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  1. I love my Naomi upright.. Just did a service on them which I’m currently doing too all my candy cabs atm.
  2. Pending on condition what I’m willing to pay Hopefully $250 USD each plus freight Hopefully around btw $1500 to 1800 each includes the cabinet serviced overhauled and new control panel…
  3. Anyone interested in Mushking arcade cabinet? Hopefully to seal a deal on 10 plus to fill up the container leaving soon.. only downfall is to do a repo control panel for them. Picture is for reference only
  4. It won’t be cheaper as per unit but will be cheaper if you bring the container by yourself. Another option is you can call Zax amusement in Melbourne to ask if you can share a spot in his container which brings one every 2 months from Japan for his stock.
  5. Yw Baz..at least you saw the jungle of arcades 😂😂😂 at my house but it’s worst at the warehouse storage😂😂😂
  6. Is this your wanted thread ? Are you Xb74 too ? im confused😂😂😂😂😂
  7. How cheap do you want it ?😂😂😂 that listing what was sold is irrelevant due to being re-listed by the seller again again.
  8. western suburbs "not sure if i will pick up or just request post." Why ask then if you dont know wtf you want....lol Seriously do you know what you want ?
  9. Both populated with the game list pdf on the sd card as per above.
  10. Gday guys, Im offloading a ArcadeSd pcb multi board populated with a SD card for horizontal and vertical games. Last time I used it I set it up as horizontal mode bur it can be switched to vertical set up via the menu. Crt/Vga compatible. The board had some repairs on the edge connector but been fixed via previous owner who sold it with the cabinet. Need to hard wire sound from the pcb board. Asking price is $200 plus postage ozwide. Sold as is in working condition. Pick up welcome. Any questions feel free to pm for more info.
  11. Didnt have to sell it on ebay or fb.. AA is a good site to dangle your stuff to see who really wants it and they will pay.. Yes they are worth a kidney but the stuff your offering ive already have or you have brought from me many years ago.. By lunchtime when ive posted it i had several msg from AA via phone when i posted it but i said i wait until here from you. You will never get one of these for less than $1k landed in OZ. I thinking maybe $750-900 pending .. Hope this is in your price range but if isnt SORRY.GL finding a cheapy at your price range.
  12. might have one for sale soon but it will be pricey No trade only cash atm
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