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  1. Great looking machine. Am about to restore mine I bought 8 years ago. Mine has a serial number stamped into the side panel Anyway GLWS, a very clean looking classic
  2. Hey Guys, Have decided to finally restore my Hankin cocktail. On the hunt for NOS leaf switches as per the photo. Does anyone have some or can point me to where I can purchase. Thanks in advance Oh.... will need 6 (preferably 8)!
  3. Hey guys, I'm on the hunt for one of these repro cocktail cabinets for a friend. Anyone have one collecting dust they want to offload? @Homepin no longer sells direct. Alternatively who is the go to reseller? Anyone to avoid? Never purchased a repro as i catch and restore my own but this guy wants something new to plug on and play with no fuss. Appreciate any thoughts.
  4. Scratch That. Used a can of compressed air on all the board and inputs. Seems to have sorted it out
  5. Hey Guys, I have run into a problem with my Ipac2 (PS/2). I am only using it and have wired it up for player 1 and 2 buttons (on a virtua cop cab) and "escape" to close out games. A few weeks ago I noticed that keypress "5" was pressed down constantly and have, by disconnecting keyboards and lightguns, isolated it to the ipac board. There are no wires connected to he "5" slot. Any thoughts on how to rectify would be most welcome. Thanks for listening
  6. Hey Guys, Going to Tokyo with the family next week on short notice. Any suggestions on Retro Arcades? Specifically want the kids to play Outrun. I need to play Namco Metal Hawk in the cabinet. Any help apreciated. Dom
  7. Ozstick. Chris is an honest broker and will.look after you.
  8. Would love got that to be true but the board had no spares before. These have dislodged in the move. Are there slots under the upper board?
  9. Hey guys just moved house and when packing some pcb's I found some chips and come out of my sf2 board They are marked c21 c22 and c 23. Are slots 21 through to 23 under the upper board ? Sorry if this seems obvious but I don't want to start pulling it apart unnecessarily. Pics below. Any help appreciated.
  10. SimpleTouch FE. It's old and cumbersome but you can use your aimtrack pointer to shoot to select your game. Someone on here put me onto the idea. Might have been Lord Data .
  11. This might be sound obvious but are you running an interlaced resolution?
  12. I am 80% along setting one of these up with emulators aimtracks and a menu that you shoot to select on. Happy to give advice if anyone restores this.
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