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  1. There’s quite a few threads here on the subject if you do a search. Plenty pics and a few vids
  2. Looks awesome! Nice setup and I love the projector with the wii, good for parties
  3. Well done! I’ve never seen anyone use fibreglass filler on a timber cabinet before but it’s come up really well. I agree it’s easy to mold and hardens tough as a rock
  4. It’s coming along nicely! Great work
  5. I’m waiting for more games to come out before I buy one. Like GTA5 and the new God of War
  6. Thanks guys for the feedback! haha that’s not a bad idea! :laugh: The fortune tellers I've seen on there went for around $2k to $3k from memory. At least this one works lol but I kinda like it so it’s staying in the collection for now ☠�👌�
  7. Hey guys I hope everyone is keeping safe during lockdown. It’s been a while since I’ve posted so just thought I would share some pics of this fortune teller I’ve been working on. It’s based off these animated fortune tellers sold in the US Target and Home Depot back in 2017/2018. I bought this on eBay at that time and it’s been sitting around since. https://seasonalvisionslimited.fando...Fortune_Teller The prop itself is pretty good but I wanted to put it in a proper cabinet. So recently I picked up this Top Gun redemption cabinet from Lloyds for $200 which looked like a good candidate to house it. Stripped the metallic vinyl and patched up the holes after that it was just a matter of wiring up the buttons and speaker and slapping on some woodgrain decals to make it look more old school. I got Carson @ Noodleshirt to create the decals to finish it off. Couldn’t think of a new name so I went with Zoltar from Big 😅 It works well, here’s a quick video
  8. As far as I know Joey has sold out of wei ya universal chassis. I haven’t used the ones from Ali Express but have heard from others who gave them a decent wrap
  9. They were hard to spot, borgy had to point it out to me when I went to pickup the board. He’s a good man!
  10. Yep I thought it was great! Better than I expected actually. Definitely worth watching and even better in the cinema on the big screen
  11. That’s a big shed! Well done, you’ve definitely been busy. I love the boat too, I was contemplating getting one recently for the same thing, wakeboarding. Just haven’t bit the bullet yet and was told they can turn into a bit of a money pit.
  12. I know you can using the model 2 emulator, but with the original hardware, may be tricky. Could be a good hack though
  13. I think you need to list a price in the for sale section. Maybe move this to Price Check if unsure
  14. That’s like saying why trial a murderer 30 years later if the victims families have already been compensated. I think it’s more about holding those responsible accountable and less about compensating the victims. The purpose of the coronial inquest is to determine cause of death. So far the deaths have been put down to a terrible accident, if new evidence questions this and shows that it may in fact be murder, then it needs to be investigated. Again.
  15. I was wondering what happened to you, lol. You still out at Dundas? I think that’s where you used to live from memory
  16. Some people just prefer apps than mobile browsing, for better user experience. Me being one of them. Does it work on safari? Yes. Is it best user experience? Not really.
  17. The amount of ‘new evidence’ uncovered from this 40 year old case is incredible. Definitely demands a new inquest and investigation, but whether that happens or not is another thing
  18. Fire rated carpet isn’t required for domestic purposes? Sure I can see where this would be needed for high traffic commercial venues, but in someone’s garage or games room?
  19. Can’t say I’ve ever seen UV carpet tiles before, but good luck with the hunt
  20. Noticed this guy Nigel on fb is selling mats made out of the same carpet John imported from the US on here years ago. Maybe an option if you’re only after a small mat
  21. If they get their stock from the US then probably yeh. A group buy is a good option
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