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  1. Happy Birthday Cwispy. Thanks for keeping the wheels of technology turning on AA. Have a great day my good man.
  2. LOL, yes mate 240V AC is being supplied to the offending console. Doesn't hurt to ask though. Funny, I was only over at Neck Nock a week ago on a Wednesday. Drove past and saw no Lawn Destroyer parked there so kept on going. I'll keep you in mind fella for a test trial of said unit. Thanks my good man.
  3. Thanks mate, don't bust a valve though trying to find it. Remember, I've just been there - done that.
  4. Happy birthday Brett. I would have bought you a celebratory beverage at Pinfest had I known. Hope you had a grouse day mate.
  5. Thanks John for the input. Yep it seems I have NO start up screen displayed like below. Sounds like the problem may be in the unit itself?? I'll check the cable as suggested and have another crack at the AV settings.
  6. Now I'm going to ask some really dumb arse questions here that hopefully will lead me to enabling the grand kids to enjoy some games i played with my daughters like Crash Bandicoot, Driver etc. Ive tried it on 4 different TV's using the supplied cable with the 3 jacks pictured below. The TV I'm hoping to use the PS1 on is a Samsung series 7 LA46A750 LCD. I've watched a couple of YouTube videos will ps1 work on modern tv - Google Search and what is obvious to me is it doesn't come up with the Playstation logo on screen even before you try to run a game. The unit hasn't been used in 10 years, last time was 4 of us to play Buzz the quiz game and powers up but doesn't seem to recognise a disc. I've tried cleaning the lense gently with a cotton ud and a dab of metho. 1st dumbarse question; Most of the games are PAL format and some duo PAL & NTSC. Will it work on newr model Plasma and LED tv's?? (ok , keep laughing LOL. I don't know) 2nd dumbarse question; Does anyone in the Newy/ Hunter region have a similar unit that I could plug mine in to help shortlist whats wrong? I reckon that'll do for a dumb arse start. LOL As always, any help and direction for the ol' fart appreciatted.
  7. Last wednesday I had trouble accessing my TPG email until wednesday evening as it seems the migration has already started. I now get redirected to The Messaging Company (TMC) who the tells me my migration isn't quite there yet and to contact TPG. Here we go, around and around we go I'm thinking. Still no input on future costs etc. Maybe it'll be based on how many customers that will permanently migrate to TMC and not go elsewhere or as suggested do their own hosting.
  8. Thanks guys for the help. I'll just keep chipping away at it and it'll get there.
  9. Happy birthday Peter. I trust you’re having a great day with odd game on the creech.
  10. And the dash board isn't even cracked on top. Looks brand new.
  11. He highly recommends the cooked breakfast and also apple crumble. he got these from the states but hasn’t tried them yet.
  12. I asked my son in law and he said he gets his from BCF or anaconda. Whichever is the cheapest at the time. Not sure if this is what you’re after.
  13. I forgot to check my game meter on the Captain on Saturday but Sunday yielded 117 games.
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