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  1. For the life of me I can't remember his read name - @zanderzone will tell us - The Cleaner (a Netherworld regular) is a great gamer and awesome Frogger player - think his PB is at around 260-270k now - making him the best Frogger player in Australia as far as I'm aware.
  2. Congratulations to Rob on top score for this game :D I've had zero time lately - I'll try to put up some scores for this MGL :)
  3. Anyone have more info? Met a guy the other day who did some artwork for them which looks insane. Not a massive place, but they are going to have arcade games - unsure on pinball. I'll try to get some more info later in the week.
  4. RIP Rob. Had many chats with you at Pincadia, fantastic bloke who will be sorely missed from the pinball community :(
  5. yup, it definitely is on the 60-1 - but I don't know the game well enough to know if it emulates correctly - most games on the 60-1 do though
  6. Will have to find time to give this a go and learn how to play it- never saw it before I got a 60-1 and only had a few games of it, but it does look like fun.
  7. 17,500 Don't mind this game really - I'm just trigger happy and people opening doors when I have a loaded gun scare the chit out of me.
  8. Yeah sorta got side tracked with all the stuff going on. I remember only having one game of this before, not sure how much I'll play this time but I quite like it so far.
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