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  1. Gday guys, As per titles says. A yellowed plastic Sega New Astro speaker bezel . No cracks. Asking price is open to offers within reason. Postage is extra Pick up welcome. Cheers Dragonlee.
  2. Items are sold.. donation will be fwd to Aa forum.
  3. @Monty94..Check your stepdown transformer and line filter...That can cause the ripple too.
  4. Gday guys, it’s been awhile posting due to plenty of catching up in sorting out my spare parts inventory and restoring customers candy cabs which been pre-sold from the last container arrived recently. Finally I sorted my spare part bench for fixing pcb boards in the near future. Candy cabs been flying out the door like hot cakes atm.🤩 Here is picture of my test bench and spare part components for fixing boards.
  5. Is that to suit a Sega model 3 hardware ? ill check in stock..
  6. Sold pending on payment… Ps…Container arriving soon from Japan..Full of goodies…Hopefully end of the month and sorted by Mid October…
  7. More photos been taken as per requested for members whom are interested.
  8. Gday guys, As per titles If anyone has one working or non working to offload just pm me and we will negotiate. Need it for a control panel… Cheers Dragonlee
  9. Gday Guys, Im offloading a Xbox360 Japanese console with 6 cave games plus a fighting stick for $750. Postage is extra. The bundle consist of the following items: 1 Xbox 360 Japanese console(160gb) with power brick (100-240v) 1 fighting stick (Ex2 version) and 6 cave games which are ; 1. Deathsmiles 2.Deathsmiles 2 3.Don Don Pachi Dai Fukkatsu 1.5 version 4.Kensui 5.Espgaluda 2 6.Musihimesama Futari All disk a clean and have the XBOX hologram. All tested and working. Photos will be posted asap of the items. Any question feel free to pm for more information. Cheer Dragonlee
  10. Gday Guys, Im offloading a Sega Naomi Universal Cabinet 31k Nanao monitor The body is solid with cosmetics issues. Previous owner drilled 2 holes on control panel fascia for Test and service button. Tested and working as is. Marvel vs Capcom 2 marquee intact. Repo control panel. Inspection and pick up welcome for Vic buyers when Covid restrictions eased. I can ship this for interstate buyers at your cost. Asking price $1450 negotiable within reasons. No game board but I can leave the Naomi hardware set up for extra cost of $450 Any questions feel free to msg for more information. Dragonlee
  11. Update on Egret29 New artwork arrived Dropping in a Nanao monitor (Ms9-29a) Just waiting for the control panel to come back from the fabricator.
  12. Quick Restoration naomi universal sit down cabinet All original inside including the wiring Changing the control panel to 2p12b set up for Naomi pi set up and a quick service.
  13. Egret29 restoration: Picked this up from a fellow Aa member part of trade. This cabinet was given away as a freebie years ago to another Aa member without a control panel,marquee,internal wiring etc etc. Big task for me was to build a replica or prototype control panel for the cabinet from copying the original from my collection.Not perfect but it was close enough. The prototype will be going to the metal fabricator to copy it.🤣 Missing the original glass bezel which I’ve fabricated a new one by using acrylic Perspex. Added a blue surround for the monitor. I had a spare rotational mechanism which I’ve added. Customised artwork coming to finish it off. Totally re-wired inside with new jamma harness and Psu. So far this what I have done to the restoration. Enjoy the pictures.
  14. Plenty on Ebay:lol:lol https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/294200410676 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/293037156492
  15. Bump for the weekend Need room as I’m in progress of finishing off the Robotron 2084
  16. Express of Interest Original USA Gyruss arcade machine Converted to 240v Original artwork Original wiring still intact New cp overlay been put on. Original Monroe joystick Left bottom corner has damage as seen in pictures. Monitor chassis been serviced and the neck board was repaired by op in USA when arrived which had a crack on the pcb board. Overall the condition is good for it ages. The cabinet is solid with no swelling. The monitor is original from factory installed which has Gyruss screen burn. Sold as is in working condition. Inspection and pick up welcome. Asking price $2350 I can shipped this for interstate buyers at your cost plus packaging materials. Any questions free to msg for more info.
  17. Any one after USA populated control panel in various sizes ? Also I’m restoring another Gyruss cabinet which was converted to Tag Team by the USA operator:D.
  18. Gday guys As per title says; Missing sound board which easily be found Untested and Sold as is. The cpu is a Rev D version. I recommend to do a battery mod or remove the battery holder. Asking price is $330 plus postage. Pick up and Inspection welcome. Any questions feel free to msg for more info.. Cheers Dragonlee
  19. One of many dedicated machine arrived yesterday from the USA and been delivered by Big ass van today:D
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