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  1. I’ve received a bit of interest via pm, I’ll get back to those interested shortly, but I’m currently very pressed for time so forgive me of updates are slow. I’ve made an offer to collect a bunch but need to treat them to select the best. I saw them before they were taken down and some were awesome, whilst others had a coloured tinge or burn in. Refresh my memory as I’ve been out of the hobby for a while: what’s the easiest way to send a test signal? Although they’re trisync and up to 31khz, will plugging in a standard windows laptop go that low? Or would it damage the screen? Perhaps I’ll need to dust off a pcb and my portable jamma rig and see if i can use the rgb inputs instead.
  2. No other interest in these? If not I might just put in an offer for a single tube and two chassis
  3. Hi guys, Long time no see. Recently I came across a bowling alley that was replacing all of their CRT lane monitors with LCDs. I've inquired with the manager and he's open to selling them privately. He reckons he has "several" with good colour clarity, focus and no burn-in, and has welcomed me to inspect them before buying. His initial response on price has been $200/unit which I think is a little steep but is likely negotiable, especially if multiples are purchased. Considering how rare CRT's are becoming these days, let alone that size with VGA input for easy MAME setups, I figured I'd post here and gauge the interest levels in the community, and see if it's worth pursuing a group buy. Location is Illawarra/Wollongong region NSW
  4. Good news is that I've taken the HDD out and performed a thorough scan on it, there's no damage/bad sectors on it. Bad news is there's still something messed up in the file system, and (unsurprisingly) a clone to a brand new HDD has the same symptom. The menu says to do a 'file test' but I can't get into the game to do so. Hoping to track down a recovery CD (or someone to clone a Safari HDD for me) and then deal with the display.
  5. Thanks Red, I am 'hunting' around for a recovery CD, and in the mean time I've removed the tube/chassis for some more thorough diagnostics. If there's no interest in the short term I'll ship the chassis off to Joey (Jomac) again for a better look. Whether it's fixed by me or the next owner, this machine is too good to sit around in disrepair.
  6. Hi guys, As per the title I've received some corrupt file warnings on my Buck Hunter Safari and would like to do a full recovery on a new HDD. Is there anyone out there who has one?
  7. Hi old friends, long time no post I know. I'm not very active in the retro/arcade scene anymore, but I've kept my favourites for the occasional get together. Unfortunately my big Buck Hunter Safari has started having some trouble and I just don't have the time or will to tinker anymore so I've decided to move it on to someone still on the scene and will give it a more active life. Background: Big Buck Hunter Safari (Game/PC/security chip is Safari, cabinet has "Buck Hunter Pro" decals and the marquee header says "Buck Hunter World" New gun internals, and completely new gun enclosure (green side) Chassis reconditioned by Jomac late 2018 (I sent it away for repair due to occasional black-screen or rolling image). Recent issues: 1) Last weekend after turning it on, the picture was quite dark. Upon increasing the screen gain, the image looked better. However, NEITHER of the guns would register at all (the screen flashes when the trigger is pulled but it doesn't register a shot). I tried other VGA cables and reseating everything, but no good. Something is fishing with the built-in monitor/chassis menu too, as when I click the menu button the menu comes up but all the text is garbled. I do not have a deguass wand anymore so I haven't tried that (colour purity may throw off the guns) 2) In the process of diagnosing the above the machine has had several on/off restarts (I never shut it down mid-way through loading though). Now it's giving me an error that some game files may be corrupt. So, worst case scenario (my guess) is the display/chassis may need another repair, best case some degauss and adjustments. I do not believe there is any issues with the guns. The HDD may need worst-case replacing, or re-imaging, or best case the inbuilt diagnostics. I'm asking for $900 ono.
  8. Very long time acejas, I've not been doing much in the hobby for the past few years: lack of space, funds and mostly time. Only thing I've tinkered with is installing a Pi3 mame setup in my car for the kids, until recently when the chassis on both my buck hunter & mame standup packed it in and demanded I give them some attention :)
  9. Recently the chassis for this 26" (68cm) Mitsubishi tube suffered a vertical collapse and then was destroyed in transit to be repaired. I've now decased another tv to take its place. If it's of any use is free to pick up... But has to be gone this week. Pickup Wollongong region. I'll try to upload a photo.
  10. Looking for $380 for this if sold this weekend (excludes monitor, but includes speakers & G27). Just need the space. Otherwise listing on facebook sites but would prefer it to go to a hobbyist. - - - Updated - - - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qxdz4zsfb...VFrnxPcea?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qxdz4zsfb...VFrnxPcea?dl=0
  11. Still available @Zorn79 Will swap the lot for a Nintendo switch :) @tas_tig3r It's a bit hard to show you without dismantling, but to describe it: the cabinet only has a thin metal sheet at the bottom of where the original steering assembly is mounted. I cut a 12mm thick sheet of MDF and slotted it into the cavity (screwing it in from the existing holes at the bottom). I then took the lower feet off the G27 and instead screwed the G27 securely onto the metal sheet/MDF from underneath (all original bolt holes on the cabinet/G27). For the surround of the driving wheel, since I wanted it to be reversable, I cut another thinner sheet of MDF around the shape of the G27's steering assembly, and I wrapped it in a leather-like vinyl. This was then secured to as the control panel facia using the original CP bolts onto the cabinet. Lastly I got a thick steel plate which I bent (with a vice) into the right angle, the back half of it was screwed onto the CP face, and the other half was screwed into the underneath of the shifter. The result is that the wheel and the shifter are rock solid.
  12. Two expressions of interest/questions, but still available at this stage. @Jason_roberts13
  13. Back on the market after sale fell through. I've now moved it into the garage ready for transport. Looking for painless transaction so local pickup/collection/COD preferred. My back isn't much good for moving this onto trailers/trucks.
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