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  1. I organised freight for two different items to a fellow AA'r in Menindie SA on Sunday night and Monday morning. One went via Star Track and marked as fragile and bigger than Auspost would accept (backglass) and it arrived intact yesterday late arvo. How's that for service. The other smaller carton I sent through the local GPO as it was cheaper for the buyer. I'm still tracking that one.
  2. It's done a few km's. So where is it in your pic Doug?
  3. Good work. I love it when a mylar removal goes well. Unfortunately, never for me 🙄
  4. When I have found one missing over the mains switch and/or Varistor on the Bally SS games I use these. DETA Junction Box - Bunnings Australia I don't use the base, just the cover and cut out the appropriate wiring access holes.
  5. Good job Damien. And to do it on one of the best TAF's I've seen in a long time makes it sweet.
  6. +1 for Malcolms stuff. I've currently got one of his rectifier boards in the 6M$M I've just finished.
  7. I'll post it Monday Ash. PM me your addy please.
  8. Prices dropped. failing a sale into storage pre-moving they go.
  9. Price dropped before this will be put into storage before our move.
  10. Final bump before it goes into storage before our move.
  11. Final bump before it goes into the skip bin before our move.
  12. Final bump before they go into storage for the big move.
  13. Happy birthday Mr. EM. Have a grouse day Tony.
  14. That looks like the one out Playboy that is quite often missing. Mine had the mount but the wireform was missing so I made one out of a good sized paper clip.
  15. +1 to that and if you are going to go down the blingy road they can also do your lockdown bar. The next task is probably replacing the door skin as thats probably knackered but the replacement ones are all grained so you'd have to get that polished as well to match the trim. It all depends what overall finish you are going for. Blingy or clean, close to original. If you are going the later try windex and 800 wet and dry and only cleaning in the grain direction (not roundy - roundy)
  16. Mr. Cleanaway picked them up today. He even gave me the nod as he put them carefully into his truck.
  17. Thanks Grant. Sure is purdie. 😍
  18. Happy birthday Andrew. Have a great day.
  19. Just thought I'd throw this out there. Must have a good PF especially up around the top RH saucer. Cab art would probably be faded but that's ok depending on price. PM me please.
  20. Sure looks pretty and certainly has grabbed my attention being my fave game. How about some build details please. New PF? new?? and so on. The cab art looks great. Good job.
  21. SOLD and going to a good home.
  22. Happy birthday for the 18th Mexican 🍺
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