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  1. Thanks Peter for all the work you put into these. I for one appreciate it as I'm sure a lot of other pinball tragic's do as well.
  2. Yep Steve. Unfortunately battled cancer for about 4 years but sadly passed away in March '21 aged 51. 😞
  3. The "ring" has had several different changes over the years and the longest track seems to be about 28 km's. A huge amount of corners and almost impossible to learn entirely for drivers who compete around the world. Locals like Sabine Schmitz (R.I.P) have very accomplished careers and knowledge of this circut. Google her and Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear at the "ring" for a bit of fun. Especially the delivery van. There is also a "roadtest" (LOL) of the Atom by Clarkson. Yes it is reguarly opened to day events and the public but I think days like the event shown at the top are limited and you'd have to have some sort of speed cred. to be able to be on. Hence the blinkers saying you're moving over. If they see the Atom in time of course !!! Wikipedia; Nürburgring - Wikipedia
  4. I'm guessing some of you guys has seen this before and know the driver of the Ariel is no slouch but ; 1 - You've gotta admire the way this "car" passes everything in sight and the duel with the black Corvette. 2 - Who was the driver of the black Corvette to be able to stay in touch so well. Lewis Hamilton?? ARIEL ATOM ON THE NURBURGRING VS CORVETTE Z06 600HP - YouTube
  5. I did see another version that showed what they did with the services. I'll see if I can dig it up.
  6. Not sure if this version of 3D printing has been featured here before but I found it pretty enthralling.
  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes everybody. Off to see Top Gun and then dinner with Mrs. railways. and then home for a nightcap 😉
  8. Happy birthday Troy. Hope you have a great one mate. 🍺
  9. Happy Birthday oh bearded one. I'll have a Krupnikas in your honour tonight. I remember that night at Tony's as the Black Pyramid was the only SS in the shed I think and there was no getting Jase off it - LOL.
  10. Happy birthday Kev. Hope you have a good one mate 🍺
  11. Happy birthday Gav. Hope you have a great one matey. Remember years ago we did the June birthday lottery tickets with some of the other June babies here. We never really did any good eh?
  12. Happy Birthday Grant. Hope you've had a grouse day mate. 🍺🍺🍺
  13. Happy birthday Pete. Hope you’ve had a great day.
  14. Happy Birthday mate. Hope you have a great one 🍻🍺
  15. Sounds like a great event but that Zebra stripe format is hard to read. At least for me anyways.
  16. And it will happen. I plan to have both side by side for at least 6 months to compare and then make a decision to sell one or keep both. On your next visit maybe??
  17. Excited about that announcement. Even if my Fathom doesn't turn up by Pinfest I still get to play this work of art. Great stuff.
  18. My personal opinion is Covid has very little to do with "covid pricing" as its called. I feel it mainly comes down to two old age factors as in we've had a good run of low interest rates so can afford to buy more toys as mentioned above but that in turn has led to a sharp curve up in the supply versus demand scenario which has been evolving for years. The supply of games is not a bottomless pit as more and more people enter the hobby. I.E. You want a pinnie now, well you pay for the asking price or near to it. That's verified in part by how fewer games come up on AA for example.
  19. I'd had them under the bed for quite some time but they turned out still quite usable. Thanks. I made the stencil for the Bunny by tracing the image off the CPR topper that came with the plastic set. The square framing was just using masking tape.
  20. I hope you're bringing WhoDunnit again. Mark and I need another tutorial from you on how to play it.
  21. Finished "tidying up" a Playboy last year and it got the CPR bundle. I.e Playfield gold class which is pretty good, The BG colour tonings are out a fair bit so we'll sell that soon. Luckily the original is a solid 9/10 and only required some markseal sealant and a small brush touch from rubbing in one corner. The CPR plastics were two purple and not pink so they'll go up for sale soon as well along with the Playboy topper. A big thanks to @Dedrok who did the GI wiring string with new sockets for us and @Skybeaux who did all the boards after we put in a new rectifier board. If you need pics or some info Josh we'll help where we can if you like. Heres a couple. Note on the PF pic it has the CPR plastics temporarily fitted and you can see what I mean about to purple and not pink. The great condition originals went back on.
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