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  1. Well done! I’ve never seen anyone use fibreglass filler on a timber cabinet before but it’s come up really well. I agree it’s easy to mold and hardens tough as a rock
  2. It’s coming along nicely! Great work
  3. I’m waiting for more games to come out before I buy one. Like GTA5 and the new God of War
  4. Thanks guys for the feedback! haha that’s not a bad idea! :laugh: The fortune tellers I've seen on there went for around $2k to $3k from memory. At least this one works lol but I kinda like it so it’s staying in the collection for now ☠�👌�
  5. Hey guys I hope everyone is keeping safe during lockdown. It’s been a while since I’ve posted so just thought I would share some pics of this fortune teller I’ve been working on. It’s based off these animated fortune tellers sold in the US Target and Home Depot back in 2017/2018. I bought this on eBay at that time and it’s been sitting around since. https://seasonalvisionslimited.fando...Fortune_Teller The prop itself is pretty good but I wanted to put it in a proper cabinet. So recently I picked up this Top Gun redemption cabinet from Lloyds for $200 which looked like a good candidate to house it. Stripped the metallic vinyl and patched up the holes after that it was just a matter of wiring up the buttons and speaker and slapping on some woodgrain decals to make it look more old school. I got Carson @ Noodleshirt to create the decals to finish it off. Couldn’t think of a new name so I went with Zoltar from Big 😅 It works well, here’s a quick video
  6. As far as I know Joey has sold out of wei ya universal chassis. I haven’t used the ones from Ali Express but have heard from others who gave them a decent wrap
  7. They were hard to spot, borgy had to point it out to me when I went to pickup the board. He’s a good man!
  8. Yep I thought it was great! Better than I expected actually. Definitely worth watching and even better in the cinema on the big screen
  9. That’s a big shed! Well done, you’ve definitely been busy. I love the boat too, I was contemplating getting one recently for the same thing, wakeboarding. Just haven’t bit the bullet yet and was told they can turn into a bit of a money pit.
  10. I know you can using the model 2 emulator, but with the original hardware, may be tricky. Could be a good hack though
  11. I think you need to list a price in the for sale section. Maybe move this to Price Check if unsure
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