert, PAC-man and Moon Patrol for instance, have different, not as a physical tempo, as this game. Something to think about, in a positive way. Well played Terence, Derek and Svato.
  11. More on this game, and others you may have never heard of ... Don't lose your ship. Only 4 days to go until this game is over. 🚢
  12. I'm Sorry, one of my faves ... Love the dog eat, tummy cover and the skateboarding. Somehow they got me in the game ... LOL.
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