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  1. They are Ms9-29s monitor… if it’s the same ones I seen a few years ago in his collection. @kotmfu did you buy this from a Aa member?
  2. Items been picked up and no longer available thanks for viewing.
  3. Gday Guys its been awhile putting up for stuff to offload here. Going through my arcade stuff which I don’t play as they are sitting in my shelf atm. The following item I have bundle at a reasonable price to offload quickly and to move on are; Taito type x3 multi kit hardware Naomi 1 motherboard with Shooting Love 2007 cart includes the multi eprom installed and Sega Astro city control Blue Taito 1p7b nesica panel missing the plastic block on the panel . plus a capcom io converter with leads. All been tested and in working order Sold as is Pictures can be provided for interested buyers. Asking price is $1050 for the lot plus shipping to anywhere oOzwide. I can separate them but you will pay the current market value for individual items. The bundle is currently market over $1700 so you getting a bargain here at $1050 for the lot. Any questions feel free to msg for more information. Cheers Dragonlee.
  4. https://g.co/kgs/XigG8Q Check these guys out.. I get all my parts from them when I need them..
  5. Now I’m retired and enjoying my freedom of gaming at the age 52😂😂😂. Here’s a picture of a line up I have of some machines in my collection in one part of the room..
  6. I had to much stock @stu and no room so I got you started in buying arcade gear as a picker by handing you over the contact .
  7. @stu yes I do remember the days with your projects when you were setting up and dolng deals on the side in arcade gear especially I was importing a lot of stuff cheap as investment for the future..Best deal we did was cleaning out the operators stock as bulk lot back in the days…😂😂😂
  8. All three sheds dismantled and given away for free. Retirement is great at moment. Dont have deal with tightass,tyrekickers and time wasters customer.😂😂 Only helping out my regular customer atm.😉
  9. I’ll have a look what I have in 5380 over the weekend I might have a complete set
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