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  1. Happy birthday fella. Have a great day.
  2. Randomly I have to log back in even though the remember me box is ticked. Doesn't seem to be any pattern to it as sometimes I can go 2 weeks and out of the blue after 2 days. No biggy though, I'm using AA mainly on PC running windows 10 and Internet Explorer 99% of the time.
  3. No problem, I try to help. Didn't know you had a TAFG buts thats OK as I have a TAF anyway. The CV though I'm happy to help and even a MM if you'd like. Good luck with the reboots though. My next question would be was the MB stored with battery back up {AAA x 3} still installed on the board? Also don't reseat the cables when "Hot" (machine turned on) just the once, have a couple of goes at it and check if there is any difference each time you turn it back on to clarify if you are on the right track
  4. As above would be my 1st port of call. In hindsight I would have been very happy to "babysit" that one for a couple of years. Just a friendly gesture from one AA member to another of course but mostly to make sure it would be up to speed on your return. I know, it's over and above but I try and help. wink.
  5. Nice job Ash. I Reckon Furbs should get a consolation prize.
  6. Bugger, I hate these threads - LOL. I dunno, maybe a bubblegum/lolly machine ??. Thats the best I can do !!
  7. Nice looking game Rob. Soooo jealous👍
  8. Thanks for the info, I've used a few of Malcom's stuff before and they perform very well but haven't thought of doing the sensors (i'll get there - LOL) Anyhoo, back to our lock problem.
  9. Has anyone noticed that the world is gripped in a pandemic that affects not only supply of parts but also supply of labour due to sickness/isolation requirements and so on. Supporting a hobby of pinball games aren't going to be a countries main priority sorry to say. In this day and age you are taking a gamble IMO and you have to be patient. I've got a Fathom mermaid on order from Haggis here in Australia but they too are suffering from the worldwide pandemic. Be patient with each other. After over 50 years of working and now in forced retirement you learn that.
  10. I had a problem with my road show in that area for many years and it ended up being that one of the mounting brackets used to fatigue over time and tilt back. so a switch would not register. I'll lift the hood tomorrow to see which one it was using @c_mario pics. I also have a lot of problems with the ball proximity switches at Red and Teds mouth depending on what season (summer- winter, in the garage). there is revamped boards availabe in the states for this problem. I'll get them one day.
  11. Damn good game. I only played a pro at Pinfest but with future code update codes and hopefully being able to play an LE or premium in the future I'd be a happy fella.
  12. Bump a rooney. Still need that RHS return lane plastic and a manual. Thanks for reading.
  13. And now they're gone. Thanks for looking.
  14. I've come across these Foosball parts that I'll never use. Uses 1/2" spindles. Complete set of players, washers and cabinet bushes . Cab parts incomplete such as only has 3 corners, 2 leg braces, 1 goal. Packed in a box weighing 2kg, 31cm high x 23 cm wide x 16 cm deep $30 the lot plus freight. Happy to help work out freight quotes for you. Pickup from near Gosford on the central coast is OK.
  15. Now spoken for until wednesday deadline. If not next one in line.
  16. SOLD A good friend of mine is moving back to Czechoslovakia and he's given me these 2 monitors to let go to someone who can use them. He was going to build 2 test benches to test arcade game repairs but never quite got there. Here is a couple of conditions; I can't vouch they work properly so they are what you see in the pics. Very preferable if they go to someone who can actually use them and not hoard them or just flip them for a couple of $$. Must pick up from Gosford area on the Central coast. NOT INTERESTED IN SHIPPING THEM. Priced at $5 negotiable for the pair.
  17. I have old balls, , Let me check my wife's handbag and see how many I can let you have. Not a big choice there. Failing that I have an Ice cream tub of old Rusty Balls from previous years.
  18. Hey Brad, Wishing you a happy birthday mate. You were one of my 1st contacts on Ebay way back when.
  19. Delayed reply from my end but no, I will never use Krylon triple thick myself. A long time mate of mine has had a small tin on the shelf for a couple or years and he's kindly opened it with trepidation and it all still looks clear with no funny smells or melt on the underside of the lid. To seal the the deal (LOL-pardon the pun ) part of the work is he's given me is a nasty looking Stern one to try the mix on 1st - nothing ventured , nothing gained I guess.
  20. Sorry Mark but have never even heard of Rush but my 2cw its aimed at North America. BTW, Loved playing a Godzilla pro at Pinfest. The LZ got one game from me as did GnR
  21. hmm, do I see a Lost world?? to the right of the chocolate game?
  22. I ended up getting a small tin of another AA member that has been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years. He opened it for me and it still looks the goods so he gave me 3 of his backglasses including a really shitty one to try on 1st in case its gone off. Hopefully it'll work out OK??? I gave up ringing Markseal as I got the same old story everytime.
  23. The colour choices turned out really well Dave. Good on you mate and its looking great. Such an iconic title that is certainly worth giving all this love.
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