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  1. Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. Been quiet lately and taking a break. Life has beaten me down some, so just trying to get through as best I can. Merry xmas to you all.
  2. Happy birthday for yesterday Jase
  3. Nothing through the DedShed for a while as too many basket cases giving me grief so taking a break. It broke my brain and had to walk away. Currently fiddling with an EM Sure Shot and a Johnny Mnemonic that had hacked connectors, wiring in the harness going nowhere and just making work/play as it should. Anyway The Jungle Lord Rom changed 3 or 4 things in rules that I noticed 1: No Instant multiball. (Old rom , plunge ball and hit directly into top hole, with no switch hits, gave multiball right off the bat) 2: Lights now flash in mini game when supposed to with ball locked. (Old rom, this didn’t work) 3: LORD lane change (no longer works! Old rom, pressing the Magna save buttons would lane change the mini game, if Magna save was enabled) 4: Buzzer buzzes twice (Old rom, running over a lit letter in LORD on the mini game only buzzed once.)
  4. Just a heads up to finish this off once and for all. The U26 game rom seemed to be bad and the game kept playing up. Blowing fuses and irregular booting Installed new game roms and the lights now work as they should. So I was correct assuming that it was a rom issue. 79656997-942C-4B93-AB84-1AB77FC705C1.MOV
  5. Thanks for the help guys. 2 displays on their way.
  6. Yeah definitely not a modded rom, I read that link too. I did find one thing not mentioned in any rule sets. Hitting into the top hole without any switch closures starts instant multiball. Anyway, I think I’m done on this one, have spent so much time on this game , it has been a total nightmare from the start. At least now it’s pretty reliable and plays without problems, except this lighting one I still think it’s roms though.
  7. One thing I noticed is that in multiball, when you lock a ball, the centre light flashes, so it’s working during multiball. Here is gameplay for reference. https://youtu.be/vdG_dT2n8tI
  8. Ok. It says rev 0 in audits. (2503 0) 2 = Blue rom , 503 = Game # ... They aren’t original game roms. (I don’t think). New Blue Flipper roms were done. Just had a scare again when commas locked on and no sound followed by boot problems. Pressed on the roms and came good. Even though sockets have all been replaced, it is pretty cold down the bottom shed Might bite the bullet and just install new roms Yeah the sys 11 is a bit different as it is actual Flashers. The sys 7 isn’t actually Flashers but controlled lamps. Although I do see some ghosting in the backbox Leds as well as some ghosting flickering when using flippers. Alas. 1 thing at a time.
  9. Interesting. Am sure it’s not a home rom. Will check what version it’s running. Had new flipper rom done. The game roms had been changed.
  10. You are correct on all counts there, and yes, I have been through all manuals, changed all settings etc. Double checked right through. Have spent countless hours reading through manuals, schematics, repair guides Seeing as they all work in game over attract mode, then it proves the wiring all good. All other problems seem to be fixed. Just not this. It just seems to me that the roms aren’t telling the game to run them when in the mini game. I tried changing out the Leds - no different
  11. Tried both, but, my sys 3 board has had all the upgrades, including the jumpers at resistors. The sys 7 is back in. This is what I’m trying next. Had thought that, but have seen video of working normally with Leds online. It’s a sys 7 power supply. GI relay is on it. at first I thought it could be relay related, but it’s totally controlled lamps. Not Flashers and not GI. I found 1 wiring issue after going back over the whole under playfield. I’m no expert, but sure this isn’t how a switch is wired, but can’t see it affecting lamps. Will soon see. Am starting to think it a rom problem.
  12. Seem to have a weird issue on a Jungle Lord, where the lights don’t flash when the mini bagatelle game is on. From what I gather - ball enters top lock hole - GI relay turns out all the GI - mini ball kicks and enters a lane, returning to its kick position. Its here that from what I gather, that once the GI goes out, the 5 or so playfield lamps should be flashing until the switch closure , and the GI turn back on. - GI relay turns GI on - lock hole kicks ball back into play. Both boards have been sent for repair and tested. They flash and work in attract mode Anyone have any ideas? F656D7B3-F533-40C7-8B25-B13B163A5272.MOV ED5BA269-86B6-4749-BC50-3A6106796080.MOV
  13. So lost the GI again. Went through switch testing. Had to fix and adjust a few but all are now working. Pulled the driver board and it can go to Ken along with the 2 sound boards. It has had so many hacks and bad work. See what he has to say. Ended up just swapping in the good driver board out of the other machine just to get some life out of the machine looks good so far 2C4EC2B3-E703-4B03-B8E8-70C5D58C0AC0.MOV
  14. So saga continues. The ball guide was the wrong one. Swinks has provided an alternative for the vuk rail that still will need modifying. So still looking for the (12-7038) vuk original (01-10772) left ball guide (01-10822) lift ramp wall Almost there.
  15. Well the last of the missing standoffs complete for the ramp mount. Not being able to get the correct male-female #8 thread in correct lengths, have had to fudge #6 with a screw through the t-nut Ready for the centre ramp once I can get the 2 missing ball guides.
  16. Thanks anyway. Yeah they’re the sys7 and 9 - 11 that I have a couple of
  17. Wanted As the title says. I’m chasing 1 or 2 system 3-6 replacement 6 digit original glass displays for a Hot Tip. Anyone that has installed led sets and has the old displays spare. Unfortunatly I smashed my good one, and 1 has a 0 on its way out. 1 would even get me out of trouble. Only have a couple 7 digit spares left.
  18. Installed the new cpu. Quality is lacking, re: soldering. Driver board is bad condition. Lots of hacks. Had to re install the 5v BR as the + track wasn’t even connected. Game now boots. Same with GI input. Removed connector, re-joined through hole tracks and new header pins. Checked tracks to triacs and output pins voltage. Now have GI. Dmd board looked bad, was told not good. Used another one , but it’s the display itself that’s bad. Swapped out for a good display, now working. Sound, - no sound but loud hum. Off to Ken. Most likely the LM1875 as voltages are fine. (Missing chunk) Playfield lamps, none working. Have 18v in the driver, so more work to be done. Yet to check solenoids or power. Too many problems at once to deal with. Flipper board - unknown yet. I’ll wait. 1 thing at a time. 100+ hours into this thing so far. FFS.
  19. Thanks Jady quickly installed the Snackbar mod. Looks awesome.
  20. Installed the plastics, roll pin on the lift ramp, missing double post and apron. Had to swap out a heap of screws for stud posts. Also had to fudge the 4-3/4” standoff. Still missing quite a few bits.
  21. Agreed The current situation has turned me off and I for one can’t wait to be completely rid of them and out of the game altogether.
  22. I think the rules should be posted as info on the poster and announcements myself. Bet a few get tickets that won’t be allowed in. Its to do with covid rules and who won’t be allowed in.
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