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  1. I thought I was going to sneak it past you this year @Fairground - I should have known better!! 😉 Thank you all 🙂 I really appreciate it🙂 A little slower than I would like, but progress is generally in bursts 🙂 One of these days I'll get some video together to show off the current gameplay features!
  2. My premium should be arriving tomorrow afternoon some time. It's been a couple of years since I got to experience a new pin day - so I'm pumped for its arrival!! 🙂
  3. Just heard back from Bruce that my Mando Premium should be arriving (with AMD) late tomorrow. Not sure on LE's, but they would have to be arriving at the same time or close I would think!? My cliffy set arrived today too, which I'll be glad to have on the ramps from day 1. Anyway, not long now 🙂
  4. In an interview with George Gomez a few weeks ago, he said that he made it clear to the heads at Stern he did not want the new hardware for Connected to be a revenue stream for Stern. He wants it installed on as many peoples machines as possible and the only way for that to happen is make it affordable. There's no way it's $1500. I'm extremely excited about the Connected platform and plan to buy it for all 3 of my Stern games.
  5. For anyone that's interested in protecting their ramp entrance, Cliffy now has a ramp protector set (along with a shooter lane & drain set): Given the number of people reporting a broken left side of the ramp entrance from the small protectors that ship with the game - I decided grab a set. They're $28USD plus $11USD for shipping. I think the shooter lane / drain set was around the same also.
  6. Official pricing from AMD website for Godzilla : Pro - $10,650 Prem - $13,250 LE - $15,500 Godzilla isn't a theme for me, but the playfield looks great! Looking forward to seeing it on the Deadflip stream Saturday morning. In the last 30 minutes, Godzilla Pro "Next avail" has gone from November to TBA. The LE has also been updated to Sold Out.
  7. Was that for their first container with premiums or the next available container with premiums?
  8. Did Bruce mention anything about expected delivery on Premiums? When I ordered, he mentioned mid August. But that was back in early May, so no doubt things have changed since then.
  9. This is so sad to hear :( I had a world of respect for Mark and always loved catching up with him at pinball meets. Mark had such a positive impact on the hobby and people around him. I feel thankful for having known him. He will be missed. @Fairground - My thoughts are with you, family & friends. I am so sorry for your loss :( :(
  10. I handed over a tidy pile of Beskar ingots to AMD today as a deposit on my Premium. This will be my first Premium model (both previous new Sterns have been Pros). Really excited for this game and can't wait for it to arrive :)
  11. Really excited for this release! I contacted AMD a few weeks back to be on the list if Mando came up. Can't wait to learn more details and see how the theme has been implemented!
  12. Selling my spare Williams PRISM & daughter board combo for the Pinball 2000 platform. Currently has SWEP1 chips installed on the daughter board (running v1.3). Price is $600 Happy to post or if you're close to Berwick, you're welcome to pick up.
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