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  1. SOLD - NO GAMES ARE INCLUDED. - Control panel bezel was originally pretty gross, covered in ciggie burns. Filled and sanded back then repainted, I think I did an ok job but as such it's not stock anymore. Got a repro panel for it too as the old one had a healthy amount of rust in it. - Fluro/Speakers work! - Missing PSU - Original PSU died spectacularly. Some re-wiring required. - Phillips tube (burn free) and Jomac Universal Chassis - Not the original Nanao MS9-29A - Video connector needs re-wiring : was originally using this in an Astro City. - Only 1 lock + key, front door. - No rotation mech but the rest of the monitor frame is original. I wish they all had handles. - Credit PCB gone, no coin mech or coin mech holder. - Cabinet has been given a light vacuum after those photos were taken, otherwise a bit of a rats nest. - Body is a bit tired looking. - Two random bits cut out in the back, I could only assume this was done back when the original chassis died? - Will include a full set of buttons and sanwa JLF sticks. Essay aside (I think thats everything). It just needs a new PSU and some wiring to be re-done and it's more or less good to go, I've been a bit critical but I want to make it clear that this cabinet needs some kind of work at the very least. I fomo'ed back into this hobby a bit so I overpaid big time lol, while I have learned a lot from the experience, Namco cabs just aren't my thing. Pricing it at what I think it's more or less worth but I'm open to any reasonable offers. Cheers.
  2. Hi lads, got one of these kicking around. https://www.arcadespareparts.com/arcade_parts/dance_dance_revolution_parts/dance_dance_revolution_marquee_panel/12119.html This one was pulled from a euro cabinet I believe, no cracks or chips or artwork, just the marquee panel you stick the marquee art to. Can ship interstate if you've got a cab that needs some love.
  3. Zax recently sold a pair to a mate of mine for a very fair price given what they were originally asking. While they're not on the site anymore, if you're really keen I suppose you could give him a try haha. Also do you mean the screws that secure the bracket into fibreglass body of the astro? I think they're the same ones used in the control panel hinge, at least they screwed in just as easily for this Astro 2 I'm slowly restoring ':^) I'll do a count on any spares I have kicking about incase you can't find anything more local.
  4. So in my Pop'n Music cabinet I'm running a "new" Wei-ya CRT (well, it's an LG tube and wei-ya chassis running @ 31khz) and somethings always looked a bit off. So I did some googling, consensus appears to be that their CRT's are a bit... underwhelming. Yet sometimes I'll see a video or a photo of one running and think wow, that looks incredible compared to mine. I know CRT's aren't meant to be perfect, but having spent the better part of my youth playing on Egret 2's (ms9's were the standard in those weren't they?) and various Bemani machines that were looked after (i think they were usually toshiba tubes, no idea about the chassis) I can't help but feel a bit spoiled. Did I just end up with a dud and pay through the teeth only to feel a little stupid, or is this genuinely the case? Either way, I'm definitely regretting paying for it... Thoughts? I'll slap down some photos later demonstrating how disappointing this monitor is (or how high my expectations may have been for a "new" monitor)
  5. The social aspect isn't as personal as what I got to experience in my arcade days, I definitely wish I got to experience it more as online gaming doesn't quite do it for me. Cherish those memories lads
  6. Well I certainly feel younger than usual, 27. Awkward time to be born, missed out on the glory days of it all, but hey I got to catch the painful decline so I came out with something right? hah
  7. I wonder how many of those egret 2's were from Timeout in VIC? (if any..) nice stuff m8
  8. still keen, willing to trade 2 candy cabs + some games for either (new astro city + atomiswave SD, games are TGM1 and battle garegga jp pcb)
  9. Bump! Changed my priorities around a little, I'm now looking for a DDR cabinet as well, not fussed about monitor condition, as long as the pads are there and it's not one of the namco cabs which I'm not even sure we had in Australia? Cheers!
  10. Still looking, added a couple of items on the want-list. Would also be keen on a CPS2 A board, Progear (I don't mind if it's phoenixed or not, as long as it's JP version) and a Neo Geo motherboard
  11. Ah, you got the good one :P I replaced the stepdown with a proper 100V one that was reading 105V without load, booted up Puzzle Bobble. All good now! Sounds working, videos not being wonky anymore and no more blinking light on the LED, shame it wasn't tested properly before being sold as working but, whatever. Thanks :)
  12. That's right. I measured the output of the stepdown inside this thing and it's giving 123V (although the spec sheets operating range of the P271 may as well be a crock of shit, it does say 85-115), I just need to find the time now to pick up a stepdown that actually outputs as close to 100V as possible. Has anyone here used the Tortech ones? I've got a couple of options layed out, just a matter of getting to it! Pretty eager as I've got a TGM1 PCB on its way as well. And thanks Savage, curious to see what's in yours.
  13. Interesting, what PSU is inside yours? And the stepdown if there is one? I just took a look inside mine, the stepdown is has 115V out according to the label but I've yet to measure that with a multimeter, I don't know how to be honest. Based off how fussy the P271 appears to be, I'm becoming more and more confident a stepdown that outputs a proper 100V is the solution to this mess without doing any gutting and re-wiring. Guess I'll have to get a reading first.
  14. Got a hold of a multimeter, measured the 12v while a game was running and it's all over the place, pretty sure I saw 18-20 at one point. Led blinking on the PSU for 12v as well go figure. This site documents what might be the same problem I'm having. I still need to measure the output of the transformer currently inside the machine, but everything thus far seems to be pointing to the picky PSU. Still no response sadly from the group I bought the cabinet from, not sure if I'm in any position to be throwing around names as of yet, I feel it's too soon. I will admit though I've had a lot of fun troubleshooting so far.
  15. Hi all, first off, thanks for taking the time to read this. So I picked up an atomiswave SD (with a MAME pc in it hooked up to a JPAC) recently in pretty tip top condition but I'm having some issues running anything JAMMA through it (as about 70% of why I bought it was to run my boards through it), here's a video of my F3 running Puzzle Bubble 4. Worth noting is the lack of sound as well (I have a Puzzle Bubble 2X cart which shows the same symptoms). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsI34fL-7T8 Some other things worth noting (other games I tried). Esp.ra.de = sound cuts in/out accompanied by a very light pop every second, begun to work fine after a few minutes, when it did, I was playing with the volume and had degaussed the monitor too (likely unrelated). Mushihimetama = Lowering the contrast alllllllllll the way down appears to fix a blown-out picture, but that's not right... Is it? The games themselves work just fine on my other cabinet (MS8 in an Astro City), so it's not the boards right? The lot I bought the cab off suggested it might've been a grounding issue, pressing against the pins on the harness didn't make a difference so maybe it's not something lose. PSU is the infamous P271 but the leds light up as expected. Some pictures. Harness http://i.imgur.com/HVLNmIu.jpg http://i.imgur.com/hw4F7LU.jpg Inside http://i.imgur.com/oxPXYR5.jpg I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to these things, but it is something I am slowly addressing, so expect a lot of newbie mistakes on my end. (If anyone here is on shmups forum I've more or less posted this on the hardware section there too)
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