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  1. I'll see if The Goatshed is after some bits.
  2. AMD had 2 pro's at pinfest 2 weekends ago and played that game by far the most all weekend. Absolutely awesome fun and the pro is well loaded. Love that little U-turn magnet on the upper left. very clever. Just to give an idea what Godzilla was up against; LZ, GNR, DP, Alice Cooper, AIQ.
  3. Awesome job and you're always going to get a little niggle of a problem after such an extensive ( read excellent ) job. I agree with @Rich. Cut yourself some slack and Give yourself a pat on the back.
  4. Played a lot of later release games @ Pinfest this year and gotta say Godzilla kept us coming back again and again. We were playing the Pro version which AMD had supplied and that wasn't lacking at all in gameplay and fun, especially from my era that grew up with Godzilla and Mothra etc. Good luck with your event @droogi
  5. I'd probably put a new floor in it but the chrome shafts are all rusted and pitted so I'd reckon the only good bits are the men and the goals.
  6. Happy Birthday Tony. Have a great day mate.
  7. Ha. It was there along with a grey 3 seater couch on the bends up from gosford to my place so went and did a loop around. Pity its been out in the rain for awhile and the PF is RS but the Men might suit Tonys needs.
  8. Hi mate. Literally found this on the side of the road. Its fairly waterlogged but are these the men you're after?
  9. What about that crazy arse record store you dragged me through in Auckland? They had a ton of stuff. Also thinking charity op-shops like Vinnies, Salvos etc.
  10. @blue95 , Just clicking through your face book pics and curious what the "Simpsons" look alike art framings are all about?. The artist has done a great job in capturing the guys individual looks.
  11. @Macca101010 I wish I'd known you where there. I would've liked to have a chat about everything Maitland as both my daughters now live there and I guess we will some day be up there as well. Had a chat with @jyebow about the same.
  12. Well back home and a big thankyou to the pinball community and Club Macquarie. Had an absolute awesome time catching up with a lot of people I hadn't seen in over two years and playing some great games. A special mention to Lyndon from The Australian Pinball Museum at Nhill who bought up 4 fantastic examples of games at the very beginning of pinball as well as some great memorabilia. Another special thanks to Michael from AMD for bringing up the mighty Godzilla. That game is sooooo much fun. Thanks people.
  13. Put up with the raving lunatic all weekend at Pinfest and neither him or @Budgie let it slip that it was his birthday on thursday. Happy birthday mexican and happy travels back tomorrow.
  14. I didn't get to the 2021 year so I was only ranked pro. Should have practiced more methinks.
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