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  1. Yeah I already have on oculus rift. Problem is you sweat too much, and the headset becomes soaked lol
  2. Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone has any experience, or has owned one of these machines. I was thinking to keep fit in lockdown and have some fun, I might grab one of these, but I was worried about replay value in regards to songs you can play. I believe you can buy other boards for the machines so you can change them out and have more songs to choose from. thanks a lot
  3. It’s not that people don’t want them bro. It’s that they can’t afford them. I’m like you just don’t have the money for them. Trust me; if I had the money, this would have been gone the second he put it up for sale!
  4. Hey all. I suggested to my 60 year old father, that maybe he should buy some pinballs for his house; as he loved to play them back in the day, and he thought it was a great idea. I was wondering apart from asking him if he remembers what he used to play, would there be certain pins you guys would recommend for a first time owner? thanks a lot!
  5. Hey all. Just wondering if anyone here has a sega rally, and would you recommend it or pass if you had the opportunity. I remember playing it, and it was good fun, but how many tracks are there, does it get old quick, or does it have good replay value. thanks!
  6. What’s the price that’s acceptable to you just out of interest. $2300 is not bad for a full dedicated Japanese version of this game.
  7. Yeah I was chasing it I’m in vic. Just missed out 😢😭 keep an eye out for a 4 player I guess
  8. Couple questions for anyone that knows. As someone above asked, can the control panel be swapped out so it can be 4 players? Also if anyone can tell me. Shipping for this from qld to melb. Who would you go through. thanks much appreciated
  9. Hey guys just putting the feelers out there. Looking for dedicated cabs and prices. USA Mortal Kombat 2 or 3 or Ultimate USA NBA Jam or Tournament Edition. Crazy Taxi sit down or stand up Point Blank or Gun bullet, doesn't matter which one, or style can be 1 or 2, but after all dedicated cabs with full art work etc. Rampage original machine Thanks a lot.
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