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  1. Building diverter toy looks cool but going off the twitch streams the pro looks frickin awesome 👏
  2. Looks fun but at over $6k I wouldn’t want a chipboard playfield 😕
  3. WOZ , I think around 170kg
  4. Thanks mate, I look forward to it�
  5. Thanks mate �
  6. Gav

    New pin day

    Congrats mate. Want to sell it to me yet?
  7. Lower production numbers helps keep prices higher in second hand market which makes buyers more likely to get the next new model. Less sales of 1 = more sales of the next.
  8. Bump😀 must be someone had enough of Deadpool?
  9. Deadpool Pro or AFM SE wanted, cash ready. SA or would use Bill to collect. Cheers Gav
  10. Best Stern LE package, do yourself a favour 😎
  11. Gav

    NIB prices

    What are people paying for NIB? Stern pro’s are listed at $9450 everywhere, but is there discount available? Most new items at this price point have “wiggle room�. It’s been a while since I bought new and want to add a TMNT to the lineup😀 Cheers Gav
  12. How can this not be sold? Beautiful looking pinball and the best playing Stern out there. Deep complete rule set. A Steve Ritchie classic 😎
  13. I have the wanted post up. Have messaged Nic about this one.
  14. Massively underrated game. Great machine and this one looks top notch. Bargain GLWS
  15. Thanks everyone. Pin is now sold
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