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  1. Saw this on Gummy. AE ARCADE EUROPE LIGHTGUN CONTROLLER | Video Games | Gumtree Australia Camden Area - Narellan Vale | 1295404737
  2. Great news Dave and happy to hear team haggis is on the ball. My point was lets celebrate an Oz manufacturer delivering a quality product made here in Oz and not overseas.
  3. Guys, just chill for a second. We actually have a company here in OZ delivering a well put together game. Lets enjoy the ride without the petty number thingys.
  4. Jeez that's beautiful. I'm beside myself with excitement and can't wait. Great to hear that its seems fairly well made and reliable straight out of the box. Great job. Does it come with leg protectors already installed? can't remember from the spec sheet
  5. Same thought here. The only difference I thought was depth downwards for games that did have an upper level like Flash Gordon or ones that had extra machinery on top like Xenons tube.
  6. Probably seems obvious but what about Trav or Tony?. They had a lot of Zacc's going through the shed at one time.
  7. It may be awhile for mine as I originally was down for a classic and after chatting to a well known Oz pinball identity on a totally unrelated subject fathom came up and he was very surprised I didn't go the mermaid edition considering my love for the title. Had a think about it for a short while and then went for the Mermaid upgrade. Keen as to have this work of art in Jeff's room (aka garage/mancave)
  8. Hi Ray, I had John @ Pintronics repair my Gen 1 board for my Locomotion and he dabbles a little bit in Zacc boards. maybe he can help you out, cheers Jeff Pintronics Pinball Machine Repairs - Pinball and Arcade Machine Repairs, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Hornsby and Sydney's northern suburbs. Pintronix pinball repairs.
  9. Getting closer. I can almost feel the flipper buttons. I hope this linky thingy works!!
  10. Lol Steve and Grant. You guys have way tooo much time but jeez you make me chuckle.
  11. I've used a colour called gunmetal before but I can't remember off hand the manufacturer. I'll go have a rummage in the shed this arvo. I think it was Dupli-color available from Supacheap, Repco etc. Dupli-Color Touch-Up Paint Gunmetal, PSH20 - 350g | Supercheap Auto
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