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  1. Cheers guys. I have been looking around, and there is a Sanwa joy that's caught my attention, so will most likely end up with that. I didn't realise there were so many colours available these days - I always recall it being red or black back when I was playing :)
  2. Thanks for the replys. Do you have to purchase the microswitches seperatly to the buttons themselves then (I thought they came with them)? Or are you meaning you can purchase higher quality microswitches to up the quality?
  3. Hi Guys, Is there much value in spending the extra $ to get HAPP buttons over generic buttons? The same with joysticks (Generic, HAPP, Sanwa). I've been looking around for parts for my cab project and am curious to know how much extra value there is in the name brands. The key thing for me would be responsivness. Keeping in mind my cab will only be used at home, and isn't going to be thrashed like at an arcade. Are there a brand people swear by? or swear never to use? Cheers, Andrew.
  4. I haven't seen it, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will have to hunt it down. I was watching King of Kong today on the way home from work for the gazillianth time and recognise the scene (and people) in that picture.
  5. I was recently given one for Xmas and i'm pretty happy with it. I haven't been playing any games on it, but rather using it more for reading or looking things up as it's faster than booting the computer. I have picked up geometry wars and civilization though, so will no doubt spend some time with them soon. My only gripe is the lack of flash support when hunting around the web.
  6. Welcome Matt - I'm relatively new also. Like you I was directed here with the interest in building a cab. From what I've found here over the last few days - you are in the right place. Lots of great info and friendly folks. I too am a dev by day - so looking forward to this project as something new :)
  7. It's a great idea, only wish I could join in (sisters wedding that weekend)
  8. You make it all sound too easy :) Looking at the thread it says to have 30 posts. I'll hold off until then.
  9. Thanks WOKA - I will fire off a message to GAMEDUDE tonight for some info on the board. My plan is to actually just get the board and the wood for the cab first. I will start assembling the cab, then buy all the other bits. My main concern is the monitor and making sure what ever one I get - it actually fits properly with the cab. Maybe I'm worrying over nothing? Edit: Thanks for the link andy - will follow that up now!
  10. Hey guys! Thanks for the replys! Just the sort of posts I was looking for. andykmv - you managed to increase my options while i'm trying to narrow them down ;) But you raised some good points and a few things I had not considered. I've done some additional research after this post with the information you guys have given me. I'm really surprised at some of the info I manage to dig up deep within threads on this forum. I haven't found the search tool to be all that effective, but that could be my fault with poor search criteria. But I have enjoyed digging into posts and threads from the past - so much to learn and see. The good news (for me at least) is that I now have a clear direction of where I want to head. Since this will be my first cab, I'm going to build and keep it on the simpler side. (I find it funny that I'm already considering 2 or 3 already :D - The AA banner "one is never enough" rings true). I was really impressed with Homepins project. I've come across some neat cab plans I would like to use, so it's going to be a 60 in 1 upright, with a number of the features from that project. I've also got a few other ideas I'd like to try and use too to give it some personal touch. I plan to detail the build, so be expecting pics along the way. So I am now on the hunt for 60 in 1 board :D
  11. I usually sign off on posts with my real name anyway - using a handle takes me back many a year. Andrew.
  12. Thanks for the welcome guys - I've had some time to look over the forums and am really impressed with what I've seen. Some of the machines you guys have done up or created from scratch are amazing and I'm very jealous!
  13. Hi guys, So I joined up a few days ago as I come in search of knowledge on arcade cabinets (upright and table top). From what I've been told (and now seen), I have come to the right place. I decided to hunt around the forums first before posting to see what I could find out initially. I am VERY impressed with a lot of the machines you guys have. Either purchased, refurbished or built from scratch. There seems to be a number of ways to do it (getting an arcade cabinet into your house), so I take my hat off to you all. There are some really talented people here (and excellent taste! :)) What I am wanting to do is get an arcade cabinet into my home (something I've wanted to do for a long time). I want to be able to play games like Wonderboy, Galaga, Bubble Bobble, Gyrus and many more on an arcade machine - like I used to do so many years ago. I want to have an authentic feel when playing - I'm the sort of person who would rather play an Atari 2600 game on my old CRT screen with a sometimes dodgy video reception and original controller in hand, than sit at my desk in front of a PC screen playing an emulator. So I'm looking for some advice / opinions. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section (Mods please move this if it's in the wrong section). Keeping in mind some of the games I wish to play, some things I am trying to decide: 1) Upright or tabletop - Ideally I would get an upright, but could settle for a table top if required. Is there much price difference between the two? Building or purchasing? Is one better than the other for extended play? (comfort wise) 2) Original or MAME. Until I went looking through the MAME forums here, I was against purchasing / building a MAME cabinet as I didn't feel it would offer the authentic feel. But looking at some of the work people have done, and the results achieved, I find myself questioning my first thoughts. For those with MAME cabinets - how do you find playing them? does it 'feel' authentic? Or for those lucky sods with both - which do you prefer? How hard is it to purchase an original Galaga or Wonderboy machine these days? And if I could get one, is it easy to swap the boards to play different games? 3) Build or purchase - It seems pretty clear to me that building is a cheaper option. But does that lock me into MAME? Are there big savings to be have by building? The above points are the starting point for me - I think once I have settled on those, I can research further. At the end of the day, I really want to own an arcade cabinet. I want that enjoyment I had many many years ago playing Wonderboy and Galaga at the local arcade. I now really looking for advice from the experts. Any input you guys can give would be appreciated! If i'm being too general and you need more detailed info to be able to offere advice, please ask. Cheers, Andrew.
  14. That's a mighty impressive list. Wonderboy would have been my first choice. But with it absent, Galaga was a worthy second.
  15. Hi Guys, Before I started posting elsewhere on the forum, I figured I would follow the advice of the yellow box at the top of my screen and say a quick hello :) I'm in need of knowledge on arcade cabinets (I'm looking to purchase one at some point in the not too distant future) and I was pointed in the direction of these forums via a friend. While I grew up playing Wonderboy and Galaga at my local shopping centre, my knowledge on cabinets and boards is rather thin. If you see one of my posts and think you can help, I'd welcome any input :) Look forward to posting with you Andrew (Jesder)
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